Friday, June 29, 2018


Saudi women are fighting at the center road only two days after being g...

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Report, Biggest Mass Shooting in US History

As is being reported today on the Capital Gazette News paper, it may be the largest mass shooting in this country, but it doesn't compare to the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in France where a total of 10 workers at the magazine were killed along with two police officers who responded to the scene. Lets not forget this assault on our freedoms by Muslim Extremists. 

Charlie Hebdo attack: France’s worst terrorist attack in a generation leaves 12 dead

Ten journalists and two policemen killed after the attack by three gunmen on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris

With ruthless precision, two masked al-Qaeda gunmen calmly fire eight shots at an unarmed policeman as a terrorist attack of “indescribable barbarity” nears its end.
Moments after this image was taken, the policeman, lying mortally wounded on the pavement of a Parisian boulevard, held up a hand in a plea for mercy. A second later, one terrorist jogged past and shot him in the head without breaking stride, just one more act of brutality in an attack that left 12 dead.
Earlier two gunmen armed with automatic rifles stormed the office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, a target for Islamist terrorists since it printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006 and 2011, and killed cartoonists and satirists whose names were called out as they were shot dead in turn.
“We have avenged the Prophet!” the killers shouted in accentless French as they left the building, having identified themselves as acting on behalf of “al-Qaeda in Yemen”. France’s worst terrorist attack in a generation was also its most meticulously planned; the killers had not only memorised the names of those they wanted to kill, they also planned their getaway well enough to evade the police.
A nationwide manhunt is now underway after a raid in Reims proved fruitless.

Police officer shot dead by Muslim Jihadists when responding to the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Note the officer himself was unarmed. Imagine the lunacy of the French police to send police to respond to a shooting without any means to protect themselves against the shooters.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Testing Tolerance: Sweden’s liberal refugee policy sparks native backlas...

Sweden's Soldiers of Odin are growing stronger as Muslim violence, rape and crime grows with the Police inability to handle it anymore.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Censored by Facebook

I am currently in my third censorship or blocked from posting on Facebook simply for voicing my opinions about what someone else posted on Facebook. It had to do with a photo of an asian skinning a dog with the poor dog hanging like he was crucified. This photo set me off and I simply said the people who do this are the real animals. It wasn't more then five minutes later when I got blocked again. It's clear Facebook had appointed someone to monitor anything I say on their site. I noticed others who have posted things about Islam are also not posting now which tells me they too have been blocked. 

Just today I read where Europe is now censoring the Internet. By doing so they are complying with Sharia law. Muslims are rampaging through Europe, murdering, raping, burning vehicles and property and all Europe can do is censor anyone who speaks out against such crimes. I say don't give up your fight because if we do we too will end up like Europe and eventually we will all be put in prison like Tommy Robinson. 

Foxmuldar  AK Clarence Feinour

EU Approves Internet Censorship Bill | Article 13 | Meme Ban

Censorship of the Internet is in compliance with Sharia law. Europe's censorship of the Internet is no different the the Southern Poverty Law Centers targeting of conservative groups who speak the truth about Islam. Socialist in Europe and the SPLC don't want the facts or truths out so the way to prevent it is to slam anyone who they oppose and shut them down from being allowed to speak. Good example is how the UK put Tommy Robinson in prison for doing what any other reporter might do. Simply telling the facts of what was taking place in the courtroom. Then a judge put another censorship or gag order on anyone speaking out about Tommy's arrest.