Sunday, February 5, 2017

National Front, Marine Le Pen announces her run for president

Euro news

French presidential candidate and far-right Natural Front, Marine Le Pen, has kicked off her campaign in Lyon with a promise to protect voters from globalisation at a time when France is living through a period of political turmoil.
“In reality, I defend the walls of our society. But, everyone is aware that all of this is called into question today. Our leaders have opted for deregulated globalisation. They wanted it to be a success, but it turned out to be awful,” she told the several-thousand-strong crowd.
Le Pen’s efforts to frame the National Front as anti-establishment come in the wake of international political shifts such as the election of Donald Trump in the US and Brexit.
A 144-point plan she unveiled includes a referendum on pulling France from the European Union and pushing firms to hire French workers as a “national priority.”
With Muslims pouring into Europe at break neck speed, the politicians like Germanys Merkel and others are under pressure by the partys that want to keep Europe from becoming an Islamic Caliphate. Terrorism is running rampant in much of Europe following the flood of Muslims savages from  many Muslim countries. Marine Le Pen is considered to be the Donald Trump of France. Lets hope the people tell the elitist that they don't want their borders open to those who want to kill them. To those who fail to assimilate and those who want to enforce Sharia law upon the masses.