Friday, December 30, 2016

Muslim student tells professor she wants him dead - watch the aftermath!

"Deport them all! It's not a religion of peace" Newt Gingrich warns Hannity

Judge Pirro - Destroys (Barack Obama, BLM & Million Muslim March).

Save The Snowflakes!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Muslim Migrants Destroy Christmas Tree In Italy please share it

India: Artist creates 1,000 sand Santas 'to bring happiness to the world'

India: Artist creates 1,000 sand Santas 'to bring happiness to the world'

Islamists Attack Christmas, but Europeans Abolish It

Gatestone Institute
December 25, 2016

  • A statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the French municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as "ayatollahs of secularism".
  • A German school in Turkey just banned Christmas celebrations: the school, Istanbul Lisesi, funded by the German government, decided that Christmas traditions and carol-singing would no longer be allowed. A Woolworth's store in Germany scrapped Christmas decorations telling customers that the shop "is now Muslim".
  • Europe is already mutilating her own traditions "to avoid offending Muslims". We have become our own biggest enemy.
  • Muslims are also reclaiming "the mosque of Cordoba". Authorities in the southern Spanish city recently dealt a blow to the Catholic Church's claim of ownership of the cathedral. Now Islamists want it back.
  • The final result of Europe's self-destructive secularism could seriously be a Caliphate.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Amazon Prime commercial 2016 Old Friends (PARODY)

Gen ident germany

Thousands of Muslim Youths attacked a Christmas tree

And you ask why it would be smart to ban all Muslim savages from coming to America and any civilized society. This is the thanks you get for inviting these savages into your country. Even a Christmas tree upsets them. Hey Belgiums, its time to go burn down some mosques.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian ambassador to Turkey killed in Ankara shooting

Can you hear this Muslim savage yelling Allua Akbar? Not long after this shooting, another attack on Christians in Germany as a truck plowed into a crowded Christmas market. At this time, authorities are saying they don't know a motive. Really, its clear what the motive was. To kill Christians.

Russian ambassador to Turkey kill in Ankara shooting

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dr. D. J. Trumps Butt Hurt Salve

For those of you suffering from a good butt hurting defeat, try Dr. D.J. Trumps Butt Hurt Salve. Its guranteed to sooth your sore butt. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Senate voted (and Obama signed) the Continuing Budget Resolution overnight, refugee program comes up short

Refugee Resettlement Watch
December 10 2016

The federal government will continue to be funded mostly at the Fiscal Year 2016 level until late April.  The budget extension had passed the House earlier in the week and the Senate voted last night to send the bill to Obama’s desk.
Many Dems were unhappy because instead of funding the government for the year—until September 30th—the whole issue will be revisited in the spring.  The election of Donald Trump was pretty much the deciding factor and this short term fix gives the Trump team time to get in place and put their funding priorities in the mix.
Elections have consequences as Congress defers to Trump’s wish to weigh in on the federal budget for a portion of FY17. Funding=policy.
You can read about the final vote hereat The Hill.
For our purposes (we have been writing about the issue of funding for the Refugee program for months), the results are good news.
Last week we reported that the Obama Administration was looking for billions in additional funding for the Office of Refugee Resettlementclaiming that if they didn’t get their big tranche of money, ORR would go broke in February.
Well they didn’t get most of it which should make it even easier for Trump to stop or significantly slow the flow of refugees after January 20th since clearly the Congress is signalling that there is not much support for the high level of refugees that Obama wanted and surely Hillary would have enthusiastically supported had she won the election in November.
Obama’s 110,000 refugee goal for this year will now (in my opinion) be out of reach.
Here is what Numbers USA is reporting:
Fri, Dec 9th
The House overwhelmingly approved, with bipartisan support, a short-term spending bill yesterday without any significant changes to the refugee program and without expanding the H-2B guest-worker program.
The short-term spending bill would fund the government through late-April, so there will likely be another battle then. But negotiations will be with a different administration that’s more focused on eliminating fraud within the refugee program and protecting the jobs and wages of American workers.
We faced two threats with this week’s fight. First, back in September, Pres. Obama demanded an increase in funding for the refugee program to accommodate an additional 25,000 refugees over last year’s already inflated numbers. The White House more recently requested a doubling of refugee funding through the short-term spending bill. The money not only would pay for the additional refugees, but would house and resettle across the U.S. the thousands of border surgers who have illegally entered the U.S. in recent months.
Congress added a small increase in refugee funding, but none of the additional funds can be used to resettle new refugees in the United States nor can they be used by the Obama Administration to house and resettle the border surgers.
The budget battle will now resume in the spring—a battle which could be significantly less important for us if Trump acts on his campaign promise to halt refugee admissions from terror-producing countries—which is about half of the flow coming in right now.
This is strange…..
I searched around this morning to see if the VOLAGs (refugee contractors) or their lobbyists were wailing, but am not seeing anything. Delayed reaction? Maybe they had some leftover funds sloshing around? But, they have already said they don’t!
Keep me posted if you see anything.
What you might see before I do is some local news reports that say that the opening of a new resettlement site is being ‘delayed.’
This post and all posts on the budget process are tagged ‘Where is Congress.’

Head of ISIS ‘branch’ in Russian Caucasus eliminated in FSB special op

Now this is how all Muslim savages should be dealt with. Also glad none of the chicken were harmed in this assault. My hats go off to these Russian soldiers for a splendid job.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reflecting on a Legacy | Gen. John F. Kelly

General John F. Kelly, Trumps pick to head the Department of Homeland Security.