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Gorka: The DNC has been captured by left-wing radicals

Why Hillary and the DNC ignored any real talk about ISIS and Islamic Jihadism.

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California dreaming: Wild bear chills in swimming pool to find relief fr...

The Difference TV ad

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Top Super Bowl Commercials 2016 Funny Tv Ads

Man kills wife for honour

A person gunned down his wife for honour on Sunday and fled the scene of crime.
Police said that accused hailing from Goth Lalu Golo of district Kashmore was suspicious about character of his wife. After exchange of hot words with his wife over this dispute, the culprit opened straight fire killing her on the spot and escaped from the scene after committing the murder. The body was shifted to a hospital for postmortem. The police, after registering a case against the murderer of his wife, started raids for his arrest.
Notice how the Pakistani site doesn't say Muslim man killed his wife for Honour. But at least we must give them credit for admiting that it actually happens. 

At Least One Dead And Two Injured In Germany 'Syrian Refugee' Machete Attack

At Least One Dead And Two Injured In Germany 'Syrian Refugee' Machete Attack

Brietbart London

A woman has been killed by a Machete-wielding male in Reutlingen in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany today in a brutal attack that saw another two injured.

While there are no exact details of motive to the attack yet, pictures uploaded to social media show a young bearded man in the process of being arrested and German police have told media that the perpetrator was a “Syrian refugee” who “acted alone”, reports theFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
The killing started this afternoon in a local snack-bar according to reports in Sueddeutsche Zeitung after a “dispute” broke out between the perpetrator and others. The paper reports one woman has died, while another woman and a male are injured.

And  Obama and Hillary want to continue bringing in thousands more of these Muslim savages. Its time to vote Trump if you want an end to this lunacy.

Hillary Clinton has a seizure on camera

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Alton Sterlings Rap sheet

As we watch black lives don't matter and our black president Obama trying to make a good boy out of a career criminal, more and more police are being gunned down by black animals. Has the media taken time to even mention the criminal record of Mr. Alton Sterling? I don't recall seeing anything on his past rap sheet. Well here it is. 

Now wouldn't you want a son just like Alton? I know Obama would if he had a son. My only question is why was this career criminal still on the streets.  Could it be Alton was one of the many thousands that the Obama regime has released back onto our streets. Geez a pervert, sex offender, burgular and much more. 

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Brutal new anti-Hillary ad shows why Benghazi panel matters

Hillary Calls for “Intel Surge”

This dingbat was head of the state department and supported the killing of Qadaffi. She was head of the state department when our Ambassador was murdered in Bengazi. Hillary was the one with the pvt server in her basement so nobody could use the IFOA to access her emails. Now this jackass wants an Intelligence Surge.Give me a break!

Is Turkey Coup Going To Start European Civil War?

Gorka: Is Obama going to ban trucks after Nice attack?

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Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL

Sheriff David Clarke: This President Is Like a Pyromaniac

How true these comments by Sheriff Clarke are. Obama repeatedly sticks his two cents where they don't belong. He rushes to judgment always ending up blaming the cops. Before Obama the nation was coming together in a much better way. After almost eight years of this black hate cops president, the nation is once again raging with racial hate. Black lives matters calling for the killing of cops and Obama invites them to the white house. Hillary give them more attention by siding with them. According to reports, the guy that show and killed five Dallas police was a member of the New Black party who openly call for the killing of cops. Our black president, Black attorney general do nothing to stop these animals from perpetrating more hate and killing of cops. Black lives don't really matter to blacks when its blacks doing the killing. More blacks are dying today in cities like Chicago and not a word about it from Obama or Lynch. All they are interested in doing is what Sheriff Clarke said. Flame the fires of hatred.

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FBI Director Blatantly Lied To America To Protect_Hillary

"Gun Violence" as a Rhetorical Trick in the Gun-Control Debate

Mises Institute

In its most recent attack on gun ownership, The New York Times went out of its way to confuse gun homicides with homicide in general. AsI noted here, this is a rhetorical trick used to mask the true homicide rates in other countries in order to make the United States look like an outlier. 
Another trick employed by gun control advocates is to lump gun-inflicted suicides in with gun homicides as in order to inflate the total number of "gun violence" events. 
This tactic was employed by CNN after the Orlando shootings, as can be seen in this video. The host, Carol Costello, states "more than 100,000 people are victims of gunshot wounds." Costello reports that the number is "stunning" and clearly believes 100,000 to be a very large number. Note that Costello does not present the number as a percentage or ratio. If she did, she'd realize that 100,000 people (in a country of 318,000,000) is 0.03 percent of the population. Moreover, the way it's phrased might lead viewers to believe that Costello is talking about 100,000 fatalities. Viewers would be wrong in assuming this, since fatalities from gunshot wounds, according to the CDC, equaled 33,636 in 2013, or one-third the number Costello quotes. Costello is obviously including all non-fatal injuries in an effort to use more dramatic-sounding numbers. (See Table 18 in this document.)
Costello also admits that this number "includes suicides." That's fair enough, but how much of that "gun violence" is due to suicide? Well, it turns out that a solid majority of it is suicides. Indeed, in the 2013 data, there were nearly twice as many firearm suicides (21,175) as there were gun homicides (11,208). So, Costello begins a discussion about the Orlando shootings by talking mostly about suicide, which is irrelevant to the purported topic of discussion which is mass shootings at night clubs. 
[RELATED ARTICLE: "Guns don't Cause Suicide"]
Other commentators have even attempted to claim that suicide rates are notably higher where there are higher gun ownership rates. Looking at the international data on gun ownership from the Small Arms Survey, it's hard to see how anyone could make this assertion seriously. Indeed, if we look at suicide rates, we see that the US is not especially notable for its suicide rate: 
The United States sits between Sweden and France in terms of suicide rates. Moreover, the firearms ownership rate is estimated to be more than double the rate in both Sweden and France. As we can see in the second graph, the US is an outlier in terms of private gun ownership, but unremarkable in terms of its suicide rate (suicide rate is n per 100,000): 
Source: 2007 Small Arms SurveyWorld Health Organization (Firearms ownership estimates attempt to count unlicensed and illegal firearms.)
Indeed, if one wanted to build a case for variables that lead to suicide, one might point to "high levels of wealth" or "living at high latitude." Or, as has been observed in the United States, high altitude may be a problematic factor as well. Obviously, the fact that private gun ownership is nearly non-existent in Japan and South Korea has not done much to keep the suicide rate low in those countries. 
So, any time a pundit refers to "gun violence" when the discussion is about homicide, the statistics being used are probably being used for the purposes of obscuring the facts about actual homicide rates. 
Finally, Costello, who, goes into the interview unprepared and ill-informed, is unaware of the CDC's 2013 study on gun use in which the CDC reports: 
Defensive uses of guns by crime victims is a common occurrence, although the exact number remains disputed (Cook and Ludwig, 1996; Kleck, 2001a). Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year (Kleck, 2001a), in the context of about 300,000 violent crimes involving firearms in 2008 (BJS, 2010). On the other hand, some scholars point to radically lower estimate of only 108,000 annual defensive uses based on the National Crime Victimization Survey (Cook et al., 1997). The variation in these numbers remains a controversy in the field. The estimate of 3 million defensive uses per year is based on an extrapolation from a small number of responses taken from more than 19 national surveys. The former estimate of 108,000 is difficult to interpret because respondents were not asked specifically about defensive gun use.
 (See the full report, "Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Gun-Related Violence" here. The report was discussed somewhat at length in this Slate article. )
So, the number lies somewhere between 100,000 and 3,000,000. Even if one were to take the low-end estimate of 108,000, that's three times the number of fatalities that result from homicides or suicides, and it's nearly ten times the number of firearm-related homicides. If 100,000 is such an immense number for Costello when used to sum up "gun violence" why is it a negligible number when used to describe defensive use of firearms (as with this defensive use at a South Carolina night club in June)? 
Here's the CNN video: 

Somali Muslims terrorize Minneapolis community but did you hear about this anywhere?

Here we go again, Muslim Somalis terrorizing a Minneapolis community, threathening to rape them and the media remains silent. Why is such terroristic threats by Somali Muslim teens not broadcast on the major news networks. All I can say to those folks living in that neighborhood, be armed and ready to kill. These savages will continue to force themselves into your homes as they try to drive you out of that neighborhood leaving the homes for other savages to move into. You can thank Obama for bringing in thousands of these animals every year.

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Full Speech: Donald Trump Speech at Western Conservative Summit in Denve...

Sarah Palin FANTASTIC Speech at Western Conservative Summit in Denver, C...

How the Idaho story confirms what we have been saying for years: it is about MONEY!

Refugee Resettlement Watch
Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2016
And, it informs us about one reason why Donald Trump says the Chamber of Commerce is no friend of America!
I had to laugh this morning as CNN talking heads were scratching theirs about why Trump would go after the Chamber of Commerce which they described as reliably Republican and conservative. No longer!

The Chamber at the national level and in many cities and counties is being run by Democrats or Open Borders Republicans.

Chobani twin falls plant
Chobani brags that it built this massive $450 millon plant in 326 days. I would like to know if any shortcuts were granted by officials at all levels of govt. who surely had to approve the project on environmental grounds.
The most important points you need to know about what refugee resettlement is all about comes together in the wake of that awful sexual assault of a little girl in Twin Falls, Idaho by migrant boys (they still refuse to call them refugees).
Local government officials lashed out at citizens who wanted answers because they needed to shut them up—why? Because this city is invested in Chobani Yogurt’s largest plant in the world which is in turn dependent on cheap refugee/immigrant labor (some call it slave labor!).
By suggesting that a large refugee population may not be good for your town, you ruin their carefully crafted narrative.
Refugee resettlement is about MONEY and power and to hell with whether it changes the social, economic and cultural makeup of your home town or threatens your security. So-called humanitarian compassion is the cover for a lot of very dirty business.
Calling you hateful or racist is how they shut up anyone who dares to look more deeply into the scheme that includes foreign interests (many of the big meatpackers drawing refugee labor are foreign owned!), the UN, the US State Department, Dems looking for voters and everyone involved, including the so-called ‘religious charities, looking to line their pockets while telling themselves they are doing God’s work!
In another Hohmann/WND investigation on the situation there we learn that the Mayor of Twin Falls, who gave a sanctimonious speech when citizens became emotionally enraged by the bits of the story that were leaking out about the sexual assault of the little girl (were the accused boys’ family members working at Chobani, that is what I would like to know!), is also the President of the Chamber of Commerce and was instrumental in bringing the massive Chobani Yogurt plant to the city.
We have previously told you about Chobani, and that its CEO and founder Hamdi Ulukaya, is from Turkey.  Yesterday, he responded to Obama’s call for large corporations to hire more refugees with a ‘yes sir’ happy to do it!   See that news, here.

***Important update*** 

Bloomberg has scrubbed its story from yesterday in which they reported that Chobani Yogurt was one of the companies responding to Obama’s call to hire additional refugees. Apparently they have not promised to do so!  What is up with this???? In January Hamdi Ulukaya was reported at the World Economic Forum at Davos saying he would urge other companies to hire refugees, has he changed his mind about his own company, see hereSure looks like it!
Corrects to remove reference to Chobani yogurt hiring additional refugees in ninth paragraph
Now, here is what Hohmann learned (read this story, recognize the pattern!):
WND has learned that Barigar was instrumental in recruiting Chobani to Twin Falls back in 2011, and he now plays a dual role of elected official and president/CEO of the local Chamber of Commerce.
Barigar, a Democrat, has been in leadership roles with the Chamber for 11 years. During that time he has also served two stints on the city council, with a gap between January 2008 and January 2012 in which he was not part of the city government.
It was during that gap, but while he was running for office in 2011, that he was busy working to lure Chobani to Twin Falls.
“I was a member of the recruitment team that recruited Chobani to Twin Falls in 2011,” Barigar told WND in a phone interview Thursday.

Read the whole thing, see the pattern as clear as I’ve ever seen it, and look for this happening in your town!  Citizens of Rutland, VT, Missoula, MT, Asheville, NC, Reno, NV, Charleston, WV, etc. read this. 

People ask me all the time what they should do, and frankly after doing your homework and getting your facts (including info. on campaign contributions), you are going to have to work to remove elected officials who are working to change America by changing the people and are worshiping the all-mighty dollar while they do it!
Endnote: When I looked at that photo and reflected on the speed with which this plant was built, I’m thinking someone with an investigative bent could write a book about this whole project, how it came to be, and how it has changed the town of Twin Falls forever. You can visit our Twin Falls archive, here, to start your research. Be sure to seethis older post here at RRW about the expanding mosque there (who is paying for it?

Geert Wilders: Stand for Freedom!