Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cliven Bundy’s Black Bodyguard: Bundy’s Not a Racist; ‘I’d Take a Bullet for That Man’

April 25, 2014
Cliven Bundy’s bodyguard (yes, an American rancher needs a bodyguard to protect himself against violent progressives), who happens to be black, spoke out in defense of Bundy, the last rancher standing in Clark County, Nevada (Watch Video Below).

Bundy is not only the victim of a massive overreaching show of gestapo-like tactics by the Obama Bureau of Land Management (BLM), but now is facing a Saul Alinsky inspired smear campaign by the George Soros-funded communist front group, Media Matters,  and communist-friendly, Obama regime cheerleading squad at the New York Times

Media Matters  and the NY Times  deceptively edited a video of American rancher Cliven Bundy’s comments that, when taken completely out of context, appear to make him sound like a racist. However, when heard in full context, Bundy’s comments are nothing more than making the comparison of government dependence to a modern day form of slavery. 

Cliven Bundy’s bodyguard, Jason Bullock, agreed to be interviewed by CNN and was asked about Bundy’s comments. Mr. Bullock was also asked if he thought Bundy’s comments were racist. Even thought the CNN reporter makes a repeated effort to get Bullock to paint Bundy as a racist, Bullock refuses to take the bait, instead saying, “I’d take a bullet for that man.”

CNN REPORTER:  You’re protecting this man and he’s wondering whether African-Americans would be better off as slaves. How does that strike you?
CLIVEN BUNDY’S BODYGUARD JASON BULLOCK:  It doesn’t strike me any kind of way. This is still the same old Mr. Bundy I met from the first day of all this happening.
CNN REPORTER:  But aren’t those offensive comments to you
BULLOCK:  Not at all.
CNN REPORTER:  Not offensive?
BULLOCK:  Because Mr. Bundy is not a racist. Ever since I’ve been here he’s treated me with nothing but hospitality. He’s pretty much treated me like his own family.
BULLOCK:  I would take a bullet for that man, if need be. I look up to him just like I do my own grandfather.
BULLOCK:  Because I believe in his cause and after having met Mr. Bundy a few times, I have a really good feel about him and I’m a pretty good judge of character.