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Recovery Fantasy Persists Despite Contrary Data

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Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: "Test Drive 2"

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The Samantha Power Video the Media Will Never Show You.

Bare Naked Islam
Feb 25, 2013

In 2002 Samantha Power sat for an interview with Harry Kreisler, the director of the Institute for International Studies at Berkeley. Kreisler asked her the following question:

“Let’s say you were an advisor to the President of the United States, how would you respond to current events in Israel? Would you advise him to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, at least if one party or another [starts] looking like they might be moving toward genocide?”

Full article:

Boko Haram butchers students in attack on Nigerian college

Threat Matrix

Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda groups in Africa, went on yet another rampage in northern Nigeria today. The Islamist terror group attacked a co-ed college in the town of Buni Yadi in Yobe state with the intent of killing as many students as possible. Several witnesses told The Daily Mail that Boko Haram fighters trapped students in buildings, which were set ablaze, and then brutally killed those who attempted to escape:
Garba, who teaches at a secondary school attached to the college, said the attackers first set ablaze the college administrative block, then moved to the hostels, where they locked students in and started firebombing the buildings.
At one hostel, he said: 'Students were trying to climb out of the windows and they were slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists who slit their throats. Others who ran were gunned down.'
He said students who could not escape were burned alive
The attackers also reportedly hurled explosives into student residential buildings, sprayed gunfire into rooms and hacked a number students to death.
At least 43 people are thought to have been killed during the attack, however that number is expected to rise.
Today's attack is the latest in a series against civilians and the military by the terror group. Just one week ago, Boko Haram attacked the town of Bama near the border with Cameroon, and killed at least 98 people. On Feb. 15, Boko Haram killed 106 people when it raided the nearby town of Izghe. Two days prior, Boko Haram forces killed 9 Nigerian soldiers in an ambush in the village. The terror group returned on Feb. 23 and razed what remained of the village. And on Feb 12, a large Boko Haram force attacked the town of Konduga and killed 39 civilians.
As Boko Haram has stepped up its deadly insurgency, President Goodluck Jonathan urged the terror group to lay down its weapons and conduct peace talks.
"I wish to use this platform to renew my previous call to members of the sect to lay down their arms and engage government in a constructive manner in order to address their grievances, if truly they have any reason to do what they are doing," Jonathan said yesterday, according to Vanguard.
According to The Daily Mail, Jonathan described recent Boko Haram attacks as "'quite worrisome' but that he was sure 'we will get over it.'"
Meanwhile Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau vowed to continue attack and even expand them into the Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria He also threatened to kill anyone who he deems to be an "infidel."
"The reason why I will kill you is you are infidels. You follow democracy. Whoever follows democracy is an infidel," he said on Feb. 19.

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Afghanis go KA BOOM! Oops!

Bare Naked Islam
Feb 24, 2014

Apache gunships with the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, TF Pegasus, observing insurgents in the act of emplacing an IED in southern Afghanistan. But before the Apaches moves in for the strike, the insurgents’ bomb goes off, killing them all in the act.

These jihadis won't be going home tonight. Yahooooooo!

How to Park a Cruise Ship

I wonder if the crew was partying the night before?

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No Gov’t Employee Should Make $400,000 a Year

Wizbang blog
Feb 22, 2014
A new transparency project has been launched in California that helps citizens learn just how much salary their government employees earn and the results are shocking. Hundreds of government workers make upwards to and more than $400,000 a year even as California drowns in taxes to pay for it all.
Over at Forbes, Mark Bucher reports of the new group Transparent California which has launched a newweb portal where citizens can search out what public employees are earn in salary as well as what their pensions will be.
Some of these outrageous salaries will tend to choke you with rage.
“Consider Redwood City [population only 80,000],” Bucher writes, “where three fire captains and one firefighter made between $434,274 and $452,733 in total compensation in 2012. One police officer made $463,690 in total compensation. In all, nine employees made over $400,000 in total compensation with a total of 33, mostly police and fire department employees, making over $300,000 in total compensation in 2012.”
Using the portal, Bucher also found that “Thousands of firefighters made over $200,000 in salary and benefits in 2012, with hundreds taking home over $300,000.”
Listen, firefighting is an important, noble profession, but does anyone think a fireman should be allowed to bleed the citizens dry to the tune of $300,000 a year???
No one with any sense should, anyway.
Bucher has example after example of this outrageous highway robbery in is piece. Much of this is due to union meddling, naturally.
A similar effort was launched in Illinois last year by the group For The Good Of Illinois. Their effort is calledOpen The Books, a smart phone ap that will tell you the salaries of public officials in the Land Of Lincoln and many other states. The ap also gives info on federal spending.
Folks, this is the sort of outrage that is causing our states to raise taxes higher and higher even as they still go bankrupt due to unnecessary spending. We as voters must begin to put an end to the government gravy train.
The citizens of these states and local communities need to speak out. Its no wonder many states are going broke. Its not just firefighters and police that are soaking up our tax dollars, its also teachers who's pensions continue to climb for so little work they actually do. You try finding a job that gives you months and months of vacations and ten sick paid days off for when you are actually supposed to be working. This plus having your healthcare paid for by us tax payers. 

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UK: Muslim teenage girl from Birmingham gang raped by 30 Muslim paedophiles including a father and his schoolboy son team

Bare Naked Islam
Feb 22, 2014

A father and his schoolboy son were among a group of men who raped a teenage girl in an ordeal which lasted six hours. The victim was abused at a property in Birmingham by 30 Asian Muslim* men, who arrived in groups. The youngest attacker was wearing his school uniform when he raped the Asian girl.


UK Daily Mail  A teenage girl was groomed and raped by up to 30 Asian Muslim men – including a father and his schoolboy son – during an horrific sex attack lasting six hours, an inquiry heard. Campaigner Shaista Gohir MBE detailed abuse of the young vulnerableAsian Muslim girl in a shocking report highlighting how rife grooming was within ethnic communities.


She claimed that sexual exploitation and grooming of young Asian girls by men of the same ethnic origins was happening under the noses of authorities – with community leaders, schools and families are all too ready to dismiss the attacks or even cover them up.

Muslim and women’s rights activist Ms Gohir used the harrowing Birmingham case, involving a teenage girl who was allegedly raped by between 20 to 30 men, to call on authorities to do more to tackle the issue. The attack was said to have taken place over six hours and included a father and son, who was in school uniform, and taxi drivers who turned up in groups.


The report, presented to Birmingham City Council, followed interviews with 35 victims, as well as several sex attackers from Muslim communities throughout the UK. Ms Gohir also challenged the popular view that grooming and exploitation, as in high-profile cases in Rochdale and Oxford, was mainly carried out by gangs of Asian men abusing white girls.

People tell me they have heard about Rochdale and Oxford and see it as something which happens elsewhere to other people, but it is happening in Birmingham, it’s happening everywhere,’ she said. This warning came in the same week as a child sex gang was jailed for abusing young girls.


Judge John Bevan QC said the four Roma men and boys and an Iraqi Kurd had ignored the responsibilities of living in this country as he sentenced them for raping and sexually assaulting five girls aged as young as 12.

Last year, seven Oxford men, mostly of Pakistani heritage, were convicted at the Old Bailey of running a paedophile sex ring. That trial had followed another, almost exactly 12 months earlier, concerning nine Asian men based in Rochdale.

Ms Gohir said girls are more likely to be targeted by people of the same ethnic and cultural background. They may also be particularly vulnerable to abuse as they can be blackmailed into keeping quiet because of the risk of ‘bringing shame’ on a community, she added.


When abuse is revealed some families are more likely to send the daughter abroad or hastily arrange a wedding to get rid of the problem rather than face it, the report claims. ’The biggest barrier that we need to address is the shame and honour card,’ Ms Gohir said.  ’They would rather protect the honour of the family and community than report an offender and protect other girls, as well as get the victim the counselling and help they need.’

She also added attitudes of young boys and men needed to change as often they did not see what they did as rape, and had no awareness of the impact of their actions on women. Members of the council enquiry are considering new measures including raising the issue with parents or teenagers through secondary schools and encouraging greater use of relationship education.


Labour councillor Waseem Zaffer said: ‘I have seen this presentation three times and each time I get angrier and angrier. There are a number of issues in the south Asian community which are swept under the carpet and this is one of them.’

Inquiry chairwoman Cllr Anita Ward added: ‘When we are dealing with child sexual exploitation we need to recognise that it is not only Asian men grooming white girls. The victims do not come from any one particular culture or community, and neither do the perpetrators.



Putin vs Obama

Putin Putz.jpg

Florida cops are clueless about the law

Feb 22, 2014
We’ve published several articles about the militarization of local police departments as well as cops who are simply out of control. Those are really two separate issues but both speak to a dangerous environment in local police departments around the nation.

Today we’re writing about cops in Florida who are simply clueless about the law with a really pathetic result.

Let’s be clear, being a cop isn’t an easy job. They are usually dealing with people in less than ideal situations, the job can be dangerous, and we’re going to write about this particular aspect of the job next week. No hints.
The problem with police departments is that they are forced to hire from that group in the general population known as “people”. That creates a problem because “people” can be more than a little erratic, without regard to their job. This creates an environment, like in any workplace, where some relatively small percentage of the workforce are very high performers loved by all, most of the workforce is reliable and gets their jobs done with a minimum of drama, and a small percentage of the workforce are, well, for lack of a better term, assholes.
That formula works very well in every group of employees where the number of workers is over two. Got three employees? We’d bet that one falls into each group. It’s called life.
Here’s where we have issues with police. It’s often referred to as “the thin blue line”. In other professions, virtually all other professions, those who are in category three are recognized for who they are very quickly and some form of remediation happens, as they are shunned by co-workers and eventually terminated by The Boss. They aren’t tolerated, and nobody makes excuses for them, in fact co-workers may just find other stuff to blame on them because, since everybody KNOWS they’re a jerk nobody questions their guilt. It’s all pretty Darwinian and works pretty well in society at large.
Then, there’s “the thin blue line”.
Cops tend to have an “us vs. them” attitude for reasons that should be obvious. The net effect of that attitude is quickly destroying the credibility of local police in the eyes of the citizens they “protect and serve”. As a matter of fact, it’s so bad in most metropolitan areas of the nation that “protect and serve” is increasingly regarded as a joke.
This particular incident is a prime example of an asshole at work.
This officer doesn’t realize that recording a police officer is absolutely legal. Everywhere. In an effort to intimidate this young lady, he tells her that recording an officer is a felony and notes that he knows more about the law than she does.
In fact both of those points are lies.
Here’s Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, who wrote an editorial about this subject. Reynolds is a law professor in Tennessee.
All over America, police have been arresting people for taking video or making sound recordings of them, even though such arrests are pretty clearly illegal. Usually, the charges are dropped once the case becomes public, and that’s the end of it.
In these cases, the courts and juries stood up for the obvious proposition that police officers, doing their jobs on the public dime, don’t have a privacy right against the citizens who pay their salaries. In an era when government feels free to record citizens whenever they’re out in public, this works both ways.
Some have proposed a federal civil-rights law specifically recognizing the right of citizens to record police, and including severe punishments for police and prosecutors who violate that right. Frankly, it seems like a pretty good idea. Until then, however, we need to educate both police and citizens that photography is not a crime, even when those who wield government power, ostensibly on behalf of the citizenry, would rather not be photographed.
Just to drive the point, a judge in New York City who ruled against the “stop, question, and frisk” policy in NYC penned a requirement that police wear personal recording gear and inform the people they’re interacting with that they’re being recorded. There have also been studies that have found when police are recording interactions cooler heads prevail on both sides almost every time.
The reaction of the local police department is the real problem here. They admit they have a policy on recording that clearly allows it. The officer in question is currently being defended by his peers. See employee classification #3 above.
This jerk should be terminated. He probably should be charged with assault and battery and unlawful arrest (he clearly didn’t know either the law or his department’s policies). He and the city should both be sued for enough to put her kids through college.
Note: if you’re a police officer and you’re offended by this article you need to consider how the employee #3s in your department are treated. If you’re not actively working to get them off the force, you’re the problem.
If you would like to rebut anything we’ve said here please feel free to use the contact form and write a post in rebuttal. We’ll publish it.

Knockout Criminals Hit A Homerun in New Orleans

Feb 22, 2014

The knock out game has come to New Orleans with a vengeance in recent weeks. Despite police denials, there have been several recent attacks that have all of the hallmarks of the vicious knock out game. In the past several weeks, in the tourist hotspot of the French Quarter, innocent individuals were targeted by black youngsters. These victims were not robbed, but were severely beaten and sent to the hospital in a coma.
It is bad enough to be attacked by roaming mobs of street thugs, but it is even worse when they are carrying weapons, like baseball bats. Last Friday, two bicyclists were attacked by baseball wielding black youths on Esplanade Avenue, on the edge of the French Quarter. Again, the victims were not robbed, only brutally beaten. One of the victims had a jaw fracture; the other suffered a skull fracture. They are both lucky to be alive and could have easily been killed. If apprehended, these criminals should be charged with attempted murder.
Again, the undermanned New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) downplayed the incidents and claimed that they were not examples of the type of knock out attacks that have been going on in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and St. Louis. The police maintain that since the thugs used baseball bats it was a typical aggravated battery case. In reality, these crimes were an example of the knock out game carried to a more dangerous level.
We do not know whether the attacks were racially motivated because the police have not released the race of the two victims. To make matters worse, some media outlets in New Orleans, such as the Times Picayune newspaper, refuse to publicize the race of the criminals involved in the incidents. This is political correctness taken to a dangerous level. Without accurate information about who is committing these crimes, the public cannot take adequate precautions and cannot provide vital information to police that may be used to apprehend these felons.
The crime situation in New Orleans is going from bad to worse. Every day police officers are leaving the force, disgusted with policies that limit their detail pay and require Orleans Parish residency. They also do not agree with the crime fighting strategies of Police Chief Ronal Serpas or appreciate the type of treatment they receive from Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office.
Since Mayor Landrieu was re-elected on February 1, another 15 officers have departed the NOPD, giving law abiding citizens in New Orleans more to worry about. Under Mayor Landrieu and Chief Serpas, the police department has suffered tremendously, declining from 1600 officers to approximately 1100 today.
In a city where liberal judges allow hardened criminals access to the streets after brief stays in prison, if at all, the remaining police officers must feel powerless. All too often they see the criminals they arrest right back on the streets of New Orleans the very next day.
In the case of the Esplanade Avenue bicyclist attacks, there is little question that the perpetrators of these horrific crimes will be young offenders who have been in and out of the criminal justice system. With so many youngsters growing up with no discipline and no father at home, they find their role models in all the wrong places, on the crime infested streets of New Orleans.
The police can deny the problem, the statistics can be manipulated, but the average citizen knows full well that the crime problem is out of control in New Orleans.
Hopefully, more New Orleans citizens will become trained in firearms and receive their concealed carry permit. It may soon become the only way they can protect themselves.
Jeff Crouere is a native of New Orleans, LA and he is the host of a Louisiana based program, “Ringside Politics,” which airs at 7:30 p.m. Fri. and 10:00 p.m. Sun. on WLAE-TV 32, a PBS station, and 7 till 11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990 AM in New Orleans and the Northshore. For more information, visit his web site at E-mail him at

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The President Turns White

Barack Obama got out of the shower and was drying off when he looked in the mirror and noticed that he was white from the neck to the top of his head. 
In a sheer panic and fearing he was turning white all over, he called his doctor and told him what had happened.

The doctor advised him to come to his office immediately.

After an examination, the doctor mixed a concoction of brown liquid, gave it to Barack, and told him to drink it all.

Barack drank the concoction and said, "That tasted like bullshit!"

"It was." the doctor replied, "You were a quart low."

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Taliban claim the execution of 23 Pakistani Frontier Corps troops

The Long War Journal

Omar Khalid [center], from a propaganda video released in 2012. Image from the SITE Intelligence Group.

An influential commander in the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has issued a statement claiming that the group executed 23 Frontier Corps troops in retaliation for the death of jihadists by security forces.
The statement was sent to The Long War Journal yesterday by Omar Khurasani, the spokesman for the similarly named Omar Khalid al Khurasani, the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's emir for the Mohmand tribal agency. The Mohmand Taliban leader signed the document.
حکومت نے ایک طرف مذاکرات کا سلسلہ شروع کیا ہے تو دوسری طرف ہمارے قیدی ساتھیوں کو مسلسل جیلوں سے نکال کر شہید کررہی ہےjpg_Page1.jpg
In the statement, Omar Khalid said the Pakistani government and security forces are continuing to target Taliban fighters and are also executing jihadists currently in custody.
The Mohmand Taliban branch has not released evidence of the execution of the 23 Frontier Corps troops, who were captured in 2010 during Taliban raids on security outposts in the region. In the past, the Pakistani Taliban have released videotapes of brutal mass executions of captured Pakistani soldiers, Frontier Corps troops, and policemen.
Omar Khalid claimed that his forces executed the troops because the Taliban are currently in negotiations with the government. He is said to oppose negotiations, which have been approved by Mullah Fazlullah, the emir of the group.
The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has been engaged in open warfare as well as terror attacks and assassinations in Pakistan's cities. Omar Khalid is a known hardliner in the organization, which itself is one of the more radical jihadist groups in the country.
Omar Khalid is a dangerous commander who maintains close ties to al Qaeda and is believed to have given sanctuary to Ayman al Zawahiri in the past. He also was close to slain al Qaeda emir Osama bin Laden. His fighters come from Pakistan as well as Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and various Arab nations [for more information on Omar Khalid al Khurasani, see LWJ report, Taliban commander wants Pakistan's nukes, global Islamic caliphate]. Khalid is closely allied with Qari Zia Rahman, a dual-hatted Taliban and al Qaeda commander who operates in northeastern Afghanistan. Both men have deployed female suicide bombers. [See Threat Matrix report, Female suicide bomber kills 4 outside Pakistani hospital.]
The announcement of the executions comes at a time when other jihadists in Pakistan are bristling at negotiations with the government. A group of jihadists recently split from the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and formed Ahrar-ul-Hind. Although the group said it is still "brothers" with the Taliban, it vowed to continue to conduct attacks inside Pakistan's cities and said it would not abide by any peace agreement. [See LWJ report, Pakistani jihadists form Ahrar-ul-Hind, vow to continue attacks.]

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Mob of teens film themselves attacking and robbing disabled vet while shouting 'Knock that white boy out!'

Mail Online
  • Matthew Robinson beaten and robbed by up to eight teenagers last Friday
  • The Army veteran was on a bus in Cleveland when he was mobbed
  • He said no-one tried to help
  • Police arrested three teens as they fled the scene, including a 16-year-old girl who filmed the attack
Three teenagers accused of beating and robbing a disabled Army veteran on an Ohio bus while shouting racial slurs have been arrested. 
Police apprehended Kenneth Matthews, Ronald Reid Williams and an unnamed 16-year-old girl who allegedly filmed last Friday's daytime attack on her cellphone, as they tried to flee. 
The trio were among up to eight teenagers who allegedly mobbed Matthew Robinson on the RTA Healthline in Cleveland.
When the college student got off the bus near 6th Street and Euclid Avenue, the group allegedly followed him before stealing his belongings while yelling, 'Knock that white boy out!' Bystanders in the Public Square refused to help him. 
Scroll down for video
Furious: Disabled vet Matthew Robinson has spoken for the first time about being attacked by a violent mob of teens while he rode the bus in Cleveland last Friday
Furious: Disabled vet Matthew Robinson has spoken for the first time about being attacked by a violent mob of teens while he rode the bus in Cleveland last Friday
Scene: Following reports of the attack, Cleveland Police rushed to the scene and spoke to victim Matthew Robinson (far left) before arresting three suspects who tried to flee
Scene: Following reports of the attack, Cleveland Police rushed to the scene and spoke to victim Matthew Robinson (far left) before arresting three suspects who tried to flee
'What they were saying was, ‘Knock that boy out!’ ‘White boy.’ ‘Cracker'. They were saying, ‘Knock that white boy out',' a visibly shaken Matthews told 19 Action News. 
'The whole time I'm just thinking, pretty much protect myself and don't let anybody in behind you. No-one stepped in to help, so I thought it was a shame.
'No-one should have to deal with that kind of racism or ridicule. 
'I think there should be jail time for assaults. Who's to say that your mother or sister couldn't be on the bus, and the same thing could happen to them.


Isn't a shame that we have to read about this from a UK paper and not hear about how these black SOB's pounded on this disabled veteran. The liberal media won't cover any black on white attacks. Wouldn't want to offend the poor black community. 

Time to Lock and Load

Going Muslim Hunting

Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism

Feb 10, 2014
Documents from an Ohio National Guard (ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.
The Ohio National Guard’s Civil Support Team practices in a May 2013 drill at Put-in-Bay
The ONG 52nd Civil Support Team training scenario involved a plot from local school district employees to use biological weapons in order to advance their beliefs about “protecting Gun Rights and Second Amendment rights.”
Portsmouth Fire Chief Bill Raison told NBC 3 WSAZ-TV in Huntington, West Virginia that the drill accurately represented “the reality of the world we live in,” adding that such training “helps us all be prepared.”
Internal ONG documents provided to Media Trackers after repeated delays provide further context to what WSAZ-TV reported last winter.
In the disaster-preparedness scenario, two Portsmouth Junior High School employees poisoned school lunches with mustard gas, acting on orders from white-nationalist leader William Pierce.
The ONG team discovered biological weapons being produced in the school, requiring activation of containment and decontamination procedures.
Participants in the disaster drill located documents expressing the school employees’ “anti-government” sentiments, as well as a note identifying Pierce as the fictional right-wing terrorists’ leader.
ONG’s 52nd Civil Support Unit participated in a similar drill involving left-wing terrorists with Athens County first responders last year; public officials apologized for that training the next day in response to complaints from local environmentalist groups.
No apology to Ohioans who support limited government and the Second Amendment appears to be forthcoming.
Scioto County Emergency Management Agency director Kim Carver refused to comment, telling Media Trackers she was “not going to get into an Ohio Army National Guard issue that you have with them.”
Ohio National Guard Communications Director James Sims II suggested Media Trackers was “inferring” from the ONG document’s contents as opposed to “what’s actually in the report.”
After excerpts of the report were read to him, Sims said it was “not relevant” to understand why conservatives may feel unduly targeted by ONG’s training scenario.
“Okay, I’m gonna stop ya there. I’m going to quit this conversation,” Sims concluded. “You have a good day.”
Buckeye Firearms Association spokesman Chad Baus told Media Trackers that “it is a scary day indeed when law enforcement are being trained that Second Amendment advocates are the enemy,”
“The revelation of this information is appalling to me, and to all citizens of Ohio who are true conservatives and patriots, who don’t have guns for any other reason than that the Second Amendment gives them that right,” Portage County TEA Party Executive Director Tom Zawistowski said in a separate Media Trackers interview.
Media Trackers reached out to Portsmouth-area state legislators Representative Terry Johnson and Senator Joe Uecker for comment about the drill, which took place within their respective districts. Neither replied to phone calls or emails in time for publication.
ONG’s January 2013 training exercise is one of many instances where government officials have identified those with limited-government or pro-Second Amendment opinions as potential terror threats.
In 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned law enforcement agencies that a predicted rise in“right-wing extremism” would be fueled by “proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans” and “the election of the first African American president.”
Throughout modern history, groups and individuals associated with left-wing causes have proven far more likely to commit acts of domestic terror.
Last year, leftist groups Earth First and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for the sabotage and property destruction of businesses in Washington and Van Wert counties.
[Editor's note, 02/12/2014: Corrected Portsmouth Fire Chief Bill Raison's name and title in the third paragraph, both of which were incorrect in the WSAZ-TV story cited here.]

Malloy Offers Limited Amnesty To CT Gun Owners

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is looking for a way around the uncomfortable fact that Connecticut gun owners have, to a large extent, lifted a collective middle finger at the state’s post-Newtown firearms registration scheme. Desperately looking for a way to paper over the fact that tens of thousands of gun-owning Nutmeggers let the December 31 deadline pass without so much as a thought of compliance, the Malloy administration has concocted a new strategy for at least processing the late registration documents they received. As reports, the governor’s minions are adopting an Obama-like approach to the law: “Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration has concluded it can process without additional legislation some of the late-arriving firearm registration paperwork mailed in by gun owners attempting to comply with a new law” . . .
Legislation? We don’t need no steeenkin’ legislation.
Luke Bronin, the governor’s general counsel, said the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has the authority to accept applications it has reason to believe were submitted before the deadline.
“For example, if an application to register a weapon was signed and notarized on or before January 1, 2014, or an application to register a high capacity magazine was signed and accompanied by an affidavit that was dated on or before such date, the department may treat such applications as timely submissions,” Bronin wrote in aletter to the DESPP commissioner.
“Similarly, if the department has reason to believe that an application was deposited in a mailbox or at a post office on Dec. 31, 2013, but the post office closed early or did not collect the deposited mail that day, then that application may be deemed a timely submission,” he wrote.
Because they say so. Soon they’ll be “deeming” paperwork mailed in months with a ‘R’ in them timely.
The Malloy administration had been using the day the forms were postmarked as the threshold for processing the paperwork. Last month the governor said state police retained the late paperwork but he insisted the legislature would need to pass a bill in order for them to process the forms. 
So before, legislation was a must. Now, not so much. Expediency uber alles.
So how many additional registrations will this newly flexible legal stance encompass? Not nearly enough.
Under the decision, the department will accept certification forms for 160 rifles and 398 magazines which were notarized by Jan. 1 and postmarked by Jan. 4. The state received about 226 assault weapon applications and 506 high-capacity magazine declarations received by the state were postmarked shortly after the deadline.
That’s maybe a thousand people who are no longer scofflaws. But by earlier estimates, there are at least 20,000 – and maybe as many as 100,000 – non-compliant gun owners. Will Malloy’s men attempt to cajole the state’s legions of newly-minted felons into registering through further feats of unilateral executive action and non-legislative legerdemain? Given that they no doubt will invent any excuse to avoid going door-to-door to collect unregistered guns, you can probably count on it.
Gun owners of Conneticut and America, continue to stick you middle finger up to the socialists that are hell bent on destroying your second amendment rights.  Tell Mallory, Bloomberg, Obama, Holder and others of their ilk, we are still Americans who believe in our constitution.  We won't surrender to the gun grabbers. History shows that when citizens are disarmed, they lose all control or their country. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot just a few examples of what an unarmed people face. Don't let these Liars tell you that, "If you like your guns you can keep them".