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Amazing video: “Conservatism is calling”

If this doesn't wake you up to who you should vote for, then your probably brain dead.

Facts say it all. Do we really want four more years of this loser?


October 31, 2012
As John notes in the adjacent post, a group of former special operators have set up a Facebook page called SOS: Special Operations Speaks. SOS posted the graphic below on their Facebook page:

Facebook took the graphic down twice on the ground that it violated their terms of service, but it is now back up on the SOS site. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple casts a gimlet eye on Facebook’s actions as well as on its failure to give an honest account of its actions. Wemple also purports to to subject the graphic to a fact check — although he does a good impersonation of the fact-checking breed here, did he really have to? — and here he is way over his head. But he brooks none of Facebook’s bs and recognizes there’s a story here.
Wemple even gives the last word to SOS booster and retired SEAL Larry Bailey: “It looks like Obama’s liberal followers in Facebook HQ are terrified of how damaging the Benghazi scandal is for the President. We understand that Facebook can run their site however they’d like, but when they’re trying to quietly squelch opposition to what is a clear leadership failure that resulted in the tragic deaths of some of our nation’s heroes, they deserve the to be called out on it.” Amen.

White House emails ordered team to stand down?

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2012 Election Special - Sekulow Ep. 265


Obama Seniors Ad by Michael Moore

Get ready for a shocker

Now this one needs to be on National TV. lol

13 yr old Jennie's Obama -Romney Report Card

Yes, Sandy, Broken Windows Do Hamper Economic Growth


Al-Qaeda's Strategy of a "Thousand Cuts"

by Soeren Kern
October 30, 2012 at 5:00 am

"Fire Is One of the Soldiers of Allah."
Spanish police have arrested six members of an al-Qaeda cell in Barcelona that was dedicated to providing a related terrorist cell in Germany with large numbers of stolen passports.
The Spanish Interior Ministry said the police action, dubbed Operation Comet, was carried out on October 13 in Barcelona and the nearby town of Vilanova del Camí, and entailed police raids on at least four homes of Muslim immigrants involved in the network. Police found large numbers of stolen passports and identity papers issued in many different countries.

Those arrested were from Algeria, Belgium and Morocco, and all were carrying stolen passports that included their own photos attached to the personal data of dozens of individuals from several different countries.
One of those arrested was intercepted at the main airport in Barcelona as he was about to board a flight to Greece; he had more than 100 stolen passports in his possession.

Some of Barcelona's tourist areas, especially those in the downtown areas, are known for having gangs of North Africanpickpockets who prey on foreigners. On any given day, tourists can be seen standing in lines in front of local police stations waiting to file police reports about stolen passports and other personal possessions. Spanish police believe many of the passports stolen in Spain end up in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives in Europe, among other places.

Operation Comet was launched after German anti-terrorism officials alerted the Spanish Interior Ministry to links between the two terrorist cells. In April 2011, for example, German police arrested three members of an al-Qaeda cell in the cities of Düsseldorf and Bochum on suspicion of planning a shrapnel-laden bomb attack in a crowded location.
A month later, police in Berlin arrested a 22-year-old Austrian al-Qaeda operative, Maksud Lodin, who was hiding a digital storage device in his underpants. The German newspaper Die Zeit recently reported that German cryptologists discovered 141 al-Qaeda documents embedded inside a pornographic movie on the memory device. The documents provided detailed information about the terror group's most ambitious future plots in Europe, including a plan to hijack cruise ships in the Mediterranean and to execute the passengers.
German investigators also discovered that al-Qaeda members in Germany had been in regular contact with various individuals in Spain who provided them with stolen identity papers to facilitate their activities and movements within Europe.

According to Spanish police, the members of the Spanish cell purchased the stolen passports from pickpocketing gangs in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The documents would then be sent to other countries in Europe and Asia by mail or by human couriers. The cell in Barcelona would often receive specific requests for stolen passports from certain countries in particular, or with detailed biometric data, such as eye or hair color.
The money obtained for providing the stolen documents was wired through money transfer companies of the Western Union type, using third persons who were offered cash in exchange for the use of their name as senders and receivers of the funds.

The arrests come just days after the head of Russian intelligence blamed al-Qaeda for a series of forest fires in Spain and other European countries in recent months. Alexander Bortnikov, the chief of Russia Federal Security Service (FSB), said the fires were set by arsonists as part of al-Qaeda's low-cost attack strategy.
"One should note that setting fires to forests in the countries of the European Union is a new tendency in al-Qaeda's strategy of a 'thousand cuts'," Bortnikov said at a meeting of heads of security agencies in Moscow, according to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. "This method allows al-Qaeda to inflict significant economic and moral damage without serious preliminary preparations, technical equipment or significant expenses."
Although Bortnikov provided no concrete proof, he did point to calls to launch a "forest jihad" by various Islamic extremist websites which he said also publish detailed instructions about how and where to carry out arson attacks.

The summer 2012 issue of Inspire, the online propaganda magazine run by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, devoted 11 pages to starting forest fires in NATO countries, including instructions. "Fire is one of the soldiers of Allah," it said. "Imagine that, after all the damage is caused, if a jihad organization were to take responsibility for the forest fires. You can imagine the dread it would cause people in the United States, Europe, Russia and Australia."
Deadly forest fires have swept through thousands of hectares of forest land in Spain and Portugal over the past few months, killing scores of people and forcing thousands to evacuate. More than 198,000 hectares of land in Spain alone were destroyed by fires between January 1 and September 30, according to the Agriculture Ministry, the highest amount in a decade.

In August, Spanish police arrested three suspected al-Qaeda terrorists who were allegedly plotting an airborne attack on a shopping mall near Gibraltar, the British overseas territory on the southernmost tip of Spain.
Spanish counter-terrorism officials say an attack near Gibraltar, home to 30,000 British citizens, was likely intended to coincide with the London Olympic Games, and would have been a more feasible alternative to attempting an act of terrorism in the heart of London.
In addition to Gibraltar, the suspects were also plotting to attack the joint US-Spanish naval base at Rota, strategically located near the Strait of Gibraltar.

The recent arrests in Spain contradict claims of some within the Obama Administration that al-Qaeda and its offshoots are dead and no longer pose a threat to Europe and the United States. In July 2012, the US State Department claimed that al-Qaeda "is on a path of decline that will be difficult to reverse" and even declared that the "war on terror is over." Advisors to President Obama have also boasted of "the end of al-Qaeda in any meaningful sense of the word." 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sweden to get 50,000 asylum seekers in 2013

The Local
29 October, 2012
Over 50,000 asylum seekers are expected to come to Sweden next year, according to the latest prognosis from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket), pushing the country’s capacity past its limits. 
Sweden’s capacity for asylum seekers will be stretched with the predicted influx of 54,000 asylum seekers, a figure that hasn’t been so high since the Balkan war in the beginning of the 1990s, which brought 84,000 people.

“This is a very strained situation,” said Migration Minister Tobias Billström to the TT news agency.

Since September this year, 1,250 asylum seekers have arrived in Sweden each week, far more than the Migration Board’s capacity of between 500 and 700.

This means that some asylum seekers are forced to wait while the agency concentrates on prioritizing the cases most likely to be approved, such as single children, refugees from Syria, and families with children.

“The main focus is to find time to take in and register applicants and above all find lodging that meets the need for those coming,” Billström said.

The situation in Syria has resulted in an extremely fast growing number of Syrian refugees arriving in Sweden in a short time. 

In the prognosis published in July, the Syrians were the third most populous asylum group. In just two months, it had become the biggest. In September alone, 1,326 Syrian asylum seekers came to Sweden.

And guess what Religion they bring with them? Can you say Islam and Sharia law.

Meanwhile, the Migration Board director general Anders Danielsson explained that the influx of asylum seekers means a focus on the housing issue in Sweden.

“That’s the next question. Our mission is to take in people, evaluate their right to asylum, and if they are approved, the next step is the so-called 'establishing'. At that point, the case is more or less handed over from the Migration Board to the employment agency and the municipalities,” he told TT.

Swedish tax payers should be happy. And once these savages take hold of a community it turns into a Muslilm hell hole.   Oh well, we have the same problems here in America with Muslim Obama bringing Thousands of Somalis that of course helping to increase the number of folks on welfare. Isn't socialism wonderful.

New Film Exposes Muslim Brotherhood “Deception” in U.S.

Creeping Sharia
The Investigative Project on Terrorism has released a new film exposing the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the United States and how its front groups and sympathizers intimidate the major media and Hollywood.
The Muslim Brotherhood, now in charge of the Egyptian government and making major advances throughout the Middle East, was established in 1928 and is considered by experts to be the parent organization of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Hamas.
Coming just days before the November 6 presidential election, the film, titled “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception,” highlights a problem of subversion in the U.S. that both major political party candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, have not been asked by the media to address.
Romney was actually asked to address Michelle Bachmann’s concerns of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and he stated it was not part of his campaign.
Investigative Project on Terrorism executive director Steven Emerson, himself the target of death threats because of his work over the course of decades exposing Islamic extremist networks, spoke at a panel discussion in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, October 25th, that was attended by Accuracy in Media. We also reviewed an advance copy of the film.
Several years in the making, the film describes how Muslim Brotherhood fronts, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), have pursued a strategy described in secret documents as the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” of destroying Western civilization from within and making America into an Islamic state.
The film includes FBI wiretaps of Islamists in the U.S. disguising their support of terrorist groups like Hamas and declaring, “Politics, like war, is deception.”
In addition to secret wiretaps and videos of Muslim Brotherhood activities, the film includes newly declassified documents and interviews with law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and journalists.
Although the film suggests the Muslim Brotherhood front groups are operating as illegal agents of a foreign power, there is more at stake than just subversion. The film contends that the Muslim Brotherhood is directly involved in radicalizing American Muslims who then carry out terrorist missions.

CDA collected about 45000 entrails/offals & disposed off safely

Pakistan Today
October 29, 2012
ISLAMABAD - Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA), Syed Tahir Shahbaz has lauded the untiring efforts of that the Sanitation Staff who put extra ordinary efforts to keep the city clean, odourless and have removed about 45,000 offals of the sacrificial animals in the federal capital. 

Why not just stop this sick practice. Hey its that time of the year. Lets get a cow and cut its throat. I just love the site of blood. 
These efforts deserve appreciation. He expressed these views while talking to Media during monitoring the operation carried out by the Authority for collection and safe disposal of entrails, offals and carcasses of sacrificial animals in Islamabad during the Eid-ul-Azha.

Nice going guys, we don't want dead carcasas of Cows and sheep laying around the streets. 

Member Administration CDA Munir Ahmed Chudhary, Member Planning Syed Mustafian Kazmi, also supervised the three days operation and remained in different area of Capital city to monitor the and removal of offals. 

If Pakistan and other Muslim countries put more of the money into more constructive works instead of being tied up cleaning dead cows and other animals entrals from the street, who knows how much better all of these dumb savages might be. 

Chairman CDA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz further informed that the Sanitary Staff who performed their duties on Eid-ul-Adha for collection and disposal of offals were provided with special gloves and uniforms. He said that such protective and hygiene measures would be given a permanent feature to all the workers of CDA detailed on specialized duties particularly those belongs to Sanitation, Enforcement and Environment. He said that Islamabad has emerged as a model clean city for other municipalities of the country as no offals / entrails were seen rotting in any area of the Federal Capital.

The entire Sanitation Staff remained on toes round the clock in three shifts during Eid days and their leaves were cancelled. The city was divided into six zones for effective implementation of the action plan. Zone one included Sectors F-5, F-6, G-5, G-6, Blue Area and Bari Imam. Zone two area consist of sectors E-7, F-8, F-7, G-7, G-8, Faisal Mosque and F-10, F-11, G-13 and Golra Sharif were included in Zone-3. 
Sectors G-9, G-10 and G-11 were in Zone-4. H-8, H-9, H-10, H-11, I-8, I-9, I-10 and I-11 were in Zone-5 and the zone six included the areas of Model Town, Highway, Model village, Shahzad Town, Rawal Town, Margalla Town and Humak.
About 29 deep ditches dug at accessible locations in entire Islamabad for proper disposal of offals. 

Chairman CDA appreciated the cooperation extended by the citizens for keeping the city clean in tidy condition during three days of Eid ul Azha.

Israel hit by 18 rockets as Hamas seeks revenge

Pakistan Today
October 29, 2012
JERUSALEM - Gaza militants on Monday fired 18 rockets at southern Israel, ending several days of calm, with the armed wing of the ruling Hamas movement saying it was revenge after an air raid killed one of their men. 

It was the second straight day in which militants had fired rockets at Israel in a confrontation which began early on Sunday, and effectively ended three days of calm after an Egyptian-brokered truce went into force at midnight on Wednesday.

"At least 18 rockets were fired at Israeli territory, without causing injuries or damage," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP, saying the count was from midnight. 
Monday's barrage of rocket fire followed hot on the heels of two late-night Israeli air strikes which did not cause any injuries, Palestinian security sources said. Although the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades did not say how many rockets it had fired, it named at least five areas in southern Israel where it had targeted "military sites" -- Sufa, Kissufim, Beeri, Yad Mordechai and Nahal Oz.

And it posted a grainy video on their website which appeared to show militants launching nine rockets in the early morning. "This shelling was in response to the continuous Zionist bombing and terrorising of peaceful citizens, which most recently killed Suleiman Kamel al-Qara, as well as in response to the repeated incursions and attacks carried out by the occupation," the group said referring to one of its own militants.

The firing was the latest show of force from Hamas militants who have traditionally respected a de facto truce on firing at Israel, but who have in recent weeks, claimed several rocket attacks. 
The latest round of tit-for-tat violence began early on Sunday when Israeli troops crossed the border into southern Gaza, prompting Hamas militants to begin firing mortars at them, Palestinian security sources and witnesses said.

Israel then carried out an air strike which killed Qara and injured another Hamas militant.
Throughout the day, militant groups then fired seven rockets at Israel, two of which struck the southern city of Beersheva, which is home to 194,000 people, causing schools to be cancelled for the day. Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for firing at Beersheva. Late on Sunday, Israel hit back with two strikes on northern and southern Gaza, causing damage but no injuries.

"In response to the incessant rocket fire at southern Israel, IAF aircraft targeted a rocket launching site and a terror activity site in the northern Gaza Strip as well as a terror activity site in the southern Gaza Strip," the army said.
Palestinian witnesses and security sources confirmed the raids, saying one house was destroyed but no-one was injured. Army statistics say armed groups have fired more than 160 rockets at Israel since the start of October.

The Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, which went into force at midnight on Wednesday, was aimed at ending 72 hours of bloodshed in which Israeli air strikes killed eight militants, and armed groups fired more than 100 rockets at Israel, severely wounding two Thai workers. That round of violence, which began on October 22, also began when militants opened fire on troops who had crossed the border into northern Gaza, prompting several deadly air strikes. 

EUROPE vs ISLAM : Decide NOW before it is too late!

Time to decide what country you want to live in? If you want Cows and Sheep being slaughtered in the streets for a sadistic holiday, then keep bringing in more savages.

This is barbaric. Muslims love the sight of blood.

The Benghazi Sharia Factor

by Nonie Darwish
October 29, 2012 at 5:00 am

According to Sharia law, it is a capital crime for a Muslim to shoot another Muslim to protect a non-Muslim. To jihadists, Obama is just another disbeliever American President who should not be trusted. Not only did the Obama administration never receive even a promise of peace from the Muslim world; the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the three other heroic Americans never even occasioned an apology from any Muslim leader or cleric

Americans need answers as to why the Obama administration had no response to the eight-hour terror attack on the US consulate in Benghazi and who was involved in the decision not to go to their aid despite their repeated requests for help. And why is the producer of the "Innocence of Muslims" video still in a California jail cell, allegedly for violating his parole, while none of the people who refused to rescue Ambassador Christopher Stevens and these immensely courageous former Navy SEALS has been even been named and charged with negligent homicide, or even reckless endangerment?

From the Muslim world's viewpoint, the Obama administration's behavior makes perfect sense: The Muslim world is used to, and expects, victims of terror not to act. It is an unforgivable violation of Sharia law for non-Muslims to fight back against jihadi assaults. As Muslims interpret such passivity, those who want to appease the Muslim world and its Sharia law are expected to freeze when faced with Islamic terror -- freezing is the only acceptable response.

Ask Coptic Christians why they often leave Islamic terror unpunished, and why their Muslim attackers never go to jail? Why, if a non-Muslim responds to terror, he becomes an enemy of the Islamic State? Ask Israel why defending itself after terror attacks is never understood by the Muslim world? Muslims consider Jews as subhuman apes, pigs, and enemies of Allah, who do not have the right to defend themselves. Ask Middle Eastern non-Muslims why, even though the the Muslim media constantly slanders them, they must stay silent before the slander? Sharia law permits Muslims to slander and lie about their enemies. Ask victims of Islamic terror why they rarely, if ever, responded to it? Or why Christians in Egypt never burn mosques when Muslim attackers burn churches?

The answer to all of the above is simple: Under Sharia law, non-Muslims as well as non-Muslim countries, must neverdare to respond to jihad [war in the name of Islam] in kind -- not even to terrorism. If they do -- if even one Muslim is killed in the process -- they become permanent enemies of the Islamic State, worthy of more and more slander, terror and jihad.
To understand the current administration's stance on Libya, it might help first to understand what seem to be Obama's views on "The Muslim World." U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration have for years been insisting that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. The President apparently chooses not to see, hear or say anything uncomplimentary about Islamic Sharia and jihad. Members of the current administration even insisted that attacks, such as that of Maj. Nidal Hasan, who had "SOA" [Soldier of Allah"] on his business cards and who shouted "Allahu Akbar!" ["Allah is Greater!"], were "man-caused disasters or "workplace violence," not Islamic terrorism. They instead blamed Islamic anger on previous American foreign policies, Israel, or even a YouTube video – a charge later discredited.

To members of the current administration, jihad seems to have nothing to do with terror; they dismiss statements by Muslims and the prophet Mohammed, such as: ""Paradise lies under the shade of swords" Sahih Bukhari V4B5N73.Instead, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised to punish the producer of the video -- in violation of the American right of free speech.
Obama, perhaps from his experience among Muslims during his childhood in Indonesia, seems to have believed that during his administration he could usher in a new era of peace with Islam. But as he appears to have narrowed the problem of Islamism down to only Al Qaeda and possibly the Salafists, he thought he could embrace as moderate other Islamic groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood -- a tortured revision which has to entail dismissing the long history of terror of the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to Hamas, Al Qaeda and hundreds of other terror groups. In 2004, Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi, for example, made it a religious obligation [fatwa] to abduct and kill US citizens in Iraq; and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who masterminded the 9/11attacks, was raised in the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood. The current leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Badi', has said, "Palestine will not be liberated by hopes and prayers, but rather by jihad and sacrifice." Not to mention that the Brotherhood's endlessly repeated motto closes with, "Jihad is our way. And dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." In Obama's world, however, nothing is ever the fault of Islam.

If, however, placing American marines in US consulates in dangerous, terrorist-infested Islamic countries were going to spark a bloody confrontation between American security and Islamists, this uncooperative behavior would discredit Obama's theory of Islam having nothing to do with terrorism, and contradict the State Department's report of July 2012, which stated that, "Al Qaeda is on the run," and reversals looked impossible.

If there were going to be confrontations with militant Muslim jihadists in Islamic countries, his whole fantasy of having brought in a new era of American/Islamic relations would fall apart and he would not be any different from his predecessors.
What seems not to have been taken into account in subcontracting security to local Libyans, Muslims, is that, according to Sharia law, it is a capital crime for a Muslim to shoot another Muslim to protect a non-Muslim. Anyone who did this would instantly be considered a violator of Sharia law, and an instant apostate marked for death. When the US State Department in Benghazi subcontracted consulate security to Libyan Muslims, there was of course precisely such a probability. The plan was therefore useless from the start: Muslim guards would be required to follow Sharia law to run away and leave the Americans to be killed rather than violate Sharia law and kill other Muslims to save these "unbelievers."

The name of the group which took credit for the Benghazi terror, "Ansar Al Sharia," means in Arabic, "Upholders of Sharia." To them, one is either an enemy of Islam, or unresponsive to Islamic terror. Many cultures around the world possibly even consider their subservience and oppression as being peacemakers with the Muslim world, the "Religion of Peace" – meaning there will be peace over the world after everyone has converted to Islam.

Obama, since his inauguration, seems to have chosen to be this kind of a peacemaker and friend of Sharia, a trap that Muslims always count on: a fantasy that goes something like, I will make the Muslims love and accept me by respecting and accepting their Sharia law, because anything less might make me seem to them a hostile, anti-Islamic enemy, worthy of slander, attacks and more terror. It is possible that Obama did not want to aggravate a war on terror, which he refused to acknowledge existed, by concluding it in Pakistan and Afghanistan by withdrawing troops, and therefore being reluctant to send any military aid to Libya, which he thought he had just liberated. After all, he was probably counting on the end of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Qaddafi to secure his legacy as the peacemaker with the Muslim world.

Obama was willing to pay a heavy price in the hope of receiving acceptance from Islamists who never have, and possibly never will, accord acceptance to any non-Muslim. The President may have thought that the best solution to win his upcoming election and appease a war-weary electorate was not to respond to Islamic terror, and cover up his failure to protect American lives by blaming his inaction as a justified response to a mob reaction to some video. Of course, such an evasion only invites an even larger attack later, which will cost even more in lives and treasure. The President may well have been hoping that at least this new assault would take place after he was safely re-elected.

Obama's calculations were wrong. We do not yet know what the American electorate will do, but as for the Muslims whom he is desperately trying to appease, evidently it did not even occur to them to put their 9/11 jihad on hold until after 11/6. To jihadists, Obama, whether appeasing them or not, is just another American unbeliever president who should not be trusted. With the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Islamists and jihadists made it clear that they could not care less about Obama, his appeasement, his apology and even his apparent affection for Islam.

Not only did Obama and his administration never receive even a promise of peace from the Muslim world; the murder of the American ambassador and three other heroic Americans never even received an apology from any Muslim leader or cleric.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Patriot Update
October 28, 2012

I have never entertained the idea that Obama was a Muslim and always believed he was a socialist. But Obama’s behavior over the last four years regarding Islam has convinced me that Obama has a Socialist/Islamic centered worldview — a combination that is not uncommon in many parts of the Muslim world.
Having been a journalist in Egypt for six years in the seventies, I have witnessed socialism with an Islamic twist to be a popular political ideology, especially amongst Arab journalists and intellectuals. Socialism, and even communism, have managed to survive in the ruthless Islamic political system as an alternative to full-fledged Sharia. The two ideologies have blended together in cases including the Baath Party in Syria and Iraq and socialist regimes in Egypt and Yemen. One major difference between the two ideologies is that Islam uses Allah, while socialism uses atheism, to fight the God of Christianity. Free democracies, such as the United States, are alien to Islam and socialism both because they regard government as a servant of the people and hold that human rights are granted by God and not by government or the code of Sharia.
Both Sharia and socialism are united in their envy of Western society and need to change it. That is why Obama has become the savior of both Islam and socialism. He embodies both ideologies. The claim that Obama is a Christian was a silly joke, but a necessary lie for the greater cause of changing America to fit the goals of both creeds.
Obama became the One, the savior of both Islam and socialists. To do that, Obama had to deny who he really was, which explains why his actions and words have never added up. At the recent Alfred E. Smith Catholic Charity dinner speech, Obama did not seem to be just kidding when he said that Romney uses his middle name Mitt and “I wish I could use my middle name.” Obama was referring, of course, to his Islamic middle name of Hussein. In Obama’s mind, he was not ashamed for having deceived America — he blamed America for putting him in the position of having to deny his true pride in his middle name.
Read more:

You Watched Them Die, Mr. President

You can see the smirk on his face when Obama lies. Obama is lying now about the Libya attack.

Non-English Speaking Somalis Now Voting for Democrats

And you wonder why we want Voter ID. Since when are Somali Immigrants who can't even speak english allowed to vote? Why are they being instructed by the Democrats on where to make their mark? If this isn't voter discrimination or voter fraud then I don't know what is.

EDL stage a 'Free Tommy Robinson' Protest near Parliament in London (27-10-2012)

Wonder how many of these patriots practicing their right to speak freely will end up being arrested by the UK gestapo?

Makes you wonder why a member of the EDL who stand for freedom and liberty for those in the UK. Freedom from sharia law is denied access to the USA while those who want to destroy our freedom, Im speaking now of the Muslim Brotherhood and many of its members who are on a terrorist list yet allowed access to our White House. Don't you wonder why this is taking place today?


WND Faith

A bold, new film defies all political correctness this election season by declaring America’s biggest battle come November won’t be electoral, but spiritual.
For the maker of “300 Million Slaves,” however, there’s no separating the church’s battles from the state’s.
“Our personal freedoms, our economic freedoms, our political freedoms and our religious freedoms – they’re all interconnected,” declares Kirk Elliott, Ph.D., an economist and analyst who wrote and produced the film. “If we lose one of them, we lose all of them.
“When everything is falling apart at the exact same time, it tells me one thing,” says Elliott, “that these are physical manifestations of a spiritual battle being waged. … And when we know what kind of battle it is, we know how to fight it.”
Elliot told WND that this election season, the Christian church can no longer afford to sit silently on the sidelines while agendas in Washington erode the fabric of freedoms Americans enjoy.
“Only about 60 percent of evangelicals are registered to vote, and not all of them actually do vote. So, it’s imperative that the church body as a whole wake up, become active, make their voices heard and vote their values,” Elliot said. “If not, we get what we ask for. Protestants and Catholics are a huge voting block, and if we were as active as some of the more vocal groups, we could make a difference and change our culture.”
That’s where “300 Million Slaves”comes in.
“The goal is to equip and empower the viewer to engage in their community and make a difference in the lives of those around us,” Elliott told WND. “We can do this by speaking the truth in love.
“How would Jesus have acted in the political arena?” he asked. “He would have held politicians’ feet to the fire; He would have held them accountable. He would have encouraged them to do the right thing. That’s what we must do if we expect to have a nation left for future generations. This DVD lays out steps of what we can do as a church to engage our community and change our culture. We were created to be world changers, but to be a world changer we cannot remain silent.”
A trailer for the film can be seen below:

Citing America’s economic woes, a crushing national debt and a culture increasingly bankrupt of biblical morality and politically divided, Elliott warns solutions won’t be found in Republican vs. Democrat, but in light vs. dark.
“We’ve got the politicians we have in this country because the church is asleep at the wheel; and this is exactly how the government wants it,” Elliott explains. “If the church is silent – and not speaking the truth in love – then the only people speaking are the liars. We need to change that.”
“300 Million Slaves” is the clarion call of a movement to mobilize the church, both before and after the election, to break free from the shackles of fear and become a transformative voice in the American culture.
In fact, Elliott proposes Christians don’t stop at merely watching the film or visiting its website, but begin a five-step plan for making an impact, starting with joining a community dubbed Today’s America:
  1. Join the Today’s America community. Sign up for the free newsletter and regularly become a part of the discussions on the community website. Then you will realize you are not alone in this battle, but part of an emerging movement of courageous, bold and politically active believers who not only speak the truth, but speak the truth in love with a heartfelt passion to be world changers.
  2. Vote, and vote your conscience. It is important that we, as believers, vote our values. John Quincy Adams once said, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”
  3. Help a political candidate who shares your biblical values. Your help needs to come through prayer support, with your time, talents and money. If we are going to win this battle it needs to be a team effort, and we have to put some skin in the game.
  4. Run for political office. This isn’t for everyone, but if God calls you to do it, then run and don’t look back. We serve a God who equips those He calls, not necessarily who calls those who seem equipped.
  5. Pray and fast. The Bible clearly instructs us to pray for those in authority over us. We must pray for those we like and dislike. Pray that the Lord would completely overpower them, consume them and work in them and through them.
“These are just the first steps,” Elliott claims. “As time goes on, the Today’s America community will provide news, commentary and regular videos from some of the country’s most well known, socially conservative, Christian thinkers in the areas of politics, family and marriage issues, economics, life issues, culture, worldview, education, religious freedom, foreign relations and more. Our journey together is about to begin.”
Finally, Elliott warns, alluding to the title of the film, no person can escape the tyranny that follows when freedoms are lost: “This is a battle for our souls; it really is. Left to our own devices, we will be slaves.”

Healthcare Despair: UK losing faith in NHS amid system crisis

Here's what Obamacare will look like in a few years if its allowed to move on under the Obama regime.

Better consider voting for Romney if you don't want your healthcare to look like this.

BOOM! Senator Portman: We Need to Find Out if a Presidential Order Was Issued

Obama Lied, Americans Died. Whats more interesting is how the story from Obama keeps changing. For two weeks all we heard was it was a video that caused this attack. Earlier Obama never said he ordered military actions to save these folks. What really happened? I'm betting Obama sat on his hands just as he did when the folks in Iran were protesting and did nothing. Obama didn't want to call this a terrorist act so he froze at moment when he was supposed to be our commander in chief. Instead he wimped out. There is definitely more behind this story, that Obama doesn't want us to know. Where is the proof that Obama gave any orders to our Military to take action when the CIA keeps telling us they were told to stand down 

Another thought to consider is how Obama has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood and all those secret visits to the White House by those who were considered a threat to our security. Muslim extremist were visiting the White House over the past year. This has been proven. 
Could it be that Obama was willing to sacrafice our Embassador and his friends in order to push his agenda which calls for the weakening of our First Amendment rights. Why else would he continue for two weeks to blame a video. And each time he did, more Muslims all over the world took to the streets acting like savages demanding we change our first amendment to satisfy their demands. Obama went to the United Nations and supported the OIC's demand we make any speach against Islam a hate crime. Time is running out America. Some are already voting. Do you really trust our Commander in Chief? I dont. 
Could i

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Future Children Project's Creepy Obama Song

Our children are being brainwashed. Obama will do anything to steal this election.

Future Socialist of America. Is your child in this group?


Real News

After two weeks, Obama continued to blame it all on a video. Its very clear today how our people were hanged out to dry. Was this a botched kidnapping attempt? We may never know but one this we do know, there is a major attempt by Obama and his left wing media to keep the truth hidden until after the election.


Real News

RECOMENDED READING: “A Red Carpet For Radicals At The White House”

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Investigative Project has released a report titled “A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House” that analyzes White House visitor logs and identified numerous vista by representatives of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. The report begins:
IPT News October 21, 2012 A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials. Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations. The IPT made the discovery combing through millions of White House visitor log entries. IPT compared the visitors’ names with lists of known radical Islamists. Among the visitors were officials representing groups which have:
Been designated by the Department of Justice as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorist trials; Extolled Islamic terrorist groups including Hamas and Hizballah; Obstructed terrorist investigations by instructing their followers not to cooperate with law enforcement; Promoted the incendiary conspiratorial allegation that the United States is engaged in a ‘war against Islam’— a leading tool in recruiting Muslims to carry out acts of terror; Repeatedly claimed that many of the Islamic terrorists convicted since 9-11 were framed by the U.S government as part of an anti-Muslim profiling campaign. Individuals from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) visited the White House at least 20 times starting in 2009. In 2008, CAIR was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist money laundering case in U.S. history – the trial of the Holy Land Foundation in which five HLF officials were convicted of funneling money to Hamas.”
 Read the rest here.

Did This Administration Let Our Men Die In Benghazi

Blogs continue to cover this clusterfuck while the Obama media avoids it. If Obama can't protect our Embassies when under attack, how can we expect him to act quickly if Israel is ever attacked by Iran or even if America is under attack? We don't need a community organizer making decisions that concern our safty. Obama has shown he's clueless when it comes to Islamic Extremism. Fort hood Murders called a work place violence. Really?

Why You Should Care: Texas students tagged like cattle (E24)

Perhaps its time to tag the teachers. With so many taking days off when they should be in school teaching. End the 10 paid sick days that most teachers get. How many paid sick days do you get?

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping to Trade Blind Sheik

Anything's possible when Obama is involved. He is the commander in chief. He lied to us for two weeks following the attack. It wasn't about a video. Obama's people refused to send help when requested. Obama has American blood on his hands.

Friday, October 26, 2012

CNN Founder Turner: It’s Good that More Soldiers are Dying of Suicide than in Combat


Whats this creep been smoking. He's been a frickin Libtard from day one. He married a traitor who should have been hanged for treason. I bet Turner supports Obama. More have died in Iraq since Obama's been in office then under Bush's presidency.

Abu Islam streams anti Christian hate from US and UK servers


Another Muslim slimeball that needs to be taken out if Only Obama had the balls. Instead he lets Americans die when they requested numerous times for help.

Hillary Clinton, Political Prisoners, and Video trailers

Walid Shoebat
October 26, 2012

We now have a firsthand account that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged the Innocence of Muslims filmmaker (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) would be “arrested and prosecuted” for making the video the administration spent weeks blaming for the Benghazi attack.
That means Hillary outwardly expressed a desire to make Nakoula a political prisoner.
There is another individual in Hillary’s past who appears to be living the life of a political prisoner right this very second; his name is Peter Paul and his ordeal began in the year 2000.
Paul was the individual behind a completely different video trailer. In 2007, a trailer – approximately the same length as the Innocence of Muslims trailer – for a documentary about Hillary Clinton went viral and did verifiable damage to the woman who ultimately lost to Barack Obama in 2008. The trailer was the #1 Google video for several weeks when it was inexplicably and suddenly taken off the top 100 list altogether in early November of 2007, a sure sign that it was having a negative effect on Hillary.
Here is that video trailer:
Peter Paul is – at this moment – serving a prison sentence that is longer than the maximum sentence allowed for the crime he was found guilty of committing (explained in the video). That would make him a political prisoner as well.
Art Moore at WND wrote the following about Paul’s plea deal and how he ended up being sentenced to serve nearly four more years than the maximum sentence allows:
Paul maintains that he accepted a deal from (Eric) Holder in 2009 to credit all 96 months of his pre-sentence incarceration as time-already-served in exchange for not dropping his guilty plea, for silence on alleged government misconduct and for not challenging alleged violations of the speedy sentencing law.
The sentence deal, Paul explains, was a post-plea agreement modification of the original plea obtained by the government in 2005 after Paul had spent 43 months in jail with no bail and no trial date.
A little later in Moore’s article…
When Paul surrendered to prison in Texas, he says, the warden advised him that he would not accept the 96-month credit negotiated with the attorney general’s representative and would instead credit Paul with only 43 months, based on Bureau of Prisons policy.
Hillary’s pledge to prosecute Nakoula should in no way diminish Walid’s work on the background of Nakoula. In fact, there are two very separate – and perhaps equally important dynamics – at work. One is the true background of Nakoula, which Walid has come closer than anyone else to exposing. The other involves how the Obama administration planned to exploit Nakoula’s involvement in the video.
If Paul is a political prisoner as a result of his exposing the Clintons, why wouldn’t Nakoula be eligible for a similar fate with Hillary as Secretary of State? According to a very credible source, she’s expressed a desire to make him one.
In addition to an entire chapter of Ben Barrack’s book Unsung Davids being exclusively about Walid Shoebat, another chapter is exclusively about Peter Paul’s battle with Hillary Clinton.  

Latest Benghazi Excuse: Obama Administration Did Not Know that Libya Was Dangerous


GBR: Stand Down


American's died because Obama's CIA left them hanged out to dry.


Allred is the lowest of slimeballs. Always looking to get in the press. Now trying to smear Whitman and Romney.

Can Someone Have Sex With Gloria Allred, "Mitt Romney Scandal"


Bill to tackle Sharia Courts in England and Wales

If what took place last weekend in the UK, the arresting of dozens of EDL members, and British Freedom members is any clue to whats going on in the UK, then this bill to end sharia courts has as much chance getting past as I have in hitting the lottery.