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Islamist Vandals Wage War on Free Speech

Islamist Watch

by David J. Rusin
FrontPage Magazine
August 31, 2012

When Cyrus McGoldrick, advocacy director for the New York office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), logged into Facebook on August 12 to hint at his desire to vandalize anti-jihad ads that may soon run on city buses, he did not simply underline CAIR's troubling attitude toward freeexpression. McGoldrick's words — and the subsequent actions of others — have illuminated an overlooked aspect of the Islamist assault on Western speech: the defacement, if not obliteration, of political and commercial messages.
A destroyed AFDI ad in Greenwich, Connecticut.
"In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad," states the advertisement that infuriated McGoldrick. The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) had to win a court battle to reverse the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's previous decision to reject it, but reluctant bureaucrats, who continue to delay, are not the only obstacle to disseminating these and similar views. After claiming that "the ads are great" because they expose their allegedly "racist, supremacist, hateful" backers, McGoldrick's post ends with this provocative thought: "I almost DON'T want to protest/vandalize them. But then again …" — remarks followed by a mischievous emoticon. Coincidence or not, multiple copies of a separate AFDI "Islamorealism" ad — citing more than 19,000 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 — were later destroyed at commuter rail stations in New York and Connecticut.
Up to now, such acts of vigilante censorship on behalf of Islam have been relatively rare in the U.S., whose First Amendment traditionally has fostered a society in which controversial speech is opposed with more speech, not crudely silenced. However, America may be inching closer to other Western nations where Islamists and their fellow travelers have long made a habit of countering "offensive" words and images with vandalism — an important symptom of creeping Shari'a that is worth examining in detail.
Recent vandalism of Redegalli's burqa mural.
Assuming that they make it past the government censors, visual critiques of Islamic practices are perpetual targets, as Sergio Redegalli can attest. In September 2010, the Australian glass sculptor decorated the exterior wall of his Newtown studio with a "Say No to Burqas" mural depicting a veiled woman inside a red circle with a line through it. News stories and blog posts chronicle the waves of abuse inflicted on the artwork — two defacements by September 23, 2010, at least 20 by November 26, 2010, roughly 40 by January 19, 2011, and a total of 63 by February 13 of this year — prompting Redegalli to recreate it over and over again. Though he primarily blames leftists instead of Muslims,fresh damage to the mural's driving-while-veiled version in August 2012 bears Islamist fingerprints. "Think twice before mocking Islam!!!" cautions a note placed at the scene. "We will have our rights one way or the other" — a pledge that typically results in denying rights to everybody else, starting with the right to free speech.
Belgium provides another recent example of Islam-critical graphics being disfigured. Early this year, An-Sofie Dewinter, the daughter of anti-Islam politician Filip Dewinter, appeared in an ad campaignsporting a face veil and bikini, with "Freedom or Islam?" stamped across her chest and "You choose!" over her crotch. Radical Fouad Belkacem, a.k.a. Abu Imran, replied with a video documenting how one of the posters had been vandalized by painting a cloak-like garment atop her bare skin and writing "Welcome 2 Belgistan." The burqa debate always brings out the worst in Belkacem; he was arrested in June for urging Muslims to attack non-Muslims after the detention of a woman in face-concealing attire, which was restricted in 2011.
Efforts to cover females go beyond ads focusing on Islam. Disturbingly, commercial advertisements are in the crosshairs of Europe's Islamist morality police, for whom seeing too much of a woman's body pictured on a sheet of paper cannot be tolerated.
This phenomenon has been especially prevalent in the UK. A Times of London article revealed in 2005 that Muslims Against Advertising (MAAD) had launched a website with instructions on how to vandalize ads and which ones to select. "There is no longer any need to cringe as you walk past a sleazy poster," the group declared. "We'll improve it." Many answered the call, as ads pitching bras, beauty products, and even television programs were trashed. "Photographs of semi-dressed women are the most frequently targeted, with the offending body parts painted over or ripped off," the Timesobserved. In a telling example, thugs destroyed images of scantily clad women on an East London billboard promoting the series Desperate Housewives, but fully clothed characters were untouched. Responding to the controversy, leading British Islamist Ahmed Sheikh argued that "freedom of speech should end when you offend others."
A defaced bikini ad in Birmingham, England.
The UK's Islamist vandals continue to act on this logic. "Street adverts featuring women in bikinis have been defaced in apparently targeted attacks," the Evening Standard noted in June 2010. "Police said 14 bus shelters around Tower Hamlets" — a borough of London known for its heavy Islamist presence— "including many in Limehouse, were hit last month." A Bollywood movie poster with a kissing couple fared no better. In May 2011, a painted-over bikini advertisement in Birmingham was "blamed on militant Muslims who were offended by her flesh," according to the Daily Mail. "I don't think it's just kids messing around," a local man asserted, because "they've spray-painted specific areas and covered up anything that might be offensive to very religious people." Later in 2011, two young Muslims admitted to multiple counts of criminal damage after they "used black paint to draw the traditional headdress over a model in a poster for Lynx deodorant." Perpetrator Mohammed Hasnath explained that "if someone was to look at our wife or mother or daughter with a bad intention we would not like it, so we were just trying to do good." The pious Hasnath's other attempts to "do good" have involved plastering London's East End with anti-gay stickers, for which he was fined, and possessing al-Qaeda magazines, which led to a 14-month sentence.
The pattern is not limited to Britain. Radio Netherlands Worldwide reported this past April: "In Kanaleneiland, a predominantly Muslim area of Utrecht, a poster advertising the open museum weekend has been covered by a black bag. The poster shows a woman in a short pink strapless dress." The bag carried an appeal invoking Allah and lamenting "sexually tinted advertising." Also shrouded was "another poster showing a woman in a bikini in the distance walking on a beach."
In Denmark, people depicted on ads need not be skimpily attired to enrage Islamists; they merely have to be participating in democracy. "The election posters of several Muslim MP candidates were painted over with Islamist slogans in various districts and suburbs of Copenhagen," according to a news item from 2011. The not-so-subtle warnings: "Legislation belongs to Allah. Democracy is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy in hell." Politicians fingered members ofHizb ut-Tahrir, a global Islamist group that seeks the establishment of a Shari'a-run caliphate.
Islamists also have adapted to the information age, recognizing that much of the Western speech they despise now exists online. Al-Azhar University scholars, representatives of the highest religious authority in the Sunni Muslim world, even crafted a fatwa in 2008 that sanctions hacking for the purposes of jihad. Therefore, those who criticize Islam or otherwise offend its followers often find that their freedom of expression is no safer on the internet than it is on a Tower Hamlets billboard.
Arab News sympathetically profiled one such hacker, a Saudi native, in 2011. "An Alkhobar woman studying in the United States is taking credit for destroying 23 Danish websites that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad," the piece begins, relaying material originally published by an Arabic-language source. "Nouf Rashid told the Arabic newspaper she was hacking into Danish websites having references to cartoons of the Prophet along with other sites that had questionable content in her view," including pornographic ones.
A warning delivered by hackers to Lars Vilks.
Rashid joins a veritable army of Islamist hackers — most in Muslim countries, but some in the West — who target those demonstrating insufficient deference to their faith. Examples abound. Hackers commandeered the website of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo when it ran an issue with Muhammad as the "guest editor" in 2011; the electronic vandals left a message decrying the "disgraceful cartoons using excuses of freedom of speech." A year earlier, others hijacked the site of a newly opened Spanish nightclub called Mecca and posted a video predicting "a great war between Spain and the people of Islam" if it was not renamed. The sites of anti-Islam European politicians, including Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders and recent French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, have been defaced, as has the online home of Swedish Muhammad-as-a-dog artist Lars Vilks. To this day, dedicated anti-jihad websites are regularly disabled.
Islamic and nationalistic slogans on a hacked French website.
The most prominent controversies bring collective punishment, as whole populations are forced to suffer for the speech of a few. By February 8, 2006 — at the height of the uproar over the Jyllands-PostenMuhammad cartoons — more than 900 Danish websites had been hacked to convey warnings about caricatures of Islam's prophet, some incorporating threats of violence. A similar fate befell countless Dutch websites following the 2008 release of Fitna, a short film by Wilders that draws links between Islam and terrorism. Further, in 2011, an Algerian hacker still upset with France's former colonial rule of his nation took control of French Catholic websites.
As much as Western governments work to curtail speech deemed offensive to Muslims — from putting citizens on trial to bolstering the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's push to prohibit "defamation of religions" — it is never enough for Islamists, who are not shy about demanding greater and greater conformity with Shari'a, particularly its anti-blasphemy provisions. In fact, misguided efforts to placate Islamists actually fuel their fire and promote do-it-yourself censorship.
When politically correct government officials reflexively smear scrutiny of Islam as racist and bigoted, they paint a target on ads and websites that express Islam-critical views, granting a degree of legitimacy to the desire to silence their messages. Likewise, bowing to Islamists' neuroses about the female body only raises their expectations to be shielded from such images. It is no coincidence that MAAD's drive to cover photos of women commenced soon after the Advertising Standards Authority, the industry's self-regulator, frowned upon underwear ads near mosques. Give an inch and they will take a mile. Capitulation to direct threats is especially problematic. The operators of the aforementioned Mecca nightclub, it should be recalled, did change its name, thereby inspiring every Islamist who dreams of strong-arming Westerners into curbing their own words. Moreover, the sight of high-profile entities caving to pressure creates an atmosphere of intimidation that is exploited by suit-and-tie Islamists, whose soft-spoken accommodation requests provide a seemingly easy path for avoiding short-term pain — though their long-term objectives are no different than those of the vandals.
Vigilante censorship by Islamists and their allies is a growing challenge — and America is not immune. The proper response surely must begin with fortitude, not appeasement. Secure those websites that tackle the tough questions about Islamic supremacism, replace each destroyed ad with two more, and insist that governments do their job and protect free speech, the linchpin of liberty. Sergio Redegalli put it best when he explained why he keeps repairing his burqa mural: "I don't believe bullies have the right to stand over people and deny us our freedoms." Larger doses of this resolve are necessary as speech comes under increasing assault, through methods both lawful and unlawful, by Islamists aiming to leave the Western world ignorant of their designs, defenseless against their jihad, and ultimately transformed beyond recognition.
David J. Rusin is a research fellow at Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

'Insider Killings' in Afghanistan

Middle East Forum
by Mark Durie
August 24, 2012

In the past two weeks at least nine Americans have been killed by their Afghan allies in what is known to as "insider killings." Members of the Afghan army, having been trained and armed by NATO forces, are turning their weapons in increasing numbers against their foreign allies, killing at least 40 NATO troops this year so far.

These killings are demoralizing, not only for the troops, but also for the folks back home. They make people war-weary. Mrs. Marina Buckley, the mother of Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley who was killed by one of his Afghan allies just before he was due to return home, spoke for many when she said: "Our forces shouldn't be there. It should be over. It's done. No more."

These killings have been blamed on foreign spies and Taliban infiltrators, but such theories have beendiscounted by military investigators, who could only link one in ten killings to Taliban infiltration.
The generals seem to be mystified, for Colonel Lapan, spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff commented, "we don't know what's causing them, and we're looking at everything."

They could also look at Islam, and at history.
Let us wind the clock back 120 years to Aceh, today part of Indonesia. In 1892 the sultanate of Aceh, a staunchly Islamic region, had been under Dutch military occupation for twice as many years as the Americans have been in Afghanistan. When the Dutch first stormed the Acehnese capital Kutaraja (now Banda Aceh) in 1871 they naively assumed that control of the rest of the countryside would quickly follow. Instead they became entangled in a conflict which lasted for decades.

A poignant legacy of the Aceh-Dutch war is a military cemetery in Banda Aceh, reputed to be the largest graveyard of Dutch troops outside Holland.
As the decades passed, the Acehnese waged a tenacious insurgency from jungle hideouts, and Dutch leaders cycled through various theories to explain their military failures. One theory was that the passing of time would see a steady reduction in hostilities. Time did pass, and this theory ended up in the trash. Another theory was that a "concentration line" of forts could effect a safe haven around the capital to guarantee security, but the attacks continued.

A particularly demoralizing aspect of the conflict was a pattern of Acehnese allies turning against and killing Dutch soldiers. Teuku Umar was an early leader of the Acehnese resistance who became an ally of the Dutch, as a result of which he was rewarded with weapons, money and command of hundreds of troops. Then he turned these weapons and troops against his supposed "allies," inflicting heavy casualties. The Dutch regarded this as an odious betrayal, yet today the name of Teuku Umar is recognized as one of Indonesia's greatest heroes and boulevards all over the country are named after him.

The problem of deceit and betrayal was also a rank-and-file problem. There was no shortage of would-be Acehnese martyrs who, for the sake of gaining a victim, were willing to feign friendship with the Dutch, before drawing their knives against them. The phenomenon of unpredictable killings by the Acehnese came to be known as Atjèh-moord "Acehnese murder."

The failure of Dutch military policy in Aceh – and the resulting drain of Dutch blood and treasure – caused a host of political difficulties for governments back in Holland. The war became intensely unpopular.
The turning point in the Aceh-Dutch war came in 1891-92 when Christian Snouck Hurgronje, an expert in Arabic and Islam, was sent to do field research into "the pernicious Aceh Question" (het verderfelijke Atjeh-questie).

Snouck Hurgronje was the preeminent Western expert on Islam of his generation. After completing a PhD on Islamic theology in Holland, he spent a year in Mecca in 1884-85, living as a Muslim, studying at the feet of the Sheikhs, and making a special study of Indonesian Muslims.
After his field trip to Aceh, Snouck Hurgronje published a two-volume report on the Acehnese society in 1893, which included a military analysis, and offered a blueprint for winning the insurgency.
At the heart of Snouck Hurgronje's explanation of the "Aceh Question" was a theological analysis. The Acehnese war, he explained, was jihad, a theologically motivated struggle against the Dutch as infidel-occupiers of Islamic territory.

Because it was a theological struggle, grounded in the deeply held Islamic convictions of the Acehnese people, the Aceh war could not be won by capturing a few key cities or neutralizing a handful of key leaders. Indeed, as time passed, and the early chieftain leaders were superseded, the insurgency came to be dominated by clerics, whose influence greatly increased as a result of the jihad. (This same pattern can be observed in Afghanistan over the past decade.)

Snouck Hurgronje's thesis was rejected by many when it first saw the light of day. In time however, it proved triumphant, and provided the basis for the successful pacification of Aceh. It was only when the Dutch authorities aligned their military strategy with Snouck Hurgronje's insights that they began to win the war. Military success came as a huge relief to the Dutch authorities, and meant that by 1902 Snouck Hurgronje was able to write, "Now no one any longer doubts that the dogmas of Islam on the subject of religious war, so fanatical in their terms, supplied the principal similes to the obstinate rebellion." (However individual acts of "Acehnese murder" did continue – albeit in significantly decreasing numbers – right up until the Japanese occupation in 1942.)

The theological framework for the Acehnese jihad, which Snouck Hurgronje exposed to the understanding of Dutch leaders in 1893, happens to be exactly the same as that used by jihadi scholars such as Abdullah Azzam in the late 20th and early 21st centuries to stimulate what western elites refer to as "terrorism."
It is a classical dogma of Islam that when Muslim lands are occupied by infidel forces, it is an individual religious obligation upon all Muslims to do their utmost to defend their lands against the infidels. This belief drove the Acehnese insurgency over a century ago, and it drives the Afghan conflict today.

Snouck Hurgronje also explained that the practice of deceit – manifested in feigned friendship leading to what we would now call "insider killings" – can be derived from the dogmas of Islam and specifically from religious attitudes to infidels.
It is disappointing that after more than a decade of war, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are mystified by the phenomenon of "insider killings." Has political correctness so neutered their capacity to wage war? Are they so blind to the religious nature of the war they are fighting? How can they be unfamiliar with the classical dogmas of jihad, which make it a compulsory religious duty for individual Muslims to fight against infidel occupiers of Muslim lands?

The US generals, indeed any army fighting a jihad insurgency in Muslim lands, would do well to read Snouck Hurgronje's report, especially volume I (see here).
The insider killings of Afghanistan today are essentially the same phenomenon as "Acehnese murder" of over a century ago. The straightforward, rational explanation for Afghan soldiers turning their US-supplied weapons against their "allies" can be found in the beliefs outlined by Snouck Hurgronje in the late 19thcentury: the dogma that Muslims have a duty to defend Muslim lands against infidel occupation; the dogma that if Muslims are killed in jihad, paradise will be their reward; and the dogma that in jihad, deceiving the infidel is no sin.
Reuters has reported that in Afghanistan:
Field commanders have also been given discretion to increase numbers of so-called "guardian angel" sentries who oversee foreign soldiers in crowded areas such as gyms and food halls, to respond to any rogue shooting incidents.
This is reminiscent of remarks by the Acehnese poet Anzib Lamnyong, reflecting on the assassination of a Dutchman by Lém Abah, an Acehnese man from his own village:
Very often people attacked the Dutch like that, so that the Dutch had to keep a very close guard on Banda Aceh, night and day, all around the whole city. But no matter how well those guards kept watch, they still kept getting attacked by our people, who would strike them down … The Dutch were in great consternation about our brave people, who did not fear the bullet that might strike them dead in the twinkling of an eye.
One expects that, when the last infidel troops have left Afghanistan, and Muslim sovereignty has been fully restored, the memory of the Afghan jihadis who are even now perpetrating "insider killings" may come to be held in high renown, just as the name of Teuku Umar is revered in Indonesia to this day.
Mark Durie is a theologian, human rights activist, pastor of an Anglican church, and an Associate Fellow at the Middle Eastern Forum.

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Obama’s Media Lapdogs Are Lying About Paul Ryan’s GM Plant Story

Wizbang Blog

Shikha Dalmia| at Hit & Run destroy’s the naritive Obama supporters are trying to create about one point in Rep. Paul Ryan’s exceptional acceptance speech last night.
Paul Ryan must have hit a home run last night – otherwise liberals wouldn’t be going bonkers right now. No sooner did he move his tingle-inducing chassis off the stage than the liberal blogosphere erupted in outrage, accusing him of being a maligner and a liar.
But what did Ryan say that was so bad? He falsely accused President Obama of promising during a campaign stop to keep a Government Motor plant in Janesville, Wisconsin — Ryan’s district – open, but then letting it close once he got elected. Liberals, however, claim that the plant was already closed when President Obama delivered his remarks.
But, as it turns out, the plant wasn’t closed when Obama gave his speech on Feb 13, 2008. It was open. The liberals are challenging Ryan based on an Aug 16 story by David Shepardson, The Detroit News’ auto reporter that said “the plant halted production in December 2008, when President George W. Bush was in office.” But, as best as I can tell, Shepardson got it wrong. The decision to close the plant was made under Bush. However, the plant was not slated to close till the summer of 2009 – nearly a year and a half after Obama spoke and six months after he assumed office.
…What’s more, the administration actually did consider keeping the Janesville plant alive after it nationalized GM by commandeering the bankruptcy process.
She’s right – Ryan must really worry Democrats.
Go read the whole thing

EDL - Islamist Terrorism is the biggest threat in Europe


Pakistani Taliban 'chopped off the heads' of 7 Pakistani soldiers in South Waziristan

The Long War Journal

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan claimed to have "chopped off the heads" of seven Pakistani soldiers after attacking a military outpost in South Waziristan. In all, the Taliban claimed to have killed 20 Pakistani soldiers during the attack.
The claim was made yesterday by Ishanullah Ihsan, the spokesman for the al Qaeda-linked Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, in an email sent to The Long War Journal.
Ihsan said that 20 Pakistani troops were killed after the Taliban attacked their camp in Badar, and that 29 assault rifles, three RPGs, a machinegun, a sniper rifle, a submachine gun, and "thousands of cartridges and many small military equipments" were seized during the raid. Ihsan said seven of the soldiers were beheaded in accordance with sharia, or Islamic Law.
"Mujahideen also chopped off the heads of 7 captured soldiers as Shariah directs them to do with enemies of Islam," Ihsan said.
In the past, the Taliban previously released videos of the execution and beheading of Pakistani troops. On June 28, a video showing the heads of 17 Pakistani soldiers who had served in the district of Dir was released by the Taliban.
Pakistani officials confirmed that fighting took place at the Badar camp, and claimed that 18 Taliban fighters and only eight soldiers were killed during the clash, according to The Nation. Ihsan said that only one Taliban fighter was killed during the attack.
The Taliban have been battling the Pakistani military in the Mehsud areas of South Waziristan for nearly three years. In the fall of 2009, the military launched an operation to defeat the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and in mid-November of that year claimed to have defeated the group in South Waziristan. But the Taliban group withdrew the bulk of its forces from the Mehsud tribal areas and relocated to neighboring tribal areas, maintaining a rearguard to fight the Pakistani military.
The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's South Waziristan branch, which is led by Waliur Rahman Mehsud, later returned to the tribal agency and stepped up the fight against the Pakistani military. Most of the engagements in South Waziristan are initiated by the Taliban, who have assaulted bases and checkposts, and ambushed military convoys.
Although it is now nearly three years since the Pakistani military commenced the South Waziristan operation, only one of the six areas targeted -- Sararogha -- has been certified by the military as cleared, according to a report in Dawn that was published on Aug. 5. The other five areas -- Shawal, Sarwakai, Tairza, Makeen, and Ladha -- are still contested.

Read more:

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Bare Naked Islam

“Don’t beat her out of anger. Beating your wife is only to discipline her so she behaves like the good little doormat every woman is forced to be under Islam.”

Liberal women especially should see this video. Beating your wife is ok under Islamic law. Women are half that of a man. Daughters can be married off to old farts at the age of 10 or younger. Anything goes in Islam when it comes to women. Dishonor your parents, and you can be killed. Its ok under Islamic law. 

The Democrats Declare War on Reality. Plus, MSNBC Censors Female and Minority Speakers


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Pakistan: Fearful Christians make home in forest

 United States Defense League
Published by renee609 on 2012/8/28  
Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Daily Dawn | Pakistan
By AP | August 27, 2012

: Having fled their homes in the latest spasm of Pakistani religious strife, a few hundred Christians have camped in a forest in the Pakistani capital, cut down trees and are using the branches to build a church.

Their ordeal began when a Christian girl in their poor Islamabad neighbourhood was accused by a neighbour of burning pages of the Quran — a blasphemy by Pakistani law that can mean life in prison.

A week after the girl’s arrest, much remains in question: her age — 11 to 16 in conflicting reports; mental condition — Down syndrome has been mentioned; and what exactly she was burning — there’s little evidence that Quran pages were involved.

But as word spread, hundreds of people gathered outside her house demanding action, and on Aug 20 police arrested the girl pending an investigation.

Most Christians in the neighbourhood fled — some 600 families according to one interfaith group. Some said their landlords evicted them. A few have returned.

One of those who moved into the forest on Sunday was Sumera Zahid, who was busy feeding her three children and her parents.

”We used to come here to collect wood for fuel so we find it a suitable place for shelter,” she said.

”Here it is not anybody’s home, nobody’s land. Let us live here in safety.”

On Monday their pastor, Arif Masih, spoke to them by the frame of branches they were lashing together for their church.

”We are thankful to the Lord for this land although here is no water and food, but rest assured the Lord will create water fountains and provide all fruits here for you if you remain patient and suffer these hardships, thanking the Lord,” he said.

Blasphemy is an extremely sensitive issue in this 95-per cent Muslim nation of 190 million people, and cases often grab huge attention here and abroad.

Crowds have been known to beat or kill suspected blasphemers. Last year two prominent politicians who criticised the blasphemy law were murdered, one by his own bodyguard who then attracted adoring mobs.

In July, thousands of people dragged a Pakistani man accused of desecrating the Quran from a police station, beat him to death and set his body alight.

So volatile is the issue that public figures appear loath to speak out on the latest episode. The government has made little substantive comment, and no police protection was evident at the forest encampment.

On Monday the All Pakistan Ulema Council, an umbrella organisation of Muslim clerics, held a news conference together with the Pakistan Interfaith League, the group that reports 600 families have fled and is campaigning to return them to their homes.

The two groups called for an investigation into whether the girl was wrongly accused and what role religious extremism played. League chairman Sajid Ishaq demanded government compensation for the displaced Christians, as well as protection.

Critics say the blasphemy laws are often used in vendettas and score-settling. Sensitivities are also heightened by Western reactions to such incidents, such as the US State Department statement calling the latest case ”deeply disturbing.”

At the news conference, the head of the clerics’ council, Maulana Tahir-ul-Ashrafi, told the outside world not to interfere, saying Pakistan would provide justice for the girl and her community.

Meanwhile, Nooran Bashir, who had fled a few hours after the girl’s arrest, was back in her home Monday.

”I don’t know whether she burned pages of some holy book or not, but we all had to abruptly leave our homes to save our lives,” she said.

She said one of her sons came back with her, but her other children were too frightened and she sent them to relatives.

She said Muslims asked the Christians not to worship in their church, and if they did, to refrain from singing.

But others were not ready to return. About 200 Christians, mostly men, protested in front of the city administration offices Monday, demanding permission to stay in the clearing.

About another 100 people, mostly women and children, were back at the clearing.

”We don’t have a big list of demands,” said one Christian resident, Salim Masih.

”We have cleared this place with our hands, and we have laid the first foundation of a small church here. Although this is a mere skeleton made of tree branches, this is the holy home of God. This should be respected.”

And these are the ones Obama wants to negotiate with. He's also working to release another of these creeps from Gitmo. Nice going Obama, you really are as clueless as you look.

Read Full Story

Kenyan Muslims riot after murder of Shabaab-linked cleric

The Long War Journal

Muslim Youth Center ideological leader Sheikh Aboud Rogo Mohammed. Photo from Al Shahid.
Kenyan Muslims in Mombasa have rioted for the second day in a row after a Shabaab-linked cleric who was recently added to the US's list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists was gunned down.
Shabaab supporters rampaged in Kenya's second largest city after Sheikh Aboud Rogo Mohammed was shot and killed as he was driving with his wife on Aug. 25. Shabaab supporters quickly organized and attacked and looted two churches, torched a government vehicle and other cars, and killed one person. The man was "slashed to death," according to The Daily Nation. Police have arrested 12 people for their involvement in the rioting, which is still ongoing.
Rogo, who served as the spiritual leader of the Muslim Youth Center, a Shabaab and al Qaeda-linked group in Kenya, was listed by the US as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist on July 5 along with two other Kenyans, a Sudanese, and two Eritrean military officers [see LWJ report, 2 Eritrean officials designated for supporting Shabaab]. The other two Kenyans who were designated are Omar Awadh Omar, a facilitator who was involved with the planning of the double suicide attack in Kampala, Uganda in July 2010, and Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, a close aide to Rogo.
The Muslim Youth Center, which is Shabaab's affiliate in Kenya, declared it was "part of al Qaeda East Africa" on Feb. 10, just one day after al Qaeda and Shabaab formalized their longstanding relationship and announced their merger [see LWJ report, 'We in MYC are now part of al Qaeda East Africa'].
The US Treasury Department said that Rogo served as a fundraiser, radicalizer, and recruiter for terrorist activities.
"He continues to exert influence over extremist groups in East Africa as part of his campaign to promote violence throughout East Africa," the Treasury Statement said. "As an ideological leader, Aboud Rogo Mohammed has used an extremist group as a pathway for radicalization and recruitment of principally Swahili-speaking Africans for 'action' in Somalia."
Starting in February 2009, Rogo began issuing "a series of inspirational lectures" in which he "repeatedly called for the violent rejection of the Somali peace process," and urged Muslims to attack United Nations and the African Union Mission in Somali (AMISOM) forces in Somalia. He not only encouraged his followers and other Muslims to wage jihad in Somalia, but provided assistance to those who sought to travel to fight there.
"Aboud Rogo Mohammed also offers guidance on how Kenyan recruits joining al-Shabaab can evade detection by the Kenyan authorities, and which routes to follow when traveling from Mombasa, Kenya, and/or Lamu to Al Shabaab strongholds in Somalia, notably Kismayo," Treasury said. "He has facilitated the travel to Somalia of numerous Kenyan recruits for al-Shabaab."
Both the Muslim Youth Center and Shabaab have reacted to Rogo's death. The MYC Press Office, a Twitter site linked to the Muslim Youth Center, reported that Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali, the group's leader, said: "We are on the right track when our leaders get shahadah," or martyrdom. Ali, who has fought in Somalia, was named the "Supreme Emir" of the Muslim Youth Center on Jan. 6. The MYC Press Office also indicated a formal statement was forthcoming and that it has "sent messages to the mujahideen in Tanzania about reports of Sheikh Rogo's death."
The MYC later released a formal statement announcing Rogo's death.
"As a popular and well-respected Sheikh, Aboud Rogo used his unique gift and knowledge of Islam to inspire and inform thousands of young Muslims all over East Africa," the statement said, according to the SITE Intelligence Group. "Undeniably, MYC and its members are part of the generation of Muslim youths that have been inspired by Sheikh Aboud Rogo's vision of the Muslim Ummah in East Africa."
Shabaab issued a formal statement on Twitter that denounced "the cold-blooded murder of Sheikh Aboud Rogo in Mombasa" and urged "the Muslims to wake up to the Kenyan authority's vicious witch-hunt against their fellow Muslim brothers."
Shabaab said that although Rogo "was not officially a member of Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen, he, like the rest of the Muslims in Kenya, shared unbreakable religious ties with the Mujahideen." Shabaab also accused the Kenyan government of conducting "a spate of extra-judicial killings ... against innocent Muslims in Kenya."

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Listen up folks: This is Egypt

Walid Shoebat
August 28, 2012

After you watch this terrifying video of what is happening in Egypt you will never be the same. Are you willing to grow as a human being by watching it?
Please support our efforts to help the persecuted Christians.

Monday, August 27, 2012

OBAMA: All countries are close allies!!

What you won't ever see the Liberal media doing in America

Abu Usama Al-Gharib: Statement on the raids (against salafists) in Germany

Vlad Tepes Blog

This is an original translation by Hermes (Thank you as always Hermes)
It is a response to the German government that has actually been taking appropriate action against Islamic organizations bent on the destruction of the Autonomous German Republic.
The actions the German Government have been taken is represented in this German news clip below:
And here, the translation of the response from
Abu Usama Al-Gharib: Statement on the raids (against salafists) in Germany

To the crusaders and Tawaghits: make as many raids as you want or can. Ban Millatu Ibrahim. Steal as much money, PC’s and anything else as you like. Kick as many doors as you want. Come masked like coward dogs, (or) as you like. Imprison and persecute us as best as you can. Spend millions putting us under surveillance…
In the end one thing remains unaltered:
We will not give up. Victory or Shahadah (Martyrdom). We will win, because Allah is with us. We will not stop saying: “We break with you, and first and foremost with those you serve instead of (serving) Allah. We declare you kuffars, and obviously PERPETUAL ENMITY and HATE reigns between you and us till you believe in no god but Allah. No one can ban Millatu Ibrahim, and neither (that) illusionist Friedrich Dirt Swine (German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich), because Millatu Ibrahim is in our hearts. Millatu Ibrahim is our way and our Aqida (faith).  We will keep on and you will lose. Your four and two legged dogs scare us not even a tiny bit. On the contrary, what your dogs do is an incentive for us to continue on this path.
No matter what you do or plan, we will continue saying that democracy is filth, dirt, filthier than swine shit, Shirk (idolatry or polytheism) and Kufr (not believing in Allah). We reject it (democracy) and we fight against it.
Your democracy is a Taghut (to worship anything except Allah), which we avoid and hate. Your democracy and your constitution are Wallahi (swear and affirmation word used in Egypt – “~verily”) less worthy than the toilet paper, they are under our shoe… no, we would not even step on them with shoes, one does not step on shit, because then the shoe will get dirty.
Your democracy is an idol, and in Islam idols are destroyed. This is what our prophets Ibrahim and Muhammad and after them our brothers the talibans did.
Do what you want… we will not give up loving our Mujahideens and to be behind… or even more, to be ahead of them. We will protect them with all means at our disposal…
Do what you want, we do not abandon our siblings, we will support them with all means at our disposal.
Do what you want, we just keep on…
Realize this for once and for all, you dogs, who are descendants of apes and pigs.
And Allah will fulfill his Light, even if the kuffar finds this loathsome.

Abu Usama Al Gharib

Afghan Postsoldier kills 2 ISAF troops in east

The Long War Journal

An Afghan soldier opened fire on Coalition soldiers in eastern Afghanistan, killing two of them before being killed himself in return fire. The attack is the latest in a string of so-called green-on-blue incidents, or insider attacks, in which Afghan security personnel kill members of the International Security Assistance Force.
ISAF said that two troops were killed after "a member of the Afghan National Army turned his weapon against ISAF service members in eastern Afghanistan today."
"ISAF troops returned fire, killing the ANA soldier who committed the attack," according to a press release. "Afghan and ISAF officials are investigating the incident."
The attack took place in the eastern province of Laghman, according to AFP.
Attacks by Afghan forces on Coalition forces have skyrocketed this year. In the first eight months of this year, the number of green-on-blue attacks (28) has doubled last year's total of 14.
Attacks that resulted in deaths of ISAF troops have also surged; they account for 13% of Coalition casualties so far this year. In 2011, green-on-blue attacks accounted for 6%; in 2010, 3%; in 2009, 2%; and in 2008, less than 1%. [For more details and statistics on the green-on-blue attacks, see LWJ Special Report, Green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan: the data.]
ISAF commanders have insisted that most of the attacks are due to cultural differences between Afghan and Western troops. General John Allen, the commander of ISAF, even blamed the spike on Afghans being hungry and irritable due to fasting during Ramadan.
In seeking to account for the rise in insider attacks, ISAF commanders have downplayed the role of Taliban infiltration. Commanders have issued conflicting estimates of the percentage of attacks caused by Taliban infiltration and coercion, ranging from 10% to 25% in recent weeks, to 50% earlier this year.
The Taliban have seized on the green-on-blue attacks in their propaganda, and routinely claim each attack to be a result of infiltration. In early August, the Taliban released a video of two Afghan soldiers who attacked ISAF soldiers in Kunar and Uruzgan [see Threat Matrix report, Observations on Taliban video 'welcoming' rogue ANA soldiers].
Mullah Omar, the leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, or the Taliban, addressed the issue of green-on-blue attacks in a statement released on Aug. 16. Omar claimed that the Taliban "cleverly infiltrated in the ranks of the enemy according to the plan given to them last year," and urged government officials and security personnel to defect and join the Taliban as a matter of religious duty. He also noted that the Taliban have created the "Call and Guidance, Luring and Integration" department, "with branches ... now operational all over the country," to encourage defections. [See Threat Matrix report, Mullah Omar addresses green-on-blue attacks.]

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