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Tommy Robinson EDL bbc radio Hereford and Worcester 29.03.2012


listening to the interview, its clear the BBC interviewer didn't want to hear the truth. All he wanted to do was make Tommy look like a Muslim hater. Everytime Tommy tried to point out the fact that Islam isn't a race, he was accused of being a religious hater. The BBC has lost all credibility. Muslims are pushing their ideology unto the Citizens of the UK and europe. Here in America Muslims with the help from organizations such as CAIR and their Muslim in chief in the White House continue to push their evil ideology into more and more neighborhoods. Obama bowed to the Saudi King where women are treated as second class people. Is that the kind of country you want your children growing up in? 

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Brian Lilley & David Menzies: How to beat your wife


Katy Perry - Part Of Me

All Women are created equal then some become Marines

This video got the left wetting their pants. 

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Anti-Islam Cartoon Competition Launched in Germany

Islam vs Europe 
Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Freedom instead of Islam, the Islam-critical cartoon competition for the NRW regional elections 2012

Under the motto "Freedom instead of Islam", the German anti-Islam PRO-NRW movement has launched a competition to find new anti-Islam cartoons and artworks. There are prizes of 200 euros for the winner, and 150 and 100 euros for the second and third-place entries respectively. The artworks - which can be cartoons, collages, films, installations - will be exhibited outside controversial mosques and Salafist Islamic centres on a courageous 25-mosque tour which the movement is planning to undertake.
The action is a sign that the values of freedom must be actively represented and defended ... There can be no areas where artistic freedom and the freedom to express opinions does not apply. The attempts at politically correct regulation of democratic criticism of Islam are not worthy of a free, constitutional state and only show that we have already gone some way towards totalitarian Islamism.

Jörg Uckermann, Chairmain of PRO-NRW

Uckermann is a former burgomeister (district mayor) who once represented the mainstream conservative CDU/CSU party grouping (Merkel's party) in Germany. NRW means North-Rhine Westphalia, a heavily Muslim-colonised region of Germany.
We must not accept that under the protection of religious freedom areas are established that may not be criticised. As a totalitarian ideology characterised by a narrow, political worldview, Islam itself tolerates no criticism. We have seen what the effects of a religiously-themed cartoon are. There was massive resistance to it. In these cases, the freedom of press and religion was loudly emphasised. But now we are seeing that state institutions which are actually obligated to show religious neutrality are also sanctioning criticism of Islam. Political groups or media are being criminalised. High-profile activists like Michael Mannheimer, who warn of the islamisation of Europe, are being prosecuted as criminals. Thus the free, democratic constitutional order incorporates the intolerant standards of Islam. We need loud protests to be raised up against this. With the media and cartoon competition, PRO NRW wants to send a message. Citizens, who who are committed to maintaining the rights of freedom and who criticise an anti-freedom religious community now need to raise their voices.
Source: PRO-NRW Via: PI

Entries can be sent in by email to:

You have to give them credit for an extraordinarily bold initiative. Let's see whether this gives rise to more theatricalised outrage a la Mohammed cartoons.

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Jail may await Afghan women fleeing abuse, rape: HRW

By Jack Kimball
KABUL | Wed Mar 28, 2012
(Reuters) – For Afghan women, the act of fleeing domestic abuse, forced prostitution or even being stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver by an abusive husband, may land them in jail while their abusers walk free, Human Rights Watch said.
Running away is considered a “moral crime” for women in Afghanistan while some rape victims are also imprisoned, because sex outside marriage – even when the woman is forced – is considered adultery, another “moral crime”.
“From the first time I came to this world my destiny was destroyed,” 17-year-old Amina, who has spent months in jail after being forced into prostitution, told researchers from Human Rights Watch in a report published on Wednesday.
Despite progress in women’s rights and freedom since the fall of the Taliban a decade ago, women throughout the country are at risk of abduction, rape, forced marriage and being traded as commodities.
It can be hard for women to escape violence at home because of huge social pressure and legal risks to stay in marriages.
“The treatment of women and girls accused of ‘moral crimes’ is a black eye on the face of the post-Taliban Afghan government and its international backers, all of whom promised that respect for women’s rights would distinguish the new government from the Taliban,” the New York-based group said.
“This situation has been further undermined by President (Hamid) Karzai’s frequently changing position on women’s rights. Unwilling or unable to take a consistent line against conservative forces within the country, he has often made compromises that have negatively impacted women’s rights.”
The influential rights organization said that there were about 400 women and girls being held in Afghanistan for “moral crimes”, and they rarely found support from authorities in a “dysfunctional criminal justice system”.
The plight of a woman called Nilofar illustrates the problem. She was stabbed repeatedly with a screwdriver in the head, chest, and arms by her husband who accused her of adultery for inviting a man into the house, the rights group said.
But afterwards, she was arrested, he was not.
“The way he beat her wasn’t bad enough to keep him in jail. She wasn’t near death, so he didn’t need to be in prison,” the prosecutor of the case told Human Rights Watch.
The dire treatment of women was the main reason Western countries gave for refusing to recognize the Taliban government as legitimate when it was in power.
As Afghan and Western leaders seek a negotiated end to more than 10 years of war, the future for women is uncertain.
The United States and NATO – who are fighting an unpopular war as they prepare to pull out most combat troops by the end of 2014 – have stressed that any settlement must ensure the constitution, which says the two sexes are equal, is upheld.
A law, passed in August 2009, supports equality for women, including criminalizing child and forced marriage, selling and buying women for marriage or for settling disputes, as well as forced self-immolation, among other acts.
But women, especially in rural areas, lack shelters to flee abuse while only one percent of police are female, according to the report based on interviews from October to November with 58 women and girls as well as prosecutors, judges, government officials and civil society.
The ordeal for women does not stop with jail though.
Once leaving prison, women and girls face strong social stigma in the conservative country and may be killed in so-called “honor killings”.
“I just want a divorce. I can’t go back to my father because he will kill me. All my family has left me behind,” 20-year-old Aisha, who was sentenced to three years for fleeing an abusive husband she was forced to marry, told researchers.
(Reporting by Jack Kimball; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani and Robert Birsel)

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Islam explained: Women under Sharia Law

When CAIR pushes for Sharia laws here in America, just remember exactly what Sharia means to our freedoms, especially freedoms for women.

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Revealed: Man who sparked armed siege

Vlad Tepes Blog

It’s odd how the evacuation of a large area because of a Muslim with a large bomb barely rates as news anymore.
I hope the indigenous British are saving their pennies. This may be a worthwhile investment.


Photo: David Hurst 39 year old Jan Nirmal is led away after laying siege to his house on Mendip Road, LeylandPhoto: David Hurst 39 year old Jan Nirmal is led away after laying siege to his house on Mendip Road, Leyland
Published on Saturday 24 March 2012 10:46
This is the man who sparked a nine-hour armed siege on a Leyland housing estate.
Police surrounded a property on Mendip Road, Leyland from just after 8am yesterday morning amid reports a man had a bomb in a flat.
More than 100 properties were evacuated as police sealed off the area and bomb squad officers and trained negotiators were sent in.
After a near nine-hour impasse, armed officers stormed the property at 5pm, leading 39-year-old Jan Nirmal away and into a waiting ambulance as a large crowd of people looked on, many shouting at him from behind the cordon.
He was arrested on suspicion of a breach of the peace and taken to Royal Preston Hospital, but was not thought to be injured.
Mr Nirmal, who is believed to have been living in the property since June 2010, was due to be quizzed by police today.
Donna Hamilton, 36, who lives next door, said: “The police smashed the door in.
“We were all stood there and minutes later they said we were allowed back home.
“This morning I was one of the first to be evacuated – I had half a cup of tea in my hand and had to leave.
“I saw all the police down the street.
“They got some step ladders and put them up against the flat. I was told to get my dog and get out.
“I’m glad it’s all over now.”
Sheila Chick, 52, of Mendip Road, said: “I was lucky as I could go to my daughters.
“I’m glad it ended peacefully – I just wanted to go home.”
In total, 108 properties on Mendip Road were evacuated and 25 residents were transported in buses throughout the day to South Ribble Tennis Centre, where British Red Cross volunteers set up a rest centre for those affected.

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Mohamed Merah - Man of the West
March 23, 2012

The massacre of Jewish children at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school in Toulouse presents us with an appalling encapsulation of the depraved nature of our times - although at first glance, the opposite seems to be the case.

On the surface, the situation was cut and dry. A murderer drove up to a Jewish school and executed three children and a teacher.

Led by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, all of France decried the massacre and announced its solidarity with the French Jewish community. World leaders condemned the crime. The killer died in a standoff with French security forces. Justice was served. Case closed.

But dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that justice has not been served.

Indeed, it hasn't even begun to be addressed. The killer, Mohamed Merah, was not a lone gunman. He wasn't even one of the lone jihadists we hear so much about.

He had plenty of accomplices. And not all of them were Muslims.

An analysis of the nature of his crime and the identity of his many accomplices must necessarily begin with a question. Why did Merah videotape his crime? 

Why did take the trouble of strapping a video camera to his neck and filming himself chasing eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego through the school courtyard and shooting her three times in the head? Why did he document his execution of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and his two little boys, three-year-old Gavriel and six-year-old Aryeh? 

The first answer is because Merah took pride in killing Jewish children. Beyond that, he was certain that millions of people would be heartened by his crime. By watching him shoot the life out of Jewish children, they would be inspired to repeat his actions elsewhere.

And he was surely correct.

Millions of people have watched the 2002 video of Daniel Pearl being decapitated. Similar decapitation videos of Western hostages in Iraq and elsewhere have also become runaway Internet sensations. 

Led by Youssef Fofana, the Muslim gang in France that kidnapped and tortured Ilan Halimi to death in 2006 also took pictures of their handiwork. Their photographs were clearly imitations of the photos that Pearl's killers took of him before they chopped his head off.

The pride that jihadist murderers take in their crimes is not merely manifested in their camera work. US Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who massacred 13 US servicemen at Fort Hood in 2009, showed obvious pride in his dedication to jihad. Hassan gave a presentation to his colleagues justifying jihad. He carried business cards in which he identified himself as an "SOA," a soldier of Allah.

Similarly, Naveed Haq, the American Muslim who carried out the attack at the Seattle Jewish Federation building in 2006, murdering one woman and wounding another five, bragged to his mother and friend about his crime in monitored telephone calls from jail. Haq boasted that he was "a jihadi" and that his victims deserved to die because they were "Israeli collaborators."

The exhibitionism common to all the men's behavior makes it obvious that that their attacks were not the random actions of isolated crazy people or lone extremists. All of these killers were certain that they were part of a global movement that seeks the annihilation of the Jews, the subjugation of the Western world and the supremacy of jihadist Islam. And they were convinced that their actions served the interests of this movement and that they would be viewed as heroes by millions of their fellow Muslims for their killing of innocents.

THIS SITUATION is bad enough on its own. But what make it truly dangerous are the West's responses to it. Those responses together with the crimes themselves expose the depraved and perilous nature of our times. And they show that Merah's death can bring no closure to this story.

There are five interrelated aspects to the West's response to these crimes and the jihadist reality they expose. The first aspect of the West's response is denial.

Time after time, Merah and his ilk throughout the Western world show us who they are and what they want. And time after time, the Western elites, and even much of the Jewish leadership, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their cries of murder and calls for the destruction of Western civilization.

In the case of Halimi's murder, for instance, Paris police refused to view his abduction as a hate crime. Despite the fact that Fofana and his followers called Halimi's family and recited Koranic verses while Ilan screamed out in agony in the background, the Paris police treated his disappearance as a garden variety kidnap-for-ransom case.

Even after Ilan was found naked at a rail heading with burns on more than 80 percent of his body and died en route to the hospital, it took French authorities over a week to admit that he had been the victim of an anti-Semitic crime.

On a lesser note, everyone from the media to Jewish communal leaders in the US abjectly refuse to recognize that mainstream Muslim groups like the Muslim Students Association are sympathetically inclined towards Hamas. Moreover, they refuse to recognize that sympathy for Hamas necessarily entails sympathy for Hamas's genocidal platform of annihilating the Jewish people in the name of jihad.

As David Horowitz wrote in a recent article at FrontPage magazine, Jewish student leaders at places such as the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill prefer to attack messengers like himself, than accept the inconvenient truth that Muslim student leaders on campus with them support the annihilation of Israel.

Ignoring and denying the openly expressed aims of jihadists like Merah is of course only part of the problem. The second aspect of the West's effective collusion with these killers is Western elites' justification of their crimes.

After initially pinning the blame for the Toulouse massacre on Nazis, when French authorities finally acknowledged Merah's jihadist identity, they also provided his justification for murder. Speaking to reporters, French Interior Minister Claude Gueant gave us Merah's name and his excuse at the same time. 

Gueant told us that Merah was associated with al-Qaida and he was upset about what he referred to as Israel's "murder" of Palestinian children.

It should be unnecessary to note the simple truth that Israel doesn't murder Palestinian children. Palestinians murder Israeli children.

But then, if Merah got his news from the Western media there is a reasonable chance that he wouldn't know that.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton was rightly condemned by Israeli political leaders this week for her equation of the actual massacre of Jewish children in Toulouse with the imaginary massacre of Palestinian children in Gaza. But she is not alone in this behavior. US President Barack Obama engaged in similarly outrageous libels when during his speech to the Muslim world in June 2009 he compared the Holocaust with Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.

And the line separating these libels from actual incitement is often hard to find.

French television, which Merah no doubt often watched, is notorious for crossing it. It was France 2 that gave us this century's first anti-Semitic blood libel with its October 2000 tale of Muhammad al-Dura's alleged death at the hands of IDF soldiers.

The France 2 story was exposed as a fraud by an appellate court in Paris in 2008. The appellate court overturned a lower court's libel ruling against Internet activist Philippe Karsenty who wrote on his personal website that the al-Dura story was a hoax.

The appellate court viewed France 2's unedited footage from the scene. That footage showed al-Dura moving after the France 2 cameraman had declared him dead. The footage led the court to overturn the decision of the lower court that had found Karsenty guilty of libel.

Apparently the same French establishment that now declares solidarity with France's Jews is unwilling to part with the al-Dura hoax that incited the spilling of so much Jewish blood in the past decade. Last month, France's Supreme Court overturned the appellate court's ruling and ordered it to retry the case. 

As far as the Supreme Court of France is concerned, the appellate court had no right to ask France 2 to provide evidence that its story was true. According to the court, the unedited footage which proved the story was a blood libel should never have been admitted as evidence. The truth should never have been permitted to come to light.

IN ADDITION to denying, justifying and inciting jihadist violence, Western elites and authorities also engage in facilitating it and, after the fact, excusing it. In the case of Merah, although details are still unclear, it has been reported that he underwent jihadist training by al-Qaida in Afghanistan and was apprehended by Afghan authorities.

Despite his ties to al-Qaida, either US or French military authorities decided he should be sent back to France even though he clearly constituted a danger to French society.

Moreover, according to media reports, French authorities knew that he was dangerous and still failed to apprehend him. They had been informed that at least on one occasion, Merah sought to radicalize a 15-year-old Muslim boy. And yet, he was allowed to remain at large.

As the mother of the teenager said, "All these people had to die before they finally arrest Mohamed Merah. What an enormous waste. The police knew this individual was dangerous and radicalized. I complained to the police twice about Mohamed Merah and tried to follow up several times."

In the US, Hasan's colleagues and commanders knew of his sympathy for jihad and his connections to jihadist leader Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. And yet they promoted him to major and sent him to Fort Hood.

The West's complicity with these jihadist crimes doesn't end with their perpetration.

After failing to acknowledge that Halimi was abducted by jihadists who murdered him because he was a Jew, French authorities conducted his murderers' trials behind closed doors. Hidden from public scrutiny, in their first trial, Halimi's killers were given pitifully lights sentences. Fofana was rendered eligible for parole within 22 years. It was only the outcry of activists within the French Jewish community that caused French authorities to hold a retrial.

In Seattle, Haq's first trial for his attack on Seattle's Jewish Federation was declared a mistrial. Seattle's mayor and media went out of their way to present Haq as mentally ill. The prosecution failed to seek the death penalty and didn't bother to present the records of Haq's phone conversations bragging about his crimes until his second trial.

Together, the behavior of proud jihadist warriors of the West like Merah, Hasan, Haq and Fofana, and the depraved silence, indifference and complicity of Western elites with their jihadist aims, form the physical and moral landscape of our time. And it is because of this evil mix of perpetrators and enablers that Merah's death is not a victory of justice.

Originally published in the Jerusalem Post. 

The Animal Of Toulouse


The terrorist who murdered four Jews in cold blood in Toulouse this week was not your typical jihadist.
True, he was an animal, but one of the partying kind.
Mohammed Merah, 23, was a heavy partier and not particularly pious • He was arrested 18 times as a youth, and visited Pakistan and Afghanistan to train with Islamic extremists • He enjoyed watching videos of beheadings, and wanted to kill again.
Othman, a young man of North African descent and a resident of Toulouse, looked stunned on Wednesday. “Mohammed never spoke about politics. He also never raised the Middle East issue,” he said. “On occasion in neighborhoods like ours we talk about what’s going on in Gaza, but he never joined in or looked bothered by it. Actually, on Sunday evening he was all about going out and partying.”
What Othman didn’t know was that Monday morning, a few hours after their night on the town, his friend Mohammed Merah, 23, got on his motorcycle, drove to the Ozar Hatorah Jewish Day School and shot four Jews to death, three of them children. According to Othman, there were no warning signs of his friend’s violent plot. But then, it seems he knew very little about the hidden dual life of Mohammed, the quiet car body repairman, the motorcycle aficionado, the Quran reader.
This dual life was comprised of, among other things, trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan, belonging to the Salafi strand of Islam – the most extreme version of Sunni Islam – watching Internet videos of beheadings and even showing them to his young nephew. On Wednesday, according to French prosecutors, it had become clear Merah was a member of al-Qaida and that he murdered Jews to avenge the blood of Palestinian children. Moreover, he regrets only one thing: that he couldn’t kill more.
Merah, born in Toulouse on Oct. 10, 1988, was actually known around town as a small-time criminal, definitely not “the most dangerous man in France,” as he was referred to yesterday. He has a police record with 18 offenses for a variety of crimes, some violent. Attorney Christian Etelin, who represented Merah between 2004 and 2005, mostly in theft cases, described him as “a complicated person.” The last time Etelin saw Merah was on Feb. 24 of this year, after he was convicted of driving without a license and causing a car accident resulting in injuries to others.
In 2006, during one of his first stints in prison, Merah’s transition toward radicalism began to emerge and he became closer to Islam. It was during this time, according to the French weekly Le Point, “that his two identities began to take shape: the first as a car body repairman and partier who at one point grew his curls out and dyed them red ‘to look cool and hit on girls’ – and the other identity as a mujahideen (a Muslim holy warrior)
Later on, Merah twice visited Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the tribal border regions controlled by the Taliban. According to Kandahar prison chief Ghulam Faruq, Merah was even arrested in Afghanistan for planting bombs but escaped along with other prisoners during a Taliban rescue operation. Afghan authorities said they relayed information about Merah to their French counterparts, which led to France’s Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence (DCRI) placing tabs on him and monitoring his movements.
“I can’t believe that shortly after going out on Sunday night, Mohammed went on his killing spree,” his friend Othman told Israel Hayom. “On Sunday evening we met. At first we just wandered around and Mohammed was in a totally normal mood. We spoke about nothing in particular. Nothing in his behavior hinted at what he had done a few days before, or what he was planning to do a few hours later. I can’t understand what his connection is to the Salafis. He wasn’t even an observant Muslim. He didn’t pray; he didn’t go to the mosque.”
Another friend of Merah said that in the Le Mirail neighborhood, where many Muslims live, it’s very fashionable to see an image of Osama bin Laden as a cell phone screen saver. Merah never did that, for example. “In fact, three weeks ago we went out to a nightclub and partied like animals. A Salafist doesn’t go to those kinds of places.”

Read the entire thing here.
Let’s face it. This was not about revenge for IDF actions in Gaza.
It was about evil incarnate.

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Panorama: Britain's Crimes Of Honour


Islam is a sick ideology that treats women like cattle. Its a shame the media is too afraid to speak out against such crimes.

If only America had a real Commander-in-Chief in the White House instead of a Muslim Traitor

Bare Naked Islam
March 22, 2012

I'd vote for West in a heartbeat.

Sekulow Now: Obama's Abortion Surcharge Exposed


Muslim Council of Britain Against Gay Marriage

Europe News 22 March 2012
By Steve Williams

The Muslim Council of Britain has issued a statement against the British government’s plans to introduce non-religious civil marriage for gay couples. Reports Pink News: Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB, said: "Whilst we remain opposed to all forms of discrimination — including homophobia — redefining the meaning of marriage is in our opinion unnecessary and unhelpful.
"With the advent of civil partnerships, both homosexual and heterosexual couples now have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Therefore, in our view the case to change the definition of marriage, as accepted throughout time and across cultures, is strikingly weak.”
He added: "Like other Abrahamic faiths, marriage in Islam is defined as a union between a man and a woman. So while the state has accommodated for gay couples, such unions will not be blessed as marriage by the Islamic institutions.”

Perhaps someone should explain to Muslims that Marriage between a man and a women doesn't apply to a man and little girl. Muslims forcing their daughters, many as young as 8 or 9 into a marriage with some old fart Muslim doesn't constitute a legal marriage in a free society. Muslims are pedophiles who marry their cousins and sell their daughters off for a cow or goat. Its a sick practice that most Muslims condone. 

First video images of Mohammed Merah, ‘MUSLIM’ terrorist who killed seven

Bare Naked Islam
March 22, 2012

Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old Muslim described by French authorities as a self-styled al-Qaeda jihadist, has been named as the chief suspect in a series of shootings that have left seven people dead. The 2-day standoff with security forces in Toulouse continues.

H/T LeakSource2012

Mohamed Merah called FRANCE 24 in the early hours Wednesday – a call France’s chief prosecutor, Francois Molins, later confirmed was genuine.

FRANCE24 Speaking to FRANCE 24’s senior editor Ebba Kalondo for 11 minutes in “clear French”, he said that his actions were part of a “much larger campaign” and that the country could expect further attacks in Lyon, Marseille and Paris.Asked why he had killed four Jewish people – including three children – at a school in Toulouse on March 19, he said: “The Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

H/T LeakSource2012

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Biderman's Daily Edge 3/20/12:Third Consecutive False Dawn for Stocks & Economy


Michael Coren & Pamela Geller Discuss Honour Killings


Gingrich: Obama Must Apologize for DeNiro's White First Lady Comments

From NewsMax

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012 04:13 PM
By Martin Gould
Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich called on President Barack Obama Tuesday to apologize for Hollywood icon Robert De Niro’s comment that the country “isn’t ready for a white first lady.”

DeNiro made the remark at a New York City fundraiser on Monday attended by Michelle Obama. “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?" De Niro asked a cheering crowd of Democrats. "Too soon, right?"

But Gingrich hit back, reports CNN. "What De Niro said last night was inexcusable and the president should apologize for him," Gingrich said at a rally in Shreveport, La. “It was at an Obama fundraiser, it is exactly wrong, it divides the country."

Gingrich compared De Niro’s comment to the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh calling a university student a “prostitute” after she testified before a House panel on why contraceptives should be covered by health insurance.

“If people on the left want to talk about talk show hosts, then everybody in the country should hold the president accountable when someone at his event says something that is utterly and terribly unacceptable,” said the former House speaker, adding that he thought Michelle Obama and his rivals’ wives were all “fine ladies.”

The first lady’s campaign press secretary has already described the actor’s remark as “inappropriate.”

But Gingrich said the president should also condemn the remarks, saying De Niro should not concentrate on the wives of presidential candidates.

“This is not about the first lady, it’s about the president,” he said.

“De Niro is rich enough he probably doesn't notice the price of gasoline. He's successful enough he probably doesn't notice the unemployment rate. As a Hollywood actor, he might well be shortsighted enough he doesn't understand what it might do to our children and our grandchildren."

Read more on Gingrich: Obama Must Apologize for De Niro’s 'White First Lady' Remark
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama's Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

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Malia Obama Vacations In Mexico With 25 Secret Service Agents

March 20, 2012

Keeping with the Obama family’s penchant for costly vacations, the president’s 13-year-old daughter enjoyed spring break in a country plagued by so much violence that the State Department has issued travel warnings to discourage Americans from going there.

But, unlike regular Americans or college spring breakers, Malia Obama and her teenage pals were guarded by an army of Secret Service agents at U.S. taxpayer expense. This is not a story you will see in U.S. media outlets, but one foreign newspaper reported it this week though the link seems to have mysteriously vanished from its website. In fact, the White House has admitted pressuring it to take the story down. 

No worries. We’ll recount the story of Malia’s spring break jaunt to Mexico, which appeared in Britain’s Telegraph this week and quotes Mexican authorities. Malia and 12 buddies were guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as local police, while in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca, the report says. The group of teens stayed at a downtown hotel and visited the area’s famous archeological sites. 
Never mind that the State Department has repeatedly warned Americans about travel to Mexico, which is rife with drug-cartel violence. Many U.S. colleges are also discouraging students from vacationing south of the border, a once-popular destination for spring breakers. When your dad’s government warns you against traveling to a country that it has a cozy relationship with, perhaps it’s a good idea to pay attention. 
Crime and violence are serious problems throughout Mexico and can occur anywhere, according to aState Department bulletin issued just weeks before the first daughter’s jaunt. It goes on to say that U.S. citizens have fallen victims to drug traffickers, including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery. In the last few years nearly 50,000 people have been killed in narcotics-related violence in Mexico, according to the government warning. 

Gun battles take place in towns and cities, in broad daylight, on streets and in other public venues such as restaurants and clubs. During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped because drug lords create road blocks that prevent even the military and police from responding to criminal activity. Furthermore, the location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable, the State Department warns, after revealing that the rising number of kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico is of particular concern.
Sounds like a war zone rather than a vacation destination. It’s likely that no responsible parent would let their teenage daughter travel to such a place…without an army of Secret Service agents to guard them. 

Many of those guns now being used by the Cartels were given to them by Obama and Holders Justice Department. Now both are vehemently trying to deny any knowledge of anything.  Obama wants to disarm Americans, but he is ok in arming drug cartels. Makes you wonder doesn't it? 

Mexican Drug Lord Freed After Pledging To Cooperate, Keep In Touch

March 19, 2012

Just when you think you’ve heard it all involving the Obama Administration’s disastrous Mexican gun-running experiment, new details surface to illustrate a new level of negligence and incompetence on the part of federal authorities orchestrating the scandalous program.
Known as Fast and Furious, the federal experiment allowed Mexican drug traffickers to obtain U.S.-sold weapons so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels. Instead federal law enforcement officers lost track of more than 1,700 guns which are believed to have been used in an unknown number of crimes.
In the past year lost guns have been linked to violence on both sides of the border while top administration officials, including Attorney General Eric Holder, insist they knew nothing about the reckless operation. Among the first reports to surface; that Fast and Furious weapons were used to murder a U.S. Border Patrol agent (Brian Terry) in Peck Canyon Arizona. The assault weapons known as AK-47s were traced through their serial numbers to an Arizona dealer the feds repeatedly allowed to smuggle firearms into Mexico, according to a mainstream newspaper.

This week the same publication published a scathing article that paints a clown-like portrait of the agency—Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)—charged with running the program. It turns out that the ATF stumbled upon a top drug-cartel suspect targeted by its unscrupulous gun operation but let him go after he “pledged to cooperate and keep in touch with investigators.” 
It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Seven months after launching the Fast and Furious operation, federal agents caught their main suspect in a remote Arizona outpost on the Mexican side, according to internal documents obtained by the newspaper. The drug lord, Manuel Fabian Celis-Acosta, had 74 pounds of ammunition and nine cell phones hidden in his German-made sports car. 

So what did the feds do? The top Fast and Furious investigator, Special Agent Hope MacAllister, scribbled her phone number on a $10 bill after Celis-Acosta promised to cooperate and keep in touch with investigators. Then Celis-Acosta disappeared into Mexico and later slipped back and forth across the border, illegally buying more American weapons and financing others. It’s all in the government records. You can’t make this stuff up.
Eventually Celis-Acosta got arrested, but the damage had been done and the government gun operation had spiraled out of control. Nearly 2,000 firearms have disappeared and scores have surfaced in Mexican crime scenes. Not surprisingly, the ATF refuses to explain why it didn’t arrest this drug lord when it had him the first time. An ATF spokesman quoted in this week’s story said: “Due to the fact that the criminal case is still ongoing in the courts, and the inspector general’s office is still investigating, we cannot comment about this.”
Judicial Watch is investigating the genesis of the Fast and Furious operation and has sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the ATF to obtain records. Both agencies have refused to provide even the most basic information about the program and neither has responded by the statutorily mandated deadline.

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