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by Mohshin Habib
February 29, 2012 at 3:30 am

But due to the dominance of Islamic instruction, these courts do not administer true justice.
Salma Akhtar 22, a housewife of district Naogaon in Bangladesh was brutally beaten by her husband on February 24. She was accused of wishing to get more institutional education. After the beating, her husband, Shohag Ali, burned her with kerosene, seriously scorching her over 90% of her skin. She is currently under treatment at the Rajshahi Hospital..

In the last two months alone, 76 cases of assaults by husbands have been published in different local dailies in Bangladesh. This practice does not happen by fits and starts; is in full swing throughout the country -- not only to wives from rural areas; sometimes even educated wives who are university graduates suffer beatings.
According to the "Bangladesh Demographic And Health Survey-2007" by the National Institute of Population Research and Training under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 60 percent of the women in Bangladesh are victims of spousal violence in the country.

The research table reports that the most widely accepted reasons for wife beating are: disobeying elders 24%; arguing with the husband 22%; going out without permission or having informed one's husband 18%, and neglecting the children 16%. Only 9% percent of women feel that denying sexual intercourse is a reason for a man to beat his wife.

On attitudes toward wife beating, the survey says, 36% of Bangladeshi man age 15-49 agree that at least one of the reasons given is sufficient justification for wife beating.
Although it is not mentioned in the survey, the progressive intellectuals in the country believe that part of this attitude is derived from and inspired by some Quranic verses. A verse (4:34), Surah An-Nisa [the women] of Qur'an says, "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient to Allah and to their husbands, and guard in the husband's absence what Allah ordered them to guard. As to those women on whose part you see ill conduct, admonish them first, next, refuse to share their beds, and finally, beat them, but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means. Surely Allah is ever most high, most great."
Most of the people in the country strongly believe that the Qur'an is the source and code of life. All the interpretation commonly claim that man are superior to women on account of the qualities with which Allah has gifted the one above the other, because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.
The formal law on the repression of women is tight in Bangladesh. There have been some amendments; apparently now it is satisfactory to the Women Lawyers Association of Bangladesh. But the laws are not effective. With the direct and indirect help of the U.N., the Bangladesh government has established hundreds of village courts which work on family matters with the help of local representatives. But due to the dominance of Islamic instruction, these courts do not administer true justice. The Imams of the more than 250,000 Mosques in the country are ordering the locals, especially men who are arguing with their wives, to follow the orders given by Allah.

Michael Coren & Peter Feaman: The Threat Of Radical Islam & Political Correctness


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Fireman Sam creator detained at airport for veil comment at security gate

The Telegraph
Monday February 27, 2012

A retired fireman, and creator of the popular children's character, Fireman Sam, was detained at an airport for questioning why a veiled woman was not checked by security.

David Jones: Retired fireman detained at airport for questioning why veiled women skipped security checks
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David Jones 
As David Jones arrived at the security gates at Gatwick airport, he was looking forward to getting through swiftly so he could enjoy lunch with his daughters before their flight.
Placing his belongings, including a scarf, into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner he spotted a Muslim woman in hijab pass through the area without showing her face.
In a light-hearted aside to a security official who had been assisting him, he said: “If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.”
The quip proved to be a mistake. After passing through the gates, he was confronted by staff and accused of racism.
As his daughters, who had passed through security, waited in the departure lounge wondering where he was, he was subjected to a one hour stand-off as officials tried to force him to apologise.
Mr Jones, 67, who is the creator of the popular children’s character Fireman Sam, said: “Something like George Orwell’s 1984 now seems to have arrived in Gatwick airport.
"I feel that my rights as an individual have been violated. What I underwent amounts to intimidation and detention. I was humiliated and degraded in full public view.
"I am a 67-year-old pensioner and have lived my life within the law. I do not have even one point on my driving licence.”
He said that when he made his initial remark the security guard had appeared to agree with him, saying: “I know what you mean, but we have our rules, and you aren’t allowed to say that.”
As he went through the metal detecting arch, his artificial hip set off the alarm, prompting a full search from a guard. It was after this, and as he prepared to rejoin his two grown-up daughters, that he was confronted by another guard who said he was being detained because he had made an offensive remark.
“I repeated to her what I had said and told her that I had said nothing racist,” he said. “She took my passport and boarding pass and I was then escorted back through the security zone into the outer area. Here the female security guard proceeded to question me further, inferring many things that I had not said.
“It was impossible to get her to listen to reason. We were then joined by a second female security guard who stated that she was Muslim and was deeply distressed by my comment.
“I again stated that I had not made a racist remark but purely an observation that we were in a maximum security situation being searched thoroughly whilst a woman with her face covered walked through. I made no reference to race or religion. I did not swear or raise my voice.”
According to Mr Jones, who was due to board a British Airways flight to Portugal, where he now lives and runs a restaurant on the Algarve, the British Airways duty manager was then called in and sided with the security staff.
He continued: “I had now been detained for some time and my daughters were worried, calling me on my phone asking what was happening. We were going around in circles. I maintained that I had said nothing offensive and the security guard was continuing to accuse me. This had taken about 15-20 minutes and looked as though it was not going to be resolved.
“I asked the security guard if she was going to charge me to which she said no but I could not leave until I had apologised to the Muslim guard.
“At this point I asked for the attendance of a police officer. After some time he arrived but it was also plainly evident that he was keeping to the politically correct code. I told him that if there was a case then he should arrest me.
“I was told that we now live in a different time and some things are not to be said. They decided again that I would only be allowed to continue on my journey if I were to apologise to the Muslim guard. My reply was that as I had not made a racist remark it would be impossible for me to apologise.”
Mr Jones, a former member of the Household Cavalry and retired fireman, added: “I felt that I made a logical observation. That while everyone was being subjected to an invasive search it was illogical that someone should be let through with their face covered. I am not opposed to having this level of security but it must be equal for all.”
Eventually, Mr Jones said, the BA manager suggested that he should agree that what he had said “could” be considered offensive by a Muslim guard.
With his flight departure time now fast approaching Mr Jones agreed to the compromise. Escorted by the police officer, he was taken through security where he was again subjected to a full search after his hip replacement set off the metal detector alarms.
Mr Jones said he intended to complain formally to the Gatwick airport authorities and British Airways about the incident last Sunday.
Department for Transport rules do not prevent people covering their faces at UK airports for religious reasons.
However, all passengers must show their faces to UK Borders officials when they pass through passport control. Muslim women who wear hijabs can request that their identity is checked by a female immigration officer and they can also ask that they be taken to a private room before they remove their head wear.
A spokesman for Gatwick airport said: “The security team are examining the incident to ensure that the issue was managed in the right way.
"They are talking to the people involved to understand what the issue was and how it came to have the police involved.”

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Sufi Islamic scholar issues 600-page fatwa against terrorism

People of Shambhala
Sunday February 26, 2012

Sufi scholar Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri's 600-page fatwa was described last week by the India Islamic Centre as “one of the most extensive Islamic anti-terrorism rulings," and as "an absolute condemnation of terrorism without any excuses or pretexts....”

Speaking at the center in India, for the launch of his book, Fatwa on terrorism and suicide bombings, the Pakistani-based scholar, told the audience that terrorism is completely prohibited in Islam, reports The Indian Express

Fatwa on terrorism and suicide bombings is an English translation of Qadri's 2010 fatwa in Urdu.

However, Qadri is not uncritical of the West. Notably, during the Mohammed cartoon crisis of 2005 Qadri called for the newspapers that had printed the images to apologize, and for legislation to be introduced to "balance the right to freedom of speech with the rights of individuals and communities that their sacred beliefs should not be insulted and ridiculed."

He also criticizes the Western media in his fatwa for over reporting terrorist attacks and not mentioning the "positive and constructive aspects of Islam."

Qadri also speaks of the "injustices being currently meted out to the Muslims in certain matters" and "the apparent double standards" of the "main powers" (presumably the US and Britain) in their military engagements in Muslim majority countries. 

"But," Qadri says, "the terrorists' recourse to violent and indiscriminate killings have become a routine affair, taking the form of suicide bombings against innocent and peaceful people, bomb blasts on mosques, shrines, educational institutions, bazaars, governmental buildings, trade centres, markets, security installations, and other public places: heinous, anti-human and barbarous acts in their very essence."

The terrorists, says Qadri "justify their actions of human destruction and mass killing of innocent people in the name of Jihad (holy struggle against evil) and thus distort, twist and confuse the entire Islamic concept of Jihad. This situation is causing Muslims, the young in particular, to fall prey to doubts and reservations, muddling their minds in respect of Jihad, because those perpetrating these atrocities are from amongst the Muslims. The perpetrators practice Islamic rituals, perform acts of worship and put on outward forms set down in Sharia."

Qadri declares, in his fatwa, that:

"Avenging a wrong done by a non-Muslim to others is forbidden."

"Humiliating non-Muslim citizens is forbidden."

"Breaking into the enemy houses and looting them is forbidden."

And, "Killing a non-Muslim and destroying his property due to religious differences is forbidden."

Koran and Moslem Flag Burning on Jan. 1, 2012

I hope Obama doesn't apologize for this.

Afghanistan - Girlpower!

Kitman TV

hanks to Snaphanen

From ABC

Even in war-weary Afghanistan and its endless unfolding catalogue of horror, the case of a 15 year old girl named Sahar Gul shocked and ashamed many Afghans as they watched television images of her limp and bruised form being carried to hospital ER.
The teenager had just been rescued from weeks of imprisonment and torture at the hands of her husband’s family. Sahar Gul had been sold to the family to pay a debt but she refused to become a prostitute to bring in more money. She was cut, burned with cigarettes, beaten to a pulp and many of her fingernails were ripped out. She was barely alive when police found her.

Across town, another teenager refused to look away and dismiss the attack as just another incident in a country where - even after the ultra-misogyny of the Taliban has retreated into isolated pockets - the plight of women remains desperate and downtrodden.

Noorjahan Akbar added Sahar Gul to her casebook.

“I think when you are born a woman in Afghanistan you are taught every day to hate yourself. We don’t know how to respect women, neither men nor women , no one knows it, women don’t respect themselves.” NOORJAHAN AKBAR, Activist.

When Foreign Correspondent’s Trevor Bormann accompanies Noorjahan on a visit to Sahar’s hospital ward a profoundly moving meeting unfolds. A deep friendship has developed between the two and Noorjahan spends time consoling and encouraging Sahar, even treating her mangled fingers to a manicure.

Can a 19 year old change an age old order in Afghanistan? Well, she’s not alone. Australian TV producer Trudi-Ann Tierney has witnessed a groundswell of aspiration and a push for change among the young women she encounters in her role as head of drama at Kabul’s Tolo TV and elsewhere in the capital.

“I see now a generation of amazing young women who are so progressive and smart and determined to make a change and to sustain change within society.” TRUDI-ANN TIERNEY, Head of Drama, Tolo TV

Nevertheless, when we visit Trudi-Ann she’s in the thick of a crisis. A leading actress has fled the country after threats from her extended family, embarrassed by her professional pursuits.

Through the eyes of the young teenager and those of the outsider this is a confronting but ultimately inspiring story of emerging female power in Afghanistan. 

Muslim, not Asian gangs

Vlade Tepes Blog
Posted on February 26, 2012 by Eeyore

Thank God somebody finally has the stones to break the truly racist government narrative.

Krauthammer: How about an apology from the OIC?

Skewering the double standard. "Krauthammer: When Will Islamic Nations Apologize To Us…," by Josh Feldman for Mediaite, February 24:

Almost everyone in the Obama administration, including President Obama himself, has been apologizing to Muslims all over the world after NATO forces burned copies of the Quran in Afghanistan yesterday. Protests have erupted all over Afghanistan, and over a dozen people were killed in the middle of protests today. On Fox News’ Special Report today, guest host John Roberts focused on the U.S. reaction to the protests, with some strong words being thrown at the Obama administration for its continued apologies.
Charles Krauthammer said it was frankly “embarrassing,” and instead of just being a straight apology to Muslims all over the world, the administration was “groveling to the mob.” He argued all the administration needed to do was just come out with a singular apology from a commanding officer in Afghanistan, and that would have been sufficient. Krauthammer found it especially hard to believe any impetus was on President Obama to apologize, but what bothered him more was what perceived as an international double standard on the need for sufficient apology.

“This is a world in which nobody asked the Islamic Conference, a grouping of the 56 Islamic countries, to issue an apology when Christians are attacked and churches are burned in Egypt or in Pakistan. And had we heard a word from any Islamic leader anywhere about the radical Muslims in Nigeria who are not only burning the churches, but burning women and children who are in the churches, when I hear that, I’ll expect my president to start issuing apologies.” [...]

Krauthammer added that Christians never rioted over Andres Serrano‘s infamous “Piss Christ” photograph, and members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints have not stormed Broadway over The Book of Mormon.
Posted by Marisol on February 25, 2012
Wow isn't this what I said a few days ago. Where is the apology when Christian churches are burned and bibles are burned and where is the apology when Christians are murdered by these same savage Muslims now demanding justice just because their evil book was burned again. Its time to tell Islam we won't take their childish barbaric behavior anymore. 

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My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans

Thanks to Bare Naked Islam for this Video

Wish there were more strong women like Kiradavis. Thanks Kira for expressing your feelings in such a good way. As for me, I'd tell Karzai to go pound sand up his ass.

Defense Of Corrupt Freddie/Fannie Execs $200 Mil And Growing

Judicial Watch Blog
February 24, 2012

As if it weren’t atrocious enough that U.S. taxpayers are on the hook for the monumental bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they’re also getting squeezed for tens of millions more to cover the legal costs of the corrupt executives who drove the government-run mortgage giants to the ground.

So far the legal tab has run north of $200 million and it will only keep growing, according to the government agency (Federal Housing Finance Agency—FHFA) that oversees Fannie and Freddie. In a report released this week, the FHFA’s inspector general reveals that the unscrupulous officers responsible for Fannie and Freddie’s collapse have mounting legal bills and taxpayers will continue picking up the exorbitant tab.  

They are charged with a variety of crimes, including securities and accounting fraud, and the cases are expected to drag on right along with their already-bloated defense funds. In fact, the inspector general suggests the government only work to “limit” (not stop) legal expenses “to the extent possible and reasonable.” Another brilliant suggestion from the FHFA’s watchdog, which supposedly is looking out for taxpayers, is to “control costs of legal expenses.” 

It’s like there’s no end to the Freddie and Fannie madness. Political corruption of epic proportions is at the heart of the scandal. The lenders collapsed because those who operated them played fast and loose with accounting, risk assessment and executive compensation issues while Congress looked the other way and protected them from much-needed regulation.For years Freddie and Fannie backed risky mortgages and implemented a policy of lending to high-risk individuals with poor credit.

Lawmakers, including then-Senator Barack Obama, protected Fannie and Freddie from proper oversight because they got political contributions from the mortgage giants. In fact, Judicial Watch uncovered records that show for more than six years members of Congress were aware of the massive problems at Fannie and Freddie yet they did nothing. As a result taxpayers are on the hook for at least $400 billion and $5 trillion in mortgage liabilities.

Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration has worked diligently to keep secret all records related to Freddie and Fannie’s political contributions. In 2009 JW sued to obtain them and the FHFA admitted it might possess the documents but said it’s not obligated to release them to the public. Because Freddie and Fannie are wholly operated by the federal government, JW maintains that the records are subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The case is still active in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Overall, members of Congress have received nearly $5 million in political contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the last decade, according to a reputable nonprofit that tracks money in U.S. politics. Among the top recipients of Fannie and Freddie’s political largess: Former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, then-Illinois Senator Obama, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, former Utah Senator Bob Bennett and Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus.  

Barrack Hussein Obama, Please Stop Apologizing to Muslims

February 24, 2012
I started a petition asking Americans and people of the free world to let Barrack Hussein Obama know that we do not support his continuing apologies every time someone burns a Koran. Please read and then sign my petition if you believe like I do, that apologizing to Muslims sends a sign of weakness to our enemy, Islam. 

Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale.


Why we need anti-Sharia laws: Muslim judge enforces Sharia in case of Muslim attacker on mocker of Muhammad

More on this story. Here is the audio of the court proceedings as a Muslim judge acquitted a Muslim attacker for attacking an atheist dressed as Muhammad in a Halloween parade. The victim is incorrect in claiming that the Qur'an says that Muhammad rose from the dead, but that is not important. What is important is that the judge has no interest in or real understanding of the First Amendment, and that he lectures Ernest Perce about Muslim sensibilities. What Perce did may have been offensive to Muslims. But that is not (yet) illegal in America.
Video courtesy Pamela Geller, who has much more here. Note also that in the video here, the Muslim attacker says he called the police because he thought that mocking Muhammad was illegal in this country. In other words, he thought Sharia was already in place in this particular. And now, courtesy Judge Mark Martin, we are one step closer to that actually being true.
American Judge in American court (minute 29:50): "Our forefathers intended that we use the first amendment so that we could speak what's on our mind, not piss off other cultures..... Islam is not just a religion, it's their culture, their culture, the very essence, their very being. They pray five times a day, towards Mecca. To be a good Muslim before you die, you have to make a pilgrimage to Mecca unless you are otherwise told you cannot because you are too ill, too elderly, whatever, you must make the attempt. Their greetings salam alaikum, walaikum as-salam (as answered by voice), uh may god be with you. It is very common, their language, when they are speaking to each other, it is very common for them to say, uh allah willing, this will happen. It's they are so immersed in it. And what you've done is you've completey trashed their essence, their being. They find it very, very, very offensive. I am a Muslim. I find it very offensive ..... You are way outside your bounds of first amendment rights." (minute 31)
This is where to send polite and courteous complaints:
Wanda W. Sweigart, Court Administrator
phone: 717-772-3771
The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 5500
P.O. Box 62595, Harrisburg, PA 17106-2595
Phone: (717) 772-3771 • Fax: (717) 772-3774
Here's the homepage
The Court of Judicial Discipline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Judicial Conduct Board
601 Commonwealth Ave
Suite 3500
PO Box 62525
Harrisburg, PA 17106-2525 

Crazed Muslim Protesters Now the Cause of at least 23 Dead in Afghanistan

Twelve people killed Friday as anti-US sentiment spreads for fourth straight day in wake of holy book burning at Nato base UK
Friday 24, 2012

Death toll rises to 23 as protests continue over Qur'an burning. Source: Reuters Link to this video
Twelve people were killed on Friday in the bloodiest day yet in protests that have raged across Afghanistan over the desecration of copies of the Muslim holy book at a Nato military base with riot police and soldiers on high alert braced for more violence.
The burning of the Qur'ans at the Bagram compound earlier this week has deepened public mistrust of Nato forces struggling to stabilise Afghanistan before foreign combat troops withdraw in 2014.
Hundreds of Afghans marched towards the palace of Afghan president Hamid Karzai in Kabul, while on the other side of the capital protesters hoisted the white flag of the Taliban.
Chanting "Death to America!" and "Long live Islam!", protesters also threw rocks at police in Kabul, while Afghan army helicopters circled above.
Friday is a holy day and the official weekly holiday in Afghanistan and mosques in the capital drew large crowds, with police in pick-up trucks posted on nearby streets.
Armed protesters took refuge in shops in the eastern part of the city, where they killed one demonstrator, said police at the scene. In another Kabul rally, police said they were unsure who fired the shots that killed a second protester.
Seven more protesters were killed in the western province of Herat, two more in eastern Khost province and one in the relatively peaceful northern Baghlan province, health and local officials said. In Herat, around 500 men charged at the US consulate.
President Barack Obama had sent a letter to Karzai apologising for the unintentional burning of the Qur'ans at Nato's main Bagram air base, north of Kabul, after Afghan labourers found charred copies while collecting rubbish.
Muslims consider the Qur'an to be the literal word of God and treat each copy with deep reverence. Desecration is considered one of the worst forms of blasphemy.
Afghanistan wants Nato to put those responsible on public trial.
In neighbouring US ally Pakistan, about 400 members of a hardline Islamist group staged protests. "If you burn the Qur'an, we will burn you," they shouted.
To Afghanistan's west, Iranian cleric Ahmad Khatami said the US had purposely burned the Qur'ans. "These apologies are fake. The world should know that America is against Islam," he said in a speech broadcast live on state radio.
"It (the Qur'an burning) was not a mistake. It was an intentional move, done on purpose."
Most westerners have been confined to their heavily fortified compounds, including at the sprawling US embassy complex and other diplomatic missions, as protests that have killed a total of 23 people, including two US soldiers, rolled into their fourth day.
The embassy, in a message on the microblogging site Twitter, urged US citizens to "please be safe out there" and expanded movement restrictions to relatively peaceful northern provinces, where large demonstrations also occurred on Thursday, including the attempted storming of a Norwegian military base.
The Taliban urged Afghan security forces on Thursday to "turn their guns on the foreign infidel invaders" and repeatedly urged Afghans to kill, beat and capture Nato soldiers.
Germany, which has the third-largest foreign presence in the Nato-led war, pulled out several weeks early of a small base in the northern Takhar province on Friday over security concerns, a defence ministry spokesman said. 
As an Infidel and Christian, I deplore Obama and his apology to Islam. Obama continues his attacks on the Catholic faith and his hatred of Israel, but he continues to show his love for Islam. Time to end the apologies, time to accept the fact that Islam is an evil ideology that does not accept other Religions. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ezra Levant & Jason Kenney Discuss The Immigrant Baby Scam


Britain Launches War on Multiculturalism

 by Soeren Kern
February 24, 2012 at 4:45 am
"We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. ... I believe a genuinely liberal country... believes in certain values and actively promotes them." -- David Cameron
The British government has unveiled a new "integration strategy" designed to "champion a united British identity."
The new policy will require immigrants seeking admission to live in the United Kingdom to learn English and adhere to "mainstream" British culture and values such as democracy and the rule of law.
The measures represent a continuation of recent efforts by the government to reverse decades of state-sponsored multicultural policies that have allowed Muslim immigrants to avoid integration and establish a parallel society in Britain.

The new strategy document titled "Creating the Conditions for Integration" was published on February 21 and states: "We will robustly challenge behaviors and views which run counter to our shared values such as democracy, rule of law, equality of opportunity and treatment, freedom of speech and the rights of all men and women to live free from persecution of any kind. We will marginalize and challenge extremists who seek to undermine our society and we will neither engage with nor fund such organizations."

The document continues: "The long-term presence of a highly diverse population is generally an indicator of good integration and a strong sense that different people get on well. But this can be undermined and even reversed by a range of factors, for example if groups within the local community work and socialize separately."
Among a series of other measures, the government says it will reform laws on immigration and settlement by increasing the requirements on those who want to settle in Britain. Those coming to the United Kingdom to work, study or marry will be required to demonstrate an ability to speak English, and those wishing to remain permanently or seek British citizenship will be required to demonstrate their knowledge of language and life within the United Kingdom.

The new strategy also promotes the teaching of British history and culture in schools and encourages the flying of flags in public places. In addition, the government says it will work to restore the Christian faith to the center of public life in Britain.
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles, who is responsible for implementing the strategy, says the new measures represent a frontal attack on the multicultural policies introduced by the previous Labour government. Those policies included the watering down of the teaching of British history and policies which promoted "aggressive secularism."

Speaking to the London-based Daily Mail newspaper, Pickles said: "Under [Equality Minister] Harriet Harman's agenda, the Labour Government encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream. Political correctness replaced common sense. People were left afraid to express legitimate concerns and frustrations. We need a new approach. One that emphasizes what we have in common rather than difference."
Pickles continued: "It's sad to see how, in recent years, the idea of tolerance has become twisted. A few people, a handful of activists, have insisted that it isn't enough simply to celebrate the beliefs of minority communities; they want to disown the traditions and heritage of the majority, including the Christian faith and the English language."
The new integration strategy comes after British Prime British Prime Minister David Cameron publicly repudiated his country's long-standing policy of multiculturalism, declaring it to be a failure and responsible for fostering Islamist extremism.

In a speech to the Munich Security Conference in February 2011, Cameron said: "Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We have failed to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values."
Cameron continued: "This hands-off tolerance has only served to reinforce the sense that not enough is shared. And this all leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless. And the search for something to belong to and something to believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology. What we see -- and what we see in so many European countries -- is a process of radicalization."
Cameron said a two-pronged approach would be needed to neuter the threat of radical Islam in Europe: confronting extremist ideology and, instead of encouraging people to live apart, promoting a clear sense of shared national identity that is open to everyone.

On this second challenge of fostering a shared national identity, Cameron said: "Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and a much more active, muscular liberalism. A passively tolerant society says to its citizens as long as you obey the law we will just leave you alone. It stands neutral between different values. But I believe a genuinely liberal country does much more; it believes in certain values and actively promotes them. Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, democracy, the rule of law, equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality. It says to its citizens, this is what defines us as a society: to belong here is to believe in these things."
In a follow-up to that speech, Cameron in October 2011 announced a series of wide-ranging reforms aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration and visa fraud in order to "reclaim our borders and send illegal immigrants home."
Geez Obama wouldn't approve of these practices here in America. Obama continues to bring Muslims here who like in the UK will refuse to assimilate into our culture. 
Cameron said that in the future, immigrants applying for visas to live in Britain must show that they can speak English, and must also prove they have the financial resources to support themselves while in the country.
In some of his strongest rhetoric yet on the spiraling problem of illegal immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, Cameron also urged Britons to report suspected illegal immigrants to the authorities so they can be deported.
Cameron further said that in the future, all immigrants applying for a British passport would be required to pass a British history exam first.
Migrants wanting to settle in Britain permanently have been required to take a Citizenship Test since 2005. But that test, a multiple-choice quiz called Life in the UK, was reduced to a laughing stock when the previous Labour government ruled that immigrants should not be required to learn British history because there was too much of it and "it would not be fair."
Instead, applicants were asked questions about equal rights, discrimination and on how to claim social welfare benefits from the British state.

Cameron said: "We're also going to change the citizenship test. There is a whole chapter in the citizenship handbook on British history but, incredibly, there is no question on British history in the actual test. Instead you'll find questions on the roles and powers of the main institutions of Europe and the benefits system within the UK. So we are going to revise the whole test … and put British history and culture at the heart of it."
Despite its efforts to reverse multiculturalism, the British government faces an uphill battle to achieve an integrated society.
One day after the government announced its new integration strategy, the Office for National Statistics revealed that two-thirds of the babies born in London in 2010 had at least one foreign-born parent. In some inner-city areas, more than three-quarters of infants are now being born into immigrant families. The figure is below 50% in only six of the 32 London boroughs.
Migration Watch UK, a think tank that focuses on immigration and asylum issues, said: "These extraordinary figures illustrate the huge and rapid change that is taking place in our capital city. They illustrate the way in which London is being changed beyond recognition and on a scale and at a speed that makes successful integration so much more difficult."
Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook. 

Obama Two Faced When it Comes to Religion

February 24, 2012

In recent weeks Muslim Obama has shown his true colors when it comes to Christians beliefs, when he pushed his Obamacare policies that demand that Catholic church go against its beliefs and  teachings and provide contraceptives to all those working for Catholic schools, hospitals or any other Christian places of work or learning. 

Meanwhile Obama shows his love of Islam once again, proving he is really a Muslim, not only in words but actions. His apology to Afghanistan because a Quran was burned only gives Muslims more encouragement to riot and push their evil sharia law in more places. Obama has already sided with the UN in pushing for hate speech crimes. Hate speech which would only be implemented when the speech happens to offend Muslims. Don't worry if you offend Christians or Jews or other faiths, that wont bring about any hate speech charges. 

In many parts of Europe, Speaking out against Islam, simply speaking the truth about Muhammad will get you slapped with hate speech charges. If we allow Obama and his socialist regime to slowly restrict our freedom of speech, then we soon lose all of our freedoms. In Muslim countries, speaking evil or the truth about Islam gets you a rope around your neck, or perhaps you end up losing your head to a sharp blade. 

Burn a Quran and thats considered hateful, but its ok with Obama when Iran and Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries ban and often burn bibles. Our own military was forced to burn bibles as it violated Afghanistan rules demanding that no bibles be allowed in the country. Isn't it time we Americans wake up and realize what Obama is doing to our freedoms? Obama snickers at the constitution. He flaunts his power in ways never seen before by an American president. Its time send his Muslim ass packing. Remember this when you pull that lever in November. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Muslims Plan "Parallel Parliament" In Switzerland

by Soeren Kern
February 22, 2012 at 5:00 am

 growing immigrant population determined to avoid assimilation.
Leading Islamic groups in Switzerland are seeking to establish a single national representative body that will enable all of the country's Muslims to "speak with one voice."
The organizers say their new "parliament" will be called "Umma Schweiz" and be based on the principles of Islamic Sharia law. The headquarters of the organization will be located in Basel with "representatives" in all 26 cantons (or "states") of Switzerland. The first "test vote" of Umma Schweiz will be held in the fall of 2012; the group will be fully functional in 2013.

Ummah, an Arabic word that means "nation," refers to the entire Muslim community throughout the world. In recent years, Muslims have stepped up efforts to unify the globally fragmented ummah in an effort to revive an Islamic Caliphate or empire. Many Muslim scholars view the political unification of the ummah as a prerequisite to the consolidation of global Muslim power and the subsequent establishment of an Islamic world order.
Swiss analysts say the initiative is an effort to establish a "parallel" legislative body in Switzerland that will be a mouthpiece for Islamic fundamentalists who are seeking to impose Sharia law on the country, according to anexposé published by the newspaper Basler Zeitung.

Umma Schweiz is being spearheaded by two of the leading Muslim groups in Switzerland: the Coordination of Islamic Organizations of Switzerland (KIOS), led by an Iranian; and the Federation of Islamic Umbrella Organizations in Switzerland (FIDS), led by a Palestinian.
The effort to unify Muslims in Switzerland comes amid calls by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to establish an umbrella organization for all Swiss Muslims to counter discrimination.

What a crock? Muslims use this discrimination ploy to push their evil agenda. Using the liberal weaklings who submit so easily to their every wish. Its Muslims who are discriminating against Swedes. Muslims wanting to change the culture of the country. 

The OSCE, which sent three observers to Switzerland in November 2011, warned that Muslims in the country are being exploited by "the extreme right and populist parties." The OSCE also noted that Muslims in Switzerland are increasingly unifying around their religious identity, according to an advance copy of the OSCE trip report, which has been seen by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. "Groups like Bosnians and Albanians, who were previously defined by their ethnicity, are now identified by their religion," the OSCE report says.

Currently, there are more than 300 Muslim associations in Switzerland, and several umbrella organizations, but none is regarded as representative of Muslims as a whole.
The Muslim population in Switzerland has more than quintupled since 1980; it now numbers about 400,000, or roughly 5% of the population. Most Muslims living in Switzerland are of Turkish or Balkan origin, with a smaller minority from the Arab world. Many of them are second- and third-generation immigrants firmly establishing themselves in Switzerland.

The new Muslim demographic reality is raising tensions across large parts of Swiss society, especially as Muslims become more assertive in their demands for greater recognition of their Islamic faith.
In September 2011, for instance, an immigrant group based in Bern called for the emblematic white cross to be removed from the Swiss national flag because as a Christian symbol it "no longer corresponds to today's multicultural Switzerland."

Notice how Muslims continue to try and change the culture, rather then to assimilate like other immigrants have in the past.  Why continue to allow more Muslims into the country is beyond comprehension. Its like allowing more foxes into the chicken coop. 

The ensuing controversies are fuelling a debate over the role of Islam in Swiss society and how to reconcile Western values with a growing immigrant population determined to avoid assimilation.

Many of the disputes are ending up in Swiss courts, which have been packed with Islam-related cases in recent years. In one proceeding, for example, Muslim parents won a lawsuit demanding that they be allowed to dress their children in full-body bathing suits (aka "burkinis") during co-ed swimming lessons. In another, a group of Swiss supermarkets created a stir by banning Muslim employees from wearing headscarves.
In September 2010, the secretary of the Muslim Community of Basel was acquitted of publicly inciting crime and violence. The charges were pressed after the 33-year-old made comments in a Swiss television documentary saying that Islamic Sharia law should be introduced in Switzerland and that
But speak out against the evil practices in the islamic culture and you may be facing a hate crimes charge in many parts of Europe. Muslims continue to get a free pass when they demonstrate against Jews or Christians but dare not speak out against Islam. 

In January 2011, a 66-year-old Turkish woman living in Bern was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for encouraging the father and brothers of her daughter-in-law to carry out an "honor crime" against her for her "risqué lifestyle."
In August 2010, five Muslim families in Basel were fined 350 Swiss Francs ($420) each for refusing to send their daughters to mixed-sex swimming lessons. In August 2009, the Swiss basketball association told a Muslim player she could not wear a headscarf during league games.

Swiss voters have also been fighting back against the Islamization of their country by means of the ballot box. 
In November 2009, Switzerland held a referendum in which citizens approved an initiative to ban the construction of minarets. The initiative was approved 57.5% to 42.5% by some 2.67 million voters. Only four cantons or states opposed the initiative, thereby granting the double approval that now makes the minaret ban part of the Swiss constitution.
In November 2010, Swiss voters approved tough new regulations on the deportation of non-Swiss immigrants convicted of serious crimes. The measure calls for the automatic expulsion of non-Swiss offenders convicted of crimes ranging from murder to breaking and entry and social security fraud.

Also in November, Swiss Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga said the approval or extension of residency permits should be closely linked to the efforts immigrants make to integrate themselves. "Compulsory schooling must be respected. Children should attend all courses and exceptions made on religious or other grounds, for example in swimming classes, should no longer be possible," Sommaruga said.
In December 2010, the Federal Commission on Women's Issues called for Islamic burqas and niqabs to be banned in government offices and in public schools. The government-appointed committee said the move would prevent gender discrimination.

In May 2011, voters in canton Ticino, in Switzerland's Italian-speaking region, collected enough signatures to be able to launch a referendum that would ban burqas, niqabs and other Islamic head dresses. If the referendum goes ahead, it will be the first time in Switzerland that citizens have been asked to express an opinion on burqas.
On February 14, 2012, the far-right Swiss People's Party, the country's largest, filed a petition supporting a cap on immigration to Switzerland. The petition, which is the result of a months-long campaign to gather the required 100,000 signatures, is now being reviewed by Swiss authorities. If the proposals in the petition are deemed acceptable, it will then go to a popular referendum, in accordance with Switzerland's unique system of direct democracy.

On February 27, the Swiss Parliament is scheduled to debate a series of proposals to crack down on Muslim forced marriages in Switzerland. There are an estimated 17,000 forced marriages in Switzerland; one-third of the victims are between the ages of 13 and 18, according to a ground-breaking study of the problem conducted in 2006.
The proposals being considered include: amending the Swiss Penal Code to make forced marriage a criminal offense; outlawing the marriages of minors; reviewing all future requests for marriage to ensure that no one is being married against her will; and mandating the deportation of any immigrants found to guilty of forcing someone to marry against her will.
Soeren Kern is Senior Fellow for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group. Follow him on Facebook.
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