Friday, January 6, 2012

Man took severed head on bus in carrier bag - Mohammed Boudjenane jealous of love rival Lakhdar Ouyahia

Europe News

WHEN a jobless electrician got on a late-night bus in West Hampstead with his bulging orange plastic shopping bag he had a cheery word with the driver and smiled as he waved to fellow travellers.
He was in a good mood having accomplished a "task” he had set himself.
But his bonhomie concealed the stuff of a horror film, which those who saw him knew nothing about.
Moments after leaving the single decker N98 in Maida Vale at Little Venice, in the shadows of luxury homes, Mohammed Boudjenane "deposited” his Sainsbury’s bag into the murky depths of the Regent’s Canal.
It swiftly sank to the bottom of the waterway.
Weighted down with a claw hammer it also contained the severed head of his kindly neighbour.
Boudjenane wrongly believed that meter reader Lakhdar Ouyahia was a rival for the affections of a nanny who was a regular worshipper at the Sacred Heart Church in Quex Road, an Old Bailey Court heard on the Friday before Christmas.
Forty-nine-year-old Boudjenane, a failed asylum seeker, and Mr Ouyahia, 43, both from Algeria, lived in Kingsgate Road off Kilburn High Road. (...)