Thursday, January 5, 2012

Israel creating virtual electronic fence in Red Sea

Israel Matzav
Friday January 6, 2012

Israel is setting up a virtual electronic fence beneath the surface of the Red Sea in order to protect itself from attacks from Egypt, according to a story in Friday's JPost.
On Thursday, The Jerusalem Post toured the border with officers from the IDF’s 80th Division and received an insider’s look at how the military plans to thwart terrorist attacks. In August, eight Israelis were killed in a coordinated terrorist assault along the border.

Since then, the navy has boosted the number of electronic sensors along the coast. It can now detect and track targets the size of soda cans floating in the sea, said Lt.-Cmdr. Ronen, commander of the patrol ships in the Red Sea.

“The border between Israel and Sinai continues into the sea, and when one part is closed there might be someone on the other side who thinks that they can try to come into Israel a different way, maybe via the sea,” he told the Post. “We understand that our operations have significant and strategic consequences.”
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