Sunday, January 8, 2012

Duisburg: Why Doesn’t Anybody Kick Against the Mosque?

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We reported recently that damages were wreaked against churches by rocks, small cannons and rockets in the Duisburg townships of Laar and Beeck on New Years Day. Now, the WAZ newspaper went on site and tried to find out more accurate information regarding the attitude in the neighborhoods, which wasn’t too easy when proceeding in a politically correct way.
First, they ask a Turk who is right on his way into the mosque directly next to the Laar cathedral. There’s where it starts already! Why do the mosques always have to stand next to the churches if that is the wish of the Turks? That’s a model throughout the whole country, where the mosque-building associations don’t get embarrassed about building the minaret five meters higher than the church tower, much the opposite, they would do it right away if the were allowed!
Now, mosque visitor Altintas says that’s impossible; Islam is tolerant and would never throw rocks at churches; that can be seen in Turkey where not one church has ever been desecrated. Now whether Altintas is only well indoctrinated or whether he is consciously playing the strings of peaceful Islam for us is still to be seen. In any case, this is how it stands with Oriana Fallaci regarding the conquest of Constantinople in 1453 by Sultan Fatih:
He had all altars destroyed, all church bells melted down, every church converted into mosques or bazaars. Oh yes. This is how Constantinople became Istanbul…

And the people who had fled into the Hagia Sophia were beheaded, even babies! But let’s forget that. Altintas, today, wants to defend the Duisburg church as well as the mosque, and then:
“There are people here who do nothing but cause trouble,” Senol Atintas says. Then he points to an pub where a Lebanese flag hangs in the window. Five men are standing in front of the entrance, two of them apparently still minors.

Lebanon! At that point, WAZ turns to the Lebanese:
“Yes there are problems,” Omar finally states, “if you want to know exactly what the problem is, it’s that there’s nowhere in Laar to play football.

OK, there has to be football, but where?
Reverend Andreas Rose didn’t find it funny at all when on Thursday he reported to the editorial what he experienced when he nicely asked a small group of football players not to disturb the ongoing mass with shots at the church: “I was insulted in the worst way, and they became enormously aggressive. Bad,” Rose says, “bad and sad.”

The incident might seem harmless for some, who in cities doesn’t kick balls against walls? But why do the young Lebanese kick against the church during worship service where the old Germans are sitting? And why don’t they ever once happen to kick balls at least against the door of the mosque when the imam calls?
There are some who have a hazy imagination about the takeover of a society. They think of a military invasion and therefore think that the islamization of Europa is a pipe-dream from crazy people. But that is not the case. Islamization is happening in a sneaky way and it shows in apparently small details such as the disturbance of Christian churchgoers by followers of the conqueror’s religion.
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