Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming Soon to America: Beheadings

Politically Incorrect

See this video titled ‘“Unholy War” Christians under attack by Muslims in the UK‘ at Family Security Matters of a Christian Pakistani family who was threatened with beheading for leaving the Islamic faith.
Don’t believe it could happen in the good ole’ US? What about theChristmas Day family massacre in Texas? Or the New Jersey manwho had his wife killed? Or perhaps, the Somali sex slavery ring which you can read about here?
And don’t forget 9/11!
Make no mistake. It can happen and is beginning to happen in the United States of America. This kind of violence and crime has been going on for years in Europe, and if you wish to see what will come our way, just read more articles on this website. It is here to inform you about the truth – that the mainstream media will withhold from you or hide on some fifth page in a paragraph article.
The current administration is encouraging Muslim business to be built up in this country. The MSM is already on their side. Notice the program on The Learning Channel – All American Muslim
Can it happen? Yes. And it is happening. Although, thanks to the MSM, not quite directly before our eyes.
–Anders Denken
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