Saturday, January 7, 2012

ALLEN WEST: “Barack Obama’s plan to slash defense spending completely decimates the ability of the military to be able to support and defend this country”

From Bare Naked Islam blog

Congressman West says the policy shows that “the President is totally misguided and displays a level of incompetence that is absolutely unconscionable. People all over the world who are enemies of the United States of America are cheering right now.”

What’s more, Barack Hussein Obama will be putting 500,000 more Americans out of work.

(H/T) SheikYermami But what did anyone expect? No one with even the vaguest awareness of Obama’s background would be surprised to see him seize on his opportunity to destroy the American military.
Any savings produced by disarming ourselves will be swallowed up by ever-expanding entitlement spending. Whereas defense spending makes America stronger, every penny wasted on wealth redistribution makes the country weaker, and commits us to further spending down the road as the percentage of the population that votes for a living instead of working grows and grows and grows.
Combined with Obama’s recent decision to give away missile technology secrets to the Russians (treason-anyone-barack-obama-signaled-congress-this-week-that-he-is-prepared-to-share-u-s-missile-defense-secrets-with-russia) there is no mistaking that Obama intends to cripple this nation in the next 12 months