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Anjem Choudary: Living Off Benefits is Halal - The Wealth Belongs to Allah

Why is this reporter wearing that cover on her head? Is she submitting in front of all her viewers?

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Islamic Bitch Slap Fight LOL

I don't mind seeing these Muslims kick each others ass. Imagine fighting over Sadam. lol

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Thanks to Bare Naked Islam

ALLEN WEST tells conservative women, “We need to raise our sons to be American men of courage, honor, and integrity.”

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Bilal Philips Fan -" You Support Animal Sex - We Support Sharia!"

More Muslims protests as peaceful Danish try to voice their opposition to Sharia and the Islamic extremists.

Muslim comment to reporter, " You support sex with animals, we support sharia law" Geez don't Muslims have a thing about buggering ship and cows?

David Icke - Interbreeding Bloodlines (They Like To Keep it in The Family)

Muslims are number one when it comes to interbreeding. Its why they are so brainwashed in their beliefs. Islam is not a religion, its a sick ideology. Muslims marrying cousins is considered proper in the Islamic world. Its another reason to end the immigration to America of these sick brainwashed Muslims. They cannot and will not accept our constitution as their guide. Muslims want Sharia law, and they are gradually working to take away our freedom of speech. If they succeed, all of our other freedoms will be lost.

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Andrew Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

We have a choice. We either bow down and submit to Islam, or we rise up and speak out against the evils of Islam, the Quran and Sharia law.  Lets tell Obama & Graham to go pound sand where the sun doesn't shine.

Allen West: "Obama is like a Low-Level socialist Agitator"

Allen West, is my kind of American. Willing to stand up against the forces of evil in America. That force being Our Muslim in Chief Obama.

CAIR's Strong-Arm Tactics in the Cradle of Liberty

by Hillel Zaremba

Pajamas Media
April 20, 2011

Aaron Proctor, a Philadelphia-based libertarian writer, can count himself the latest victim of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that ironically claims to work for civil rights.

Proctor, a colorful commentator for the Philadelphia version of, had the temerity to investigate CAIR's dubious background in connection with its Philadelphia branch's planned fundraising dinner on March 12 at a municipal facility, the Springfield Country Club. CAIR-PA invited Johari Abdul-Malik to deliver one of the evening's main addresses. Abdul-Malik works at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, which has the distinction of being the former base for an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and for Anwar al-Awlaki, mentor to Fort Hood murderer Nidal Malik Hasan and underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

In keeping with these associations, Abdul-Malik declared in 2001:

I am gonna teach you now. You can blow up bridges, but you cannot kill people who are innocent on their way to work. You can blow up power supplies … the water supply; you can do all forms of sabotage and let the world know that we are doing it like this because they have a respect for the lives of innocent people.

When Islamist Watch notified various local citizens' groups of the Springfield Country Club event, Proctor picked up the topic. He titled his first posting on the subject "CAIR, an Islamic terrorism group, coming to Delaware County next month" and then challenged Congressman Pat Meehan, in whose district Springfield Township lies, to speak out about the banquet. Meehan responded cautiously, supporting CAIR's "right to peacefully assemble" while addressing its questionable history:

CAIR has recently made a series of statements accusing the FBI of falsely entrapping Muslim-Americans and advocating that Muslims not cooperate with law enforcement and the FBI. … As a former U.S. attorney, I am extremely concerned about the message that this kind of rhetoric sends to the community.

CAIR-PA then attacked both Proctor and Meehan and strong-armed the Examiner with accusations of defamation and publishing "hate speech." Brazenly lying about CAIR's status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial, it claimed that there was "zero court-admissible evidence to suggest that they are in anyway [sic] related to terrorism." In fact, CAIR practically admitted it was a "terrorist-supporting front organization" when it backed off a 2004 defamation lawsuit it had initiated, for fear of the discovery process. Further, as recently as July 2009, U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis found "ample evidence to establish the associations of CAIR … with Hamas."

Setting its sights on the weaker adversary, CAIR-PA sent the local police Proctor's photograph and accused him of being a potential "security threat." In a letter to a senior staffer at the Examiner, CAIR-PA charged Proctor with "hate speech," "bigotry," and "slander" and issued a strongly worded request for the writer's dismissal.

The letter also fudged the truth about the Philadelphia chapter's link to the terrorism-tied national group, stating: "Although CAIR-Philadelphia licenses the use of the name CAIR, we are legally distinct entities." The claim of a wall separating the national organization from its local branch is ludicrous; CAIR-PA employs the same logo as the national organization, carries the same news alerts as the national organization, and responded to Meehan by citing the national organization's alleged crime-fighting credentials.

Frightened by CAIR's threats of libel proceedings and references to "hate speech," the Examiner folded. On February 11, management suspended Proctor from work while it reviewed the legalities of his anti-CAIR articles.

In an email sent on February 14, Proctor wrote about his tangling with this supposed champion of civil liberties:

To say that I wasn't scared not only for my life but for my loved ones due to the threats from CAIR would be a gross understatement. It's scary when you read someone has emailed the police about you when you haven't even made a threat to them and wouldn't do anything more than write about them.

Proctor disclosed that although he had won back his job at the Examiner, the experience left him shaken:

I have been reinstated on today. … As a precaution (and of my own free will, not suggested to be [sic] by anyone), I've taken down my CAIR articles … and will no longer focus on any further stories about Islam or CAIR. I guess that's the end game of terrorism: scaring people into [not] speaking out and keeping people away from seeking out their livelihood.

Did CAIR win? It would certainly seem that way, for there is now one less individual willing to question its behavior. The story, however, need not end there:

•Pat Meehan serves as chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security's Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence and should hear from citizens who oppose those who use the liberties afforded by the Constitution to muzzle criticism and stifle debate.

•Citizens of Springfield Township should ask their elected officials why a facility they own continues to be used by a group that admires someone who has recommended sabotage.

•, "the fastest-growing local content network in the U.S.," should be true to its name and examine, closely and objectively, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Proctor may not always have chosen his words about CAIR wisely or well, but he left an eloquent appeal before descending into his self-imposed silence:

Please stand with me and stand with free speech and don't let these people twist the arms of America any more. Those of you who have dedicated much of your lives and free time to fighting the lies and propaganda and "lawfare" that CAIR seeks to implement in the U.S., please do not stop fighting.

Aaron Proctor has become yet another victim of the dangerous trend of CAIR stifling public discussion of Islamism. Who will be next?

Hillel Zaremba is associate director of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.


Female Protester Disrupts Muslim Radicals Rallying around Pierre Vogel


One brave proud German, wanting to keep Germany German and not Islamic.

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British Women Forced to Wear Veil - Muslim Inmates Running the Asylum

Wake up America, these Muslim bastards won't stop so we must stop them. Do you want you wives and daughters being harrassed by these Muslim bastards? 

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The Silent Extermination of Iraq's 'Christian Dogs'

by Raymond Ibrahim
April 19, 2011

Last week an Iraqi Muslim scholar issued a fatwa that, among other barbarities, asserts that "it is permissible to spill the blood of Iraqi Christians." Inciting as the fatwa is, it is also redundant. While last October's Baghdad church attack which killed some sixty Christians is widely known—actually receiving some MSM coverage—the fact is, Christian life in Iraq has been a living hell ever since U.S. forces ousted the late Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Among other atrocities, beheading and crucifying Christians are not irregular occurrences; messages saying "you Christian dogs, leave or die," are typical. Islamists see the church as an "obscene nest of pagans" and threaten to "exterminate Iraqi Christians." John Eibner, CEO of Christian Solidarity International, summarized the situation well in a recent letter to President Obama:

Iraqi man grieves at the funeral of his two brothers, slain for being Christian.

The threat of extermination is not empty. Since the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime, more than half the country's Christian population has been forced by targeted violence to seek refuge abroad or to live away from their homes as internally displaced people. According to the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, over 700 Christians, including bishops and priests, have been killed and 61 churches have been bombed. Seven years after the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Catholic Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk reports: "He who is not a Muslim in Iraq is a second-class citizen. Often it is necessary to convert or emigrate, otherwise one risks being killed." This anti-Christian violence is sustained by a widespread culture of Muslim supremacism that extends far beyond those who pull the triggers and detonate the bombs.

The grand irony, of course, is that Christian persecution has increased exponentially under U.S. occupation. As one top Vatican official put it, Christians, "paradoxically, were more protected under the dictatorship" of Saddam Hussein.

What does one make of this—that under Saddam, who was notorious for human rights abuses, Christians were better off than they are under a democratic government sponsored by humanitarian, some would say "Christian," America?

Like a Baghdad caliph, Saddam appears to have made use of the better educated Christians, who posed no risk to his rule, such as his close confidant Tariq Aziz. Moreover, by keeping a tight lid on the Islamists of his nation—who hated him as a secular apostate no less than the Christians—the latter benefited indirectly.

Conversely, by empowering "the people," the U.S. has unwittingly undone Iraq's Christian minority. Naively projecting Western values on Muslims, U.S. leadership continues to think that "people-power" will naturally culminate into a liberal, egalitarian society—despite all the evidence otherwise. The fact is, in the Arab/Muslim world, "majority rule" traditionally means domination by the largest tribe or sect; increasingly, it means Islamist domination.

Either which way, the minorities—notably the indigenous Christians—are the first to suffer once the genie of "people-power" is uncorked. Indeed, evidence indicates that the U.S. backed "democratic" government of Iraq enables and incites the persecution of its Christians. (All of this raises the pivotal question: Do heavy-handed tyrants—Saddam, Mubarak, Qaddafi, et al—create brutal societies, or do naturally brutal societies create the need for heavy-handed tyrants to keep order?)

Another indicator that empowering Muslim masses equates Christian suffering is the fact that, though Iraqi Christians amount to a mere 5% of the population, they make up nearly 40% of the refugees fleeing Iraq. It is now the same in Egypt: "A growing number of Egypt's 8-10 million Coptic Christians are looking for a way to get out as Islamists increasingly take advantage of the nationalist revolution that toppled long-standing dictator Hosni Mubarak in February."

The Destruction of Iraq Christian Churches

At least Egypt's problems are homegrown, whereas the persecution of Iraq's Christians is a direct byproduct of U.S. intervention. More ironic has been Obama's approach: Justifying U.S. intervention in Libya largely in humanitarian terms, the president recently declared that, while "it is true that America cannot use our military wherever repression occurs… that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what's right."

True, indeed. Yet, as Obama "acts on behalf of what's right" by providing military protection to the al-Qaeda connected Libyan opposition, Iraq's indigenous Christians continue to be exterminated—right under the U.S. military's nose in Iraq. You see, in its ongoing bid to win the much coveted but forever elusive "Muslim-hearts-and-minds™"—which Obama has even tasked NASA with—U.S. leadership has opted to ignore the inhumane treatment of Islam's "Christian dogs," the mere mention of which tends to upset Muslims.

Raymond Ibrahim is associate director of the Middle East Forum

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Muslims burning the holy bible will continue forever

Ok now after watching this horrible video of Muslims burning the bible, are you ready to go out and riot in the streets? Will you attack your local Mosques and burn it down? Will you cut the heads of any Muslims that you find and yell God is great?  I didn't think so. But thats what Muslims do even if its only a rumor that someone burned their dirty quran.  Muslims are brainwashed. How else can you explain their actions. Islam is a religion of hate.

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Misprision of Treason: Top DOJ officials abandon CAIR terror finance prosecutions


Apr 14, 2011

By Frank Gaffney, Jr. 

It is a felony offense to know or have reason to know that seditious activity is underway and do nothing about it. The term used in the U.S. Code for such a crime is “misprision of treason.” Counterterrorism expert Patrick Poole reveals today that political appointees in the Obama-Holder Justice Department would appear, at a minimum, to be candidates for prosecution for obstruction of justice and perhaps guilty of violating this statute.

In a Pajamas Media article headlined “Did Obama and Holder Scuttle Terror Finance Prosecutions?”, Poole reports that two Justice Department sources confirm that the decision not to prosecute unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial was taken “at the top” of the department, not by the federal prosecutors in Dallas who had secured convictions of five HLF officials and had planned next to put away their helpmates.

As a result, one of the most prominent and problematic of those listed by the prosecution – the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas front known as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – has not only been allowed to continue to run its influence operations in Washington and elsewhere across the country. It has been free to enjoy what is, if anything, even greater access to and influence over the Obama administration than it enjoyed during previous presidencies.

A book published late last year by Patrick Poole and eighteen other national security professionals, Shariah: The Threat to America, documents how such access advances the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission in this country of waging a kind of “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” As it happens, just yesterday, Chairwoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) convened the first of what she says will be a series of House Intelligence subcommittee hearings aimed at investigating the Brotherhood and its operations, here and abroad.

One of the most chilling passages of Poole’s article is a quote from a DoJ official who, on condition of anonymity, came forward with confirmation of this scandal:

This is a national security issue. We know that these Muslim leaders and groups are continuing to raise money for Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Ten years ago we shut down the Holy Land Foundation. It was the right thing to do. Then the money started going to KindHearts. We shut them down too. Now the money is going through groups like Islamic Relief and Viva Palestina. Until we act decisively to cut off the financial pipeline to these terrorist groups by putting more of these people in prison, they are going to continue to raise money that will go into the hands of killers. And until Congress starts grilling the people inside DOJ and the FBI who are giving these groups cover, that is not going to change. My biggest fear is that Americans are going to die and it will be the very Muslim leaders we are working with who will be directly or indirectly responsible.

It is high time Congress starts “grilling the people inside DOJ and the FBI who are giving these groups cover.” If the facts warrant impeachment and prosecution on misprision of treason or other grounds, so be it.

Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause

Lindsey Graham should keep his Rino mouth shut. If we want to take freedom of speech away, then lets start by stuffing a rag in Graham's mouth. Freedom of speech is what make America such a great country. Graham did say one thing that nobody has picked up on. We are in a war. A war with Islam. Muslim Obama and others in the Politically correct crowd, are all so willing to submit to Islam and give up our freedoms. Islam doesn't allow for freedom of speech. Sharia laws would burn or constitution. I'd rather burn a Quran.

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"Family Honor" - Selling Daughters into Sex-slavery for Sheep


Italian Senator on immigration: "Those who are too nice, become minced meat!"


Former Lebanese MP, “Women in burqas look like garbage bags”

bare naked islam blog

Wiam Wahhab, leader of the Tawhid Movement in Lebanon, a former MP and journalist has caused an uproar in the Muslim world by stating,”I have been to Riyadh, Jedda, Taif, and Mecca. The women there look like garbage bags. They wear black bags (or blue ones in Afghanistan), and you cannot see a thing – no face, no eyes, no hands, no legs…”

GERMAN advertising campaign for Muslim women’s rights provides the perfect visual for the headline that reads:

“Oppressed women are easily overlooked. Please support us in the fight for their rights.”

Wow, can you tell which one is the garbage bab and which one is the Women in a burqa? Look at your own garbage bag when you put it out and then realize you could be throwing your wife out after you honor kill her. lol

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Islamist Apparel Banned in France

National Review Online
Daniel Pipes

With a new law, the French salvaged an aspect of Western civilization.

The law prohibits “concealment of the face in public, especially by wearing a full body covering” (“dissimulation du visage dans l’espace public, en particulier par la pratique du port du voile intégral”). In other words, it does not explicitly mention the Islamist gear known as niqab (which covers a woman’s body except for the eyes) and burqa (covers the entire body).

Clever. But “concealment of the face” takes place routinely. Large, dark sunglasses hide the eyes. Surgical face masks (worn to fend off contagious diseases) cover the nose and mouth. Fire-retardant hoods obscure the neck, ears, and hair. Worn together, sunglasses, mask, and hood, such as sported by actress Faye Dunaway last year at LAX, might be illegal under the new French law, even though it is not a problem.

One can discern plenty about Ms. Dunaway, including her gender, her approximate age, and what she is carrying. She looks odd but does not threaten fellow passengers.

Niqabs and burqas, in contrast, are not veils but head-to-toe coverings that envelope the entire person. They routinely present security challenges by hiding males, guns, and bombs. They cause Vitamin D deficiency in women and breast-fed children. They obstruct communication, disrupt family life, dehumanize women, and undermine individualism.

Legislation should focus on full-body coverings; these cultural atrocities must be banned everywhere.

— Daniel Pipes is director of the Middle East Forum and Taube distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

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Lampedusa: Again - Muslim Immigrants Set Fire to Refugee Center and Flee

Send them all back to the shithole they came from.

Muslim suicide bombers might get more then they bargained for in heaven.

So smartass Muslim Suicide Bombers are expecting 72 Virgins when they get to heaven. Well perhaps they will get more they had hoped for. Just keep on blowing your brains out cause when you get to heaven, these lovely virgins will be waiting for you. lol

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English Defense League edldvdproject2.mp4

Support the EDL, for they fight for a UK without Muslim extremism. EDL, fighting for free speech. Freedoms we here in America take for granted, but soon could lose if we don't stand up and speak out against the evils of Islam and Sharia.

Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed

Thanks to The Jawa Report blog

The Agenda - Grinding America Down


The Philosophy of Liberty


Andrew Klavan: Barack the Magic Suit, A Political Fairy Tale.

Ann Barnhardt: "Be the Man God Made You to Be"


Ann Barnardt, my kind of patriot.

Easter Eggs only allowed as "Spring Spheres" in US Public School

Muslims to use the "Dirty Hand" to Greet Non-muslims


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NiqaBitch HD (Mi Pute-Mi Soumise REMIX)

I might tolerate the burqa or Niqa if they all dressed like this. lol

Two Roads Diverged in the Woods, Which Road Will You Take?

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

– Robert Frost

My favorite all time poem. Question now is which road will America take? One that bows down to the coming push for Sharia and Islam in America, or one where we Americans stand up and fight back against the evils of Islam and Sharia and those who wish to take away our freedoms? I know which road I've chosen, I hope you will follow me on the road that stands up for the Constitution and our freedoms. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey, Lindsey Graham, in your honor, Ann Barnhardt is going to burn a bacon-bookmarked ‘Holy’ Qur’an

Bare Naked Islam

Next time you want to tell us how “Free Speech is a nice idea,” we’ll be burning thousands more qur’ans in your honor, Lindsey. Ann Akbar baby. You go girl!

All of America needs to stand up and tell Dhimmi Graham and Reid, we will not tollerate your taking away our freedom of speech. You scumbags that continue to bow down and submit to Islam, will be first to lose your heads if we ever lose our freedoms.

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Border Strategy: Stop Arresting Invaders

Moonbattery Blog

April 4, 2011
Posted by Van Helsing at April 4, 2011 2:06 PM

Congratulations to Comrade Obama and Janet Napolitano on finding a way to cut down the number of illegal aliens caught invading our country from Mexico without reducing the growing underclass that Democrats are counting on for future votes. The genius of the strategy lies in its simplicity:

An Arizona sheriff says U.S. Border Patrol officials have repeatedly told him they have been ordered to reduce — at times even stop — arrests of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the U.S. border.

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever told that a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol told him as recently as this month that the federal agency's office on Arizona's southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods.

"The senior supervisor agent is telling me about how their mission is now to scare people back," Dever said in an interview with "He said, 'I had to go back to my guys and tell them not to catch anybody, that their job is to chase people away. … They were not to catch anyone, arrest anyone. Their job was to set up posture, to intimidate people, to get them to go back."

With Obummer/Incompetano in charge of national security, American's enemies are anything but intimidated. But so long as a lower number of arrests can be used to create a deceptive appearance that the border is under control, mission accomplished.

Thanks you Barack Hussein Obama for making our borders safer. Didn't he just do that for the Christians in Egypt? Yep!

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Moammar Ka-daffy Bashes Obama on Saturday Nite Live

Thanks to Moonbattery for this video

ISLAM - Denmark- Geert WILDERS propositions - english spoken - sous-titré français

Geert Wilder is on target when it comes to the Islamization of Europe and the west. This weeks murder of innocent people by barbaric muslims simply because a pastor burned the Quran is a good example of why Muslims must not be allowed to migrate to any civilized country.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

English Defense League, Angels Division

Israel and the Unholy Trinity

English Defense League

There is an unholy trinity that has come together to bring about what Palestinians shout at their demonstrations ‘From the River to Sea, Palestine will be free!’ It is a tripod of hate from the intellecutally bankrupt Left-wing communists and right-wing fascists and Nazis, supported by Islamists. From the River to the Jordan to the Mediterranean sea Palestine will be established at the expense of the state of Israel. Yet there has never been a state of Palestine, there has never been an Arabic nation based in Palestine, it was invaded in the 7th and 8th Centuries by Arab Islamists seeking to spread their evil ideology to the world. Arabs were offered 80% of the British Palestine Mandate known as Trans-Jordan, but they rejected it. They wanted it all. Ever since, Muslims everywhere have sought and fought to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state.

63 years ago, the dream of Jews around the world came into being. The formation of a homeland for the Jews in their historic and geographic land of origin. Yet despite the size of this nascent nation being insignificant, it was enough for the Islamist Arabs to describe the event as the Nakba - the catastrophe. They launched a frenzied military attack on the new nation and despite the overwhelming superiority in arms, they were thrown back. The State of Israel was born and survived its traumatic birthing.

Despite the efforts of the Islamists and the Political far-left and right to denigrate, demonise and delegitimise the state of Israel, it still remains a free, democratic society in which freedom of thought, religion and politics is still practiced. Despite the lies of being called an apartheid state, Arabs and other non-Jewish Israeli citizens are afforded equality before the law and are given equal access to jobs, education and welfare. Muslims, people sworn to uphold the commands of their prophet and of their amoral book to destroy Israel and the Jews, even sit in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. The rabid desire of the anti-semitic far-left and far-right to see the end of Israel and the dispersal of the Jews from their homeland again, leads them to produce a constant diatribe of outlandish lies, untruths and fabrications that goes far beyond what is normal for a sane, rational human being.

Yet in that 63 years Israel, despite the festering hatred and envy of the Islamists and their allies in the West, has continued to turn the desert it was given into a vibrant, green and productive land. Compare this to the output of the Islamist states around it. Compare the output of Islamic intellectuals to those of the Jews. The Jews have since the inception of the Nobel prizes for intellectual endeavours racked up 181 Nobel prizes, representing 22% of all the prizes awarded. They have been awarded in many different fields from Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. They have sought to advance human knowledge and benefit humanity as a whole. The Jews as a race world-wide represent 0.2% of the worlds population. Now compare that to the Muslim population of 1.5 billion people or 20% of the world’s entire population. Yet with this huge pool of people to draw upon, Muslims can only muster a little over 6 Nobel prizes. It was a Jew who invented a vaccine against Polio,whilst it was Yassar Arafat who deliberately destroyed any chance of peace and a two-state solution by rejecting the Oslo Peace Accord and was awarded a Nobel Peace prize for doing so. This same Yassar Arafat who in English espoused peace, but in Arabic to his Muslim friends and supporters spoke of annihilating Israel and the Jews.

The Far-Right hate Jews without reason or foundation. The Left hate the Jews because the intellectuals see through the lies of the Left, the Jews are successful in nearly every endevour which compounds the hatred against them.

Before the Jews took back control of their land in Israel, the Arab Islamists had been in control. All that was there was largely useless desert. The few Arabs who lived in the Palestine Mandate did little to make it a better place. Yet within a few short years of Israel’s return, the desert began to bloom. Kibbutzim were set up and orange groves, farms and fruit farms were established. The land was made to be fruitful again. Cities such Tel-Aviv which before had been no more than small dusty towns were turned into modern bustling metropolises that could rival anything that Europe or America could offer.

Yet despite all of these things, the democratic state, equality before the law, the intellectual, economic and scientific contribution to the world. The right and the left in politics have sought to demonise and delegitimise Israel and Jews. The Islamists out of pure blind hatred inspired by islamic scripture and Nazi propaganda continues its efforts to carry on where Hitler left off. Indeed Hitler was such a great admirer of the Islamic stance on the destruction of Jews that he invited the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to Germany to broadcast his vile anti-semitic hatred of Jews to all of Europe. The Islamists in turn loved Nazism and Hitler and have tried ever since to carry on. Indeed, the number one best selling book after the Koran in the Middle East is Mein Kampf. I think there is a scene in George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, in which at the end of the story, one of the characters looks in to the farmhouse where the Pigs - the ruling class, are having celebrations with men for a deal they have signed, and he looks from one to the other, from pig to man and back again, and sees no difference. So it is with the Islamists and the political classes of the Left and Right. They are the same side of the same coin, just that the edges have become blurred over the years from over-use.

David Horowitz, editor of FrontPage Magazine, when trying to give a lecture at USCD was questioned by a Muslimah. Mr Horowitz asked the mentally challenged Muslimah whether she supported the genocide of Jews by Hamas , she refused to answer on the grounds that she would incrimiate herself. The far-left and the far-right support this position as well. They too cannot abide Jews or Israel and work with the Islamists to bring about the destructions of all Jews.

In every sphere of endeavour, Jews are successful. In every sphere but one, Islam is a failure. The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Communists and the Nazis only puts them to shame when held up to the mirror of truth and reason. Jews have fought along side us against tyranny and the evils of Communism and Fascism. Islamists have sided with the Communists and Fascists.

So, when you see the flag of Israel flying amongt the crosses of St. George at an EDL protest, know that it is because we, the EDL, stand in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Know that we stand with them for reason, for the rule of law, of human rights and the rights of the indiviudal. We stand with them because they stand with us. They have stood with us over the centuries to fight evil and the heavy hand of tyranny. They have helped to maintain civilisation in the face of the evils of Communism, Fascims, Nazism and Islamism. The flag of Israel, with the flag of St George represents a light in the all-pervading hatred of all that thas is good and civilised. Don’t be fooled by the lies of the left, there is no 'Elders of Zion’ conspiracy for world domination by Jews. Judaism by it’s nature is not an evangelising religion. Don’t be fooled by the fascists that the world banking system is controlled by Jews. Just remember that if there are a number of Jews in banking, it’s because Christians in the middle-ages put them there. Christians, when they followed their faith, could not involve themselves in banking (something about charging interest...sound familiar) so they needed people who could do the dirty work. Don’t be niggled by the 'Nazis' who fear Jews.

Stand with EDL and stand with Israel and ignore the anti-semites who would like to see the genocide of the Jews.

EDL demo in Blackburn. Police issue ‘Ozman warnings to leaders

By Eeyore

Published: April 2, 2011 

Police have erected an 8 foot steel fence around the perimeter of the EDL demo and warned Tommy and his 2IC that they cannot guarantee their safety. From the EDL website:

Police Warning To EDL Leadership

Chilling words from the Bedfordshire Police in the form of an “Osman” warning. This is not an April Fools joke, this is serious:

Bedfordshire Police has received anonymous information that a threat has been made against [Kevin and Tommy]. The nature of this threat is that he and his associates face being assaulted when they attend a planned English Defence League protest at Blackburn Lancashire on the 2nd of April 2011.

Due to your lifestyle and political beliefs Bedfordshire Police has identified you as being at very high risk of coming to serious harm and our concerns are such for your safety that we have suggested the following actions to reduce the risk of further violence:

1.That you do not attend the planned EDL protest in Blackburn on the 2nd of April 2011.

2.If you choose to attend the protest, that you do not inform anyone of your intention to travel or the method of travel that you intend to use.

3.If you choose to attend this protest, that you inform Bedfordshire Police of your plans and allow them to inform their colleagues in Blackburn.

4.That you call the Police immediately if you feel under threat from anyone, using the 999 system.

5.I must warn you that if you fail to take advantage of this advice it may put you at increased risk of harm. You have a responsibility to act in a manner that does not compromise your own safety. If you need Police assistance [contact details redacted] and we will do all we can to support you and to make you feel safe.

Clearly the basic rights and freedoms of secular Western Liberal democracy have been abandoned by the British state and that same state shows no interest in preserving it at all. This, from the mother of all parliaments, As the Tetley Tea commercial says, “pity”. Please click over to the EDL site linked at the top for more.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fighting According to the Quran

Gates of Vienna

President Obama promised the American public that there would be no U.S. “boots on the ground” in Libya.

Well, maybe CIA operatives don’t wear boots. Or maybe all those CIA boots tracking up the Libyan dunes belong to foreign mercenaries, hired by our spooks so that they don’t get any sand in their own boots.

In any case, the CIA is in Libya now, and has been there for some time. According to CNN:

CIA operatives have been in Libya working with rebel leaders to try to reverse gains by loyalist forces, a U.S. intelligence source said.

A U.S. intelligence source said the CIA is operating in the country to help increase U.S. “military and political understanding” of the situation.

A former counterterrorism official with knowledge of U.S. Libya policy said there is a presidential finding authorizing the CIA to conduct operations in support of U.S. policy in Libya, including assessing the opposition and determining their needs.

Specific activities by CIA officers will be determined by conditions on the ground and would need further approval from the White House, the source said.

A former senior intelligence official said officers “might be advising [rebels] on how to target the adversary, how to use the weapons they have, reconnaissance and counter-surveillance.”

Presidential findings are a type of secret order authorizing some covert intelligence operations.

The CIA has had a presence in Libya for some time, a U.S. official told CNN earlier this month. “The intelligence community is aggressively pursuing information on the ground,” the official said. The CIA sent additional personnel to Libya to augment officers on the ground after the anti-government protests erupted, the official said, without giving details.

CIA officers assisted with the rescue of one of two U.S. airmen whose fighter jet crashed in Libya on March 21, a knowledgeable U.S. source said.

Accompanying the above article was a video of a very interesting interview with a former CIA employee who knows the agency and has experience with Libya. The most significant exchange was this one:

Q: Do they really know who they’re dealing with here?

A: They don’t have a clue... [the rebels] are as likely to attack the CIA as Qaddafi.

To avoid the “Blogger bug”, the video is embedded below the jump. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this clip: