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Wikileaks Revelations

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The secret US' Embassy cables are now available on Wikileaks. While the debate goes on about the legitimacy of this leak, the information is out there. The sheer volume of this information (250,000 cables) makes it hard to comprehend. For your convenience here are those cables relevant to the main issues in the Middle East. This post will be updated over the next few days.


•July 2008 - Mubarak's top concern for the stability of Iraq and the region is Iran. He believes that "as a result of the invasion of Iraq, Iran is spreading everywhere." Mubarak calls Iranians "big fat liars" and say they sponsor terrorism. He said he believes this opinion is shared by other leaders in the region. Yet he opined that no Arab state would join the U.S. in a formal defense alliance against Iran for fear of retaliation.

•Oct 2008 - Iran used the Iranian Red Crescent (IRC) to smuggle agents and weapons into other countries. The IRC facilitated the entry of Qods force officers to Lebanon during the Israel-Hezbollah war in summer 2006. IRC shipments of medical supplies served also to facilitate weapons shipments.

•March 2009 - Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ) expressed his grave concerns about the Iranian threat to the region. He claimed Iranian leadership is concerned that dialogue with the West represents a regime threat, and that Iran would obtain a nuclear weapon unless the regime could be "split from inside" before nuclear capability was achieved.

•March 2009 - Iran has denied visas to the US' women's badminton team, because the US has announced the visit too early. The regime wanted to maintain full control of media coverage of the event, to avoid a replay of the 1998 US wrestling team visit, when Iranian crowds were filmed waving American flags and cheering the US team. The regime believed the USG issued the early announcement to create a similar dynamic, and now Khamenei and Ahmadinejad feel "burned." This exchange underscores the challenges to building trust with a regime that feels an obsessive fear of losing control over both the process and substance of possible engagement with the USG.

•June 2009 - Ahmadinejad administration is blamed for pursuing provocative anti-Sunni practices (including harassment of Sunni clergy and congregations and raids on Sunni mosques) and other “arrogant” crackdowns over the last few years. He claimed that these practices, combined with high unemployment, perceived discrimination

•July 2009 - According to Egyptian General Intelligence Service (EGIS) Chief Omar Soliman, Egypt suffers from Iranian interference, through its Hezbollah and Hamas proxies, and its support for Egyptian groups like Jamaatt al-Islamiyya and the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt will confront the Iranian threat, he continued, by closely monitoring Iranian agents in Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and any Egyptian cells.

•August 2009 - Has Ahmadinejad's star faded in the Arab world? during the post-election crisis Arab commentators have, for the first time, poked a hole in the veneer of the Islamic Republic's internal political system and explored its underpinnings more closely, often challenging the system's very legitimacy in on-air commentary. It seems Ahmadinejad has lost standing among some moderate Arabs, who have come to view his administration as oppressive, unpopular, and undemocratic. In 2005 many Arabs saw Ahmadinejad, in contrast to their own flawed leaders, as a humble and pious man who was brave enough to stand up for his people and the greater Muslim world by confronting Israel and the West head on. However, both the intensely competitive campaign period and the forceful reaction by the Iranian people to the official election results have led moderate Arabs to rethink Ahmadinejad's true disposition and he is no longer the "untouchable, holy figure" in the Arab world he once was.

•August 2009 - sources claim Supreme Leader Khamenei has terminal leukemia and is expected to die in months. Industry sources in Iran say almost all business executives and company directors throughout Iran feel that the June 12 elections are a fraud that was perpetrated by “six or seven Sepah (IRGC) Generals” who were afraid the IRGC would be sidelined if Mousavi won.

•Februaru 2010 - Iran is looking to acquire the following arms from Turkish firms: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) .38 caliber and wadcutter bullets; 40 mm automatic grenade launchers; 5.56 mm composite magazines (for M16 assault rifles), and 7.62 X 39 mm and 7.62 X 51 mm composite magazines from Turkey. The Secretary is asking Turkey to investigate these firms since Iran has a long history of providing arms and other military equipment to terrorist groups and that these items could easily end up in the hands of al-Qaida, Hamas, Hizballah, and the Taliban;

•April 2006 -The leadership of the United Arab Emirates consider Hamas a terrorist organization and would not fund Hamas unless they denounce violence and accepted Israel. That is despite Hamas leaders' claims that the UAE pledged to continue to provide financial assistance to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

•July 2008 - Mubarak claims "Palestinians are quarrelling" and Hamas and other factions will reject any agreement made by Abu Mazen.

•February 2009 - a cable from the US Embassy in Cairo to the Secretary of State, claims Mubarak hates Hamas, and considers them the same as Egypt's own Muslim Brotherhood, which he sees as his own most dangerous political threat.


•March 2009: Assad hides behind the Palestinians when asked about Human Rights violations in Syria - why focus on 12 individuals without taking into account half a million Palestinian refugees in Syria alone, and the continued suffering of people in Gaza.


•January 2010 - US' Embassy analysis claims Turkey is becoming more focused on the Islamist world and its Muslim tradition in its foreign policy. Yet it does not want to abandon its traditional Western orientation and willingness to cooperate with the US. Turkey is trying to "post-modernize" itself. One major area of AKP effort has been to resolve problems with Turkey's immediate "near abroad." This effort stands in contrast with the "traditional" Turkish policy of letting these frozen conflicts fester, and is much more compatible with US and European interests. The signature accomplishment of this policy is the wooing of Syria. The AKP's "Neo Ottomanism"concept claims that the Balkans, Caucasus, and Middle East were all better off when under Ottoman control or influence; peace and progress prevailed. This is in part what drives Turkey to re-establish itself as a leader in the Middle East.

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Border Patrol Alert for 1951 Chevy Expected of Smuggling Illegals

The US Border Patrol is asking citizens

To keep on the lookout for a red 1951 Chevy that
They suspect is being used to smuggle illegal
Immigrants . If you see the vehicle
Pictured below and have reasons to believe that it is
The suspect vehicle, you are urged to contact your
Local police.

TSA Terrorize A Disabled 4 Year Old Boy By Removing His Leg Braces, Then Forcing Him To Walk

Blame this on Imam Obama and his Muslim loving regime. Its Muslims that need to be profiled and groped. Not 4 year old boys on Leg Braces. Wake up America, were all being punished for Obama's unwillingness to own up to the facts that Muslims not 4 year old boys are trying to kill us.


Last Crusade Blog

Thousands More To Come

Number Grossly Under-Reported by Feds
Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

In a determination letter to Congress, President Barack Obama has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – – mostly from Islamic countries – – to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.

Over 15,000 will come from Africa – - most from Somalia.

The increase in Somali immigrants, according to Mr. Obama, “is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest.”

The actual number of Somalis have been resettled in the United States during the past two decades remains a matter of conjecture, since reports to Congress from the Office of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) were not filed before 1993.

These official reports display the following figures:

1993: 4413
1994: 3508
1995: 2524
1996: 6440
1997: 4948
1998: 2952
1999: 4321
2000: 6002
2001: 4940
2002: 242
2003: 1708
2004: 12,814
2005: 10,101
2006: 10,220
2007: 6958
2008: 2,523
2009: 4,189
2010: 6,200 – - including 5,800 Somalis from the Nakivale refuge camp in Uganda.

But the above figures are totally askew and inaccurate.

By 2004, according to the Associated Press, over 50,000 Somalis had settled in Minnesota alone, with 30,000 in Minneapolis.[1]

The error in calculation stems from the fact that many Somalis who arrived here illegally or on temporary visas never returned to their homeland. It also attests to the failure of the INS to realize that the Somali Muslims practice polygamy and that the average Somali woman gives birth to six children.

These latter considerations explain why budgeoning Somali communities have now cropped up in Lewiston, Maine; Greeley, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Buffalo, New York; San Diego, California; Washington D.C.; and New York City.

There are problems with the Somali immigants

According to the Los Angeles Times, the overwhelming majority are extremely primitive and have to be taught how to use doorknobs and lightswitches.

The Times goes on to say that they persist in such Islamic practices as brutal wife-beating and female genital mutilation.

What’s more, the Somali youth have created such violent street gangs as the Somali Hot Boyz, the Somali Mafia, and the Madhibann with Attitude – - gangs that have been responsible for scores of rapes and homicides.

Hundreds have returned to Somali to join al-Shabaab and to take part in the great jihad against Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims.

Strange to say, a favorite location for the Somali newcomers is the economically depressed town of Lewiston, Maine, where members of the Bantu tribe, began arriving in 2001 at the rate of 100 a month.

Mohammed Maye, the president of the African Community and Refugee Center in Clarkston, Georgia posted a map of Lewiston on the wall of his office. “Go to Maine,” he advised the Somali immigrants.

Abdullahi Abdullahi, the president of the Somali Community Development Organization in Clarkston, upheld this advice by telling his fellow countrymen that, unlike Georgia, Maine has terribly cold winters, but “the welfare system is better.”

Lewiston, indeed, is better. The small town in Maine with a population of 30,000 provides welfare to anyone in need, with the state picking up half the tab. Recipients, including the Muslim refugees, are allowed a generous five years of assistance before their benefits are terminated, and extensions for several additional years on the public dole are not difficult to obtain.

Single parents can stay on welfare and go to college. Public housing is also available, although, with the influx of Somalis, the housing projects are presently packed to capacity.

Many of the new project dwellers are supposedly single Somali mothers with large broods of children. Those who are unable to obtain public housing are handed Section 8 vouchers, which the federal government provide to subsidize their rent in private apartments.[2]

The newcomers have shown scant interest in securing employment. When Renee Bernier, the president of the Lewiston city council, offered to hire 30 Somalis at the rate of $8.75 an hour to hold warning signs at construction sites, few displayed interest. The handful, who did apply, said that they were only willing to work between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.[3]

[1] Patrick Condon, “Minneapolis By Far Leads Nation in Somalia Immigrants,” Associated Press, February 18, 2006.

[2] Roger D. McGrath, “The Great Somali Welfare Hunt,” The American Conservative, November 18, 2002.

Want further proof that America can no longer accept the high increases in Immigration numbers along with the millions of Illegal aliens, check out this video. It should wake you up if you have been one to think that a few more million won't mean much.

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Want Human Rights? Leave the United Nations

Sultan Knish 26 November 2010

By Daniel Greenfield

Good news everybody. Saudi Arabia now has a seat on the women's board at the United Nations. That's right, a regime where it's illegal for women to drive or leave the house without being accompanied by a male guardian, where girls were pushed into a burning building because they were trying to flee without covering their 'obscene' female faces... will be a key player in the international effort to empower women.

I don't know what contribution the Saudis can make to the project, since in Ridyah, empowering women usually means strapping them into an electric chair. But in the Muslim world, human rights is usually read to mean banning criticism of Islam under the guise of Islamophobia. In Europe, Islamists are calling the Burqa a human right. That's probably what the Saudis will bring to the table, along with the condemnations of Israel that are De rigueur in every UN group and body.

Obama's ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, called the Saudi win, "a very good outcome". I'm not sure what she would consider a bad outcome. Given her role in kneecapping Canada for the Security Council seat, Rice would probably have considered a victory by a country that actually gives women full equal rights to be a defeat. When your only goal is to pander to the Third World, particularly the Muslim parts of it, in order to defy the colonialist and phallocratic Western patriarchy, handing over power to a phallocratic Eastern patriarchy is just a means to an end. At least until it actually becomes the end. The end of everything.

The fallacy of the United Nations is its assumption that every member of the UN is morally equal. The truth is that the majority of the world's nations are dictatorships with limited human rights. The UN is nothing more than the representatives of dictatorships trying to talk about human rights without breaking up into gales of laughter. If you replaced 75 percent of the UN's representatives with members of American street gangs, you would still end up with a more civilized body (...)

Muslims in Christian Schools: Religious Friction 101

Islamist Watch Blog

Muslims in Christian Schools: Religious Friction 101
by David J. Rusin • Nov 26, 2010 at 11:28 am

As Muslim enrollment increases at Christian schools, especially in Europe, so too does interfaith conflict at such institutions. A recent piece in Le Figaro highlights the stresses placed on French Catholic schools in particular. For example, the report describes how one had set up a crib for Advent, but "a Muslim parent demanded its removal, saying 'a Muslim cannot hear that Jesus is the Son of God.'" At another, Muslims walked all over a well-intentioned but hapless administrator:

A headmistress … offered Muslim students a room in which to pray and to help them avoid being caught in rain in the school courtyard. The students have turned it into a prayer room and invite other people who have nothing to do with the school to pray with them. Since then the director has been unable to use this space for other activities.

Of course, Christian schools also share many of the challenges faced by secular ones, such as students refusing to swim during Ramadan due to fear of swallowing water (an old standard). No word from Le Figaro on whether Muslims in French Catholic schools respond to lessons on evolution or the Holocaust any more positively than their public school counterparts do.

A 2008 New York Times article explains that France's hijab ban in state-run classes has pushed Muslims to Catholic schools, which are not bound by this law and must accept students of all faiths to qualify for subsidies. Yet even the less critical Times piece could not ignore the ensuing cultural friction. For example, it relates the story of one Catholic school's headmaster who, after a series of accommodations, finally had to "put his foot down when students asked to remove the crucifix in a classroom they wanted for communal prayers during Ramadan."

Christian schools elsewhere are caught in a similar cycle. NIS News reported in 2008 that "two Amsterdam secondary schools with a Christian basis are to close during [Eid al-Fitr] to accede to their Muslim pupils." A year later, a Dutch Catholic elementary school with a handful of Muslims was planning to serve halal food at a Christmas meal, but officials reversed course following parental outrage. In the UK, bishops have recommended that Catholic schools include prayer rooms and washing facilities for Muslims. The Times of London has also noted that at least one Muslim-heavy Church of England school "no longer observes the requirement to have an act of daily collective worship that is 'consistently and recognizably Christian.'"

Showing more backbone, Catholic schools in Ireland have banned niqabs for pupils, while an English one recently barred a face-covering visitor. The board of Trinity University in Texas, which is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, also earns credit for resisting demands, initially driven by Muslim students, to remove the phrase "In the Year of Our Lord" from diplomas.

Overall, the situation in many Christian schools resembles David Solway's analogy of the West's multicultural experiment: you welcome a guest into your home, only to watch him "introduce a new set of house rules which you, the proprietor, are expected to abide by." But who really deserves greater blame here: the pushy guest or the owner who is too timid to stand his ground?

A clear example of why we here in America must resist the push by Muslims for their ever greater demands that we Americans obide by their wishes. Its time for America and the West, to tell Islam, Enough is Enought, were not going to take your demands and your push for Sharia anymore. Live under American rules of law and our Constitution, or get the hell out.

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Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts Video

If this doesn't open your eyes on why our Immigration policy need to be changed, then you must be an Illegal.

Roxi Copland- I'll be groped for Christmas (TSA Edition)

Hoping that America wakes up. Its not Americans killing Americans, Its Muslims killing Americans. Lets grope Muslims. Screw their feelings. They would kill you in a heartbeat.

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Philippines: Muslim massacre kills 57, one year ago (video)

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has called the Maguindanao massacre the single deadliest event for journalists in history.[3] At least 34 journalists are known to have died in the massacre.[4] In a statement, CPJ executive director Joel Simon noted that the killings, “appears to be single deadliest event for the press since 1992, when CPJ began keeping detailed records on journalist deaths.”[3]

Despite the horrific massacres by Muslims, even mass murder against journalists, it is the press, media of all sorts, journalists – who shamelessly protect and run cover for Islam and Muslims waging violent jihad and seeking to impose Islamic sharia law on all non-Muslims.

Amnesty Int’l reported 63 civilians killed.

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Tommy Robinson Stopping Poppy Burners - Now On Trumped up ASSAULT charges!.MP4

Its Clear Tommy wasn't assaulting any MP. He was trying to stop the burning of Poppys by the Muzzies. The UK MPs have thrown in the towel and now submit to the Muzzie demands. Plain and simple.

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Gov. 'Blackjack' Perry?

IBD Editorials
Posted 11/19/2010 06:59 PM ET

Border: As lawlessness spreads in Mexico, the governor of Texas speaks of sending in U.S. troops — a dramatic statement underscoring the fact that the region needs help and isn't getting it.

Attending a conference of governors in San Diego on Thursday, Rick Perry startled some by saying defeating Mexico's cartels may require U.S. military intervention.

"You have a situation on the border where American citizens are being killed," he told MSNBC. "I think we have to use every aspect of law enforcement that we have, including the military. I think you have the same situation as you had in Colombia. Obviously, Mexico has to approve any type of assistance that we can give them."

That may sound extreme, but it underlines that Washington has shortchanged Mexico on even military aid that would help it win its drug war. It has also done little for border states such as Texas and Arizona that bear the brunt of the war, other than deliver lawsuits.

To Washington, the only motive for states' efforts to resist the violent drug cartels is racism, not security.

But Perry knows what he's talking about.

A day earlier, spillover from the war in Mexico took on a quite literal meaning when a dead body clad in cartel-style combat gear washed up on the U.S. bank of the Rio Grande near Salineno, Texas.

According to the Monitor daily in McAllen, police had no idea who he was. But it's likely he's another hash mark to the 31,000-plus death toll of Mexico's war since 2006.

Meanwhile, just eleven blocks away from the Texas town of Roma, hundreds of war refugees from Mier, Mexico, huddle in the town of Miguel Aleman after being forced from their town by the brutal Los Zetas cartel, which vandalized and looted the town.

Los Zetas want Mier for reasons barbarian marauders do — the town sits at a strategic choke point of highways to large cities on both sides of the border. Whoever controls Mier controls routes to them. The Zetas, made up largely of Mexican military renegades, think in military terms.

That's why Mier and this region keep coming up in the news.

Thursday, Mexican troops blew away 11 Zetas in the area and the Zetas took five military men hostage. Mexico watchers noted that the directness of the battle in Mier suggests the Zetas mean to control that town at all costs. Their intensity was seen last month just north of Mier at the Falcon Reservoir, where an American jet-skier was killed and the Mexican police official investigating was beheaded.

The nearby Falcon Dam was also threatened by Zetas with destruction last April, which if carried out would have flooded both sides of the border and displaced 6 million people.

If these realities and other outrages don't wake us up to the fact that our border is now a war zone, what will? War zones require a military response, and as Gov. Perry makes his warning, the prospect of an expedition against the bandits, similar to the ones Gen. John J. "Blackjack" Pershing led in 1916 and 1917, grows more likely.

That's doubly so as the war gets bigger.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, speaking by conference call Thursday, said the Obama administration has yet to present a "comprehensive and credible plan" to address national security threats along the border.

Plan Merida, a $1.4 billion package of training and equipment aid to help Mexico fight the cartels, remains largely unspent, with only 9% delivered, according to a 2009 report. That's negligence.

Meanwhile, a 44-page "Broken Neighbor, Broken Border" congressional field investigation, released Friday by Rep. John Carter of Texas, warns that law enforcement agencies in Texas and Arizona are being overwhelmed by the Mexican war's spillover, spending a third of their budgets and manpower on it.

Worst of all is the condescending attitude of the Department of Homeland Security's Janet Napolitano, who snidely told Perry that if he wants border protection, it's up to him to pay for it with Texas National Guard troops. Is she saying border protection isn't her job? If so, that's dereliction of duty.

As Mexico buckles, Washington fails on every front to admit the problem. It raises the possibility that troops really will have to be used — as a last resort. Perry's warning in that case will be prophecy.

GM's Big 'Success'

Investors Business Daily
Posted 11/19/2010 06:53 PM ET

Bailouts: Is General Motors, after its splashy initial public offering, really on the way to "becoming a success story," as President Obama says? As usual with politics, it depends on your definition of "success."

Yes, last week's GM IPO did fetch $33 a share, somewhat north of what was expected. But was it a success, really? And is the revived GM positioned to regain lost market share by pioneering a booming new industry for green cars?

The answer to both questions is no.

Start with the IPO. American taxpayers ponied up $50 billion to bail out GM, in exchange for which we got a 61% share in the company. In the IPO, we cut our government holdings to 33%, netting an estimated $13.6 billion or so.

Good deal? Check the math. The U.S. lost an estimated $9.4 billion on the deal. In fact, for taxpayers to be made whole, GM shares will have to trade at about $53 a share. Not what we would call "success," at least for taxpayers.

Moreover, GM operates under a virtual guarantee that it will be bailed out should it again go bust. So why wouldn't its IPO be a "success"? Many would buy stock in a company if they knew it had a government guarantee for its mistakes, as GM's IPO shows.

Worse than this is the claim GM made earlier that it had paid back its bailout "in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule." As Reason's Nick Gillespie pointed out, GM "repaid" its loan with other taxpayer-provided bailout funds.

It was another useful lie, a fraud, all intended to show GM on the mend, thanks to the help of the federal government. But it goes beyond even that.

The government still owns a third of GM's shares. If the stock price goes down, taxpayers will lose even more money.

More pernicious is that, with its heft share of GM stock, the government will still call the shots. You can bet the feds will continue to pressure GM to make so-called green cars — like the Chevy Volt — that are supposedly less polluting than other automobiles.

But as we've noted more than once, GM's flagship electric car, the Chevy Volt, is really (with apologies to Ford) little more than an electric Edsel — a lemon with an extension cord.

Start with the price. It's $41,000 on the windshield. But it will be offered to buyers for less than that, thanks to a massive $7,500-per-car subsidy that the taxpayers will put up.

Will anyone but the most politically correct shoppers opt for the Volt? Not likely. Not only is the Volt expensive, it is highly impractical. Company and government claims that it gets 230 miles a gallon in city driving are utterly false. Reports from both Motor Trend and Popular Mechanics found that it gets less than 50 miles to a gallon of gas — and at times, as few as 26.

The Obama White House wants GM to be the taxpayer-funded spearhead for a massive fleet of "plug-in" electric vehicles. Will this cut CO2 emissions to zero? Of course not. The reason: The electricity comes from — wait for it — electrical power plants. Our current grid is 70% supplied by coal and oil. And no matter what green propagandists say, that won't change anytime soon.

"Today, more than half of the electricity generated in the United States comes from coal," the U.S. Department of Energy says on its Web site. "For the foreseeable future, coal will continue to be the dominant fuel used for electric power production."

In short, there is no green future based on plug-in cars. Only losses for the indoctrinated suckers who buy them — and for the taxpayers who are fleeced to subsidize such economic folly.

General Motors isn't a success. Nor will it be until the government is no longer involved in its business and it can stand on its own two feet without taxpayer help.

Note: you can bet GE has been sucking up to Obama and GM as it would be a provider of those stupid plugin's you see in the stupid commercials. JMOP

Taliban Threaten Netherlands Over Geert Wilders

Politically Incorrect Blog

Somehow, the Taliban don’t seem to like the Dutch government under the tolerance of Geert Wilders’ PVV. Their speaker for Afghanistan, Zabiullah Mujahid, let it be known that a “Jihadist group” from the little country will be administered, if the anti-Islam policies are forced.

The Basler Zeitung reports:

A Taliban leader is accusing the Netherlands of working on an anti-Islam policy with Geert Wilders. If his policies are advanced, it could lead to an attack.

A commander of the Afghan Taliban has, according to a newspaper report, warned the Netherlands of an attack, if the new government implements the demands of Islam opponent Geert Wilders. “If the Netherlands remain by their anti-Islamic policies or increase their intensity, then they will most certainly be the target of a Jihadist group,” the daily newspaper “Volkskrant” on Monday quoted Zabiullah Mujahid, the official speaker of the Taliban for eastern and northern Afghanistan.

If Wilders successfully “manipulates” the Dutch Parliament “so that it passes more anti-Islam laws, then there is no doubt that Muslims from other countries will become active in order to help their Muslim brothers and sisters,” Mujahid said further. (…)

This may be just what is needed to get Europe off their asses and start taking back their country from the Muzzies. Its time for all Nato countries to stand up and let the Muzzies know that they will not be threatened or intimidated. Geert Wilder needs the support of the entire free world. We cannot allow the continued push of Islam across Europe and America. Time to make a stand.

Lt. Col Allen West Gets my Vote for President

Col West gets it. We are at war with Islam. Muslims that are pushing Sharia law upon the west are at war with us. Muslim Obama doesn't get it.

A significant event in France.

A significant event in France.

By Eeyore
November 21, 2010

The French Defence League, clearly an offshoot of the EDL or English Defence League, has issued a direct statement of intent to stop the regular shows of Muslim primacy in the Barbes district in France.

This means that large groups of organized vigilantes are doing something which as far as I know is unprecedented although perhaps not in the American West.

They are planning to actually enforce important laws against invaders and risk the wrath of the state itself for doing the job the state has chosen to consciously and deliberately neglect and ignore. One law specifically mentioned is the law of separation of church and state, the one mentioned is of 1905.

Other more banal laws might be the ones that guarantee French citizens reasonable access to their own roads and highways and access to and from their own homes, which Muslims have been blocking for years now with the flimsy excuse that they need to pray just then and there and for that amount of time.

The state will now likely take direct and harsh action against the LDF while ignoring the law breakers of the Muslim community, exactly as the British government is doing against the EDL and Tommy Robinson while actually financing various radical groups, in the case of Tower Hamlets, hundreds of millions of pounds sterling.

I predict this will be a volatile situation for any nation.

Eeyore for Vlad

First posted on the Vlad Tepes Blog 
Muslim Primacy in the Barbes district in France
Muslims have been blocking the roads and sidewalks in France for years

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The ESW Defense File

Gates of Vienna

Saturday November 20, 2010

Below are the contents of the document file that will be used by the defense in the trial of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff:

The book that enjoys the central place of honor in the photo is ’Umdat al-salik wa ’uddat al-nasik, or The reliance of the traveller and tools of the worshipper. It is commonly referred to as Reliance of the Traveller when cited in English.

This particular version is the Revised Edition (published 1991, revised 1994) and is “The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law ’Umdat al-Salik by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri (d. 769/1368) in Arabic with Facing English Text, Commentary, and Appendices”, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller. The publisher is listed as amana publications in Beltsville, Maryland.

It is considered an authoritative source on Sunni Islamic law, because it is certified as such by Al-Azhar University in Cairo. There is no higher authority on Sunni Islamic doctrine than Al-Azhar; it is the closest equivalent to the Vatican that can be found in Islam.

So whatever you find in Reliance of the Traveller is definitive Islamic law. No Sunni Muslim jurist would argue against anything cited there.

And, as we will soon discover, everything that “denigrates religious teachings” in Elisabeth’s seminar can be supported by one or more passages in al-Misri’s treatise. From beating your wife to excising your daughter’s genitalia: it’s all in there.

However, this still may not be an adequate defense for quoting and referring to it. It has been well-established in a number of jurisdictions — including several in the West — that a non-Muslim who quotes the Koran accurately can still be convicted of “hate speech”. This aligns with the definition of Islamic slander (also to be found in Reliance) which considers anything that insults Islam, whether true or false, to be defamation.

So Elisabeth may still be convicted. Under the Sharia rules used in the brave new world of the Islamic Caliphate of Eurabia, she actually is guilty.

We’ll find out soon enough whether the Austrian judge is willing to buy into all this nonsense.

The Religious Excuse for Barbarity

The religious excuse for barbarity

Independent 19 November 2010
By Johann Hari

Why are we sitting silently while our treatment of many of our animals regresses to the standard of the sixth century? If you are engaged in an act of cruelty, there is an easy, effective way to silence your critics and snatch some space to carry on. Tell us all that your religion requires you to do it, and you are "offended" by any critical response. Erect an electric wire fence around your nastiest actions and call it "respect".

There's a good example of this religious modus operandi playing out on a dinner table near you – and this week, we found out it is becoming more and more common. In Britain, it is a crime to kill a conscious cow or sheep or chicken for meat by slashing its throat without numbing it first. The reasons are obvious. If you don't numb an animal, it screams as you hack through its skin, muscle, trachea, oesophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins and major nerve trunks, and then it remains conscious as it slowly drowns in its own blood – a process that can take up to six minutes. So we insist that an animal is stunned before its throat is slashed, to ensure it is deeply unconscious. There isn't much humanity in our factory farming system, but this is – at least – a tiny sliver of it, at the end.

But there is a loophole in the law. You are allowed to skip all this and slash the throats of un-numbed, screaming animals if you say God told you to. If you are Muslim, you call it "halal", and if you are Jewish you call it "kosher". Back in the Bronze Age, or the deserts of sixth-century Arabia, it was sensible to act this way. You needed to know your meat was fresh and the animal was not sick, so you made sure it was alive and alert when you killed it. As Woody Allen once said, it wasn't so much a commandment as "advice on how to eat out safely in Jerusalem". But we have much better ways of making sure meat is fresh and healthy now. Yet for many religious people it has hardened into a dogma, to be followed simply because it was laid down in their "holy" texts long ago by "God". (...)

Can someone explain why we don't hear from Peta when it comes to the way Muslims torture their animals. Does it make for a better meal if the Animal has to suffer so some jackass of a Muslim feels better? Isn't the sliting of throats of animals what Muslims teach their children, and later on teach them to slit the throats of their enemy?  Shame on Islam for continuing this brutality upon defenseless Animals. I can only hope you choke on a chicken bone.

Live blogging from Elisabeth’s case

The first hearing in Elisabeth’s case will take place in the court of Vienna on November 23rd, starting at 9:00 CET. In collaboration with EuropeNews and Tundra Tabloids, we will be live blogging the event from the morning, aiming to decipher exactly what is the offense Elisabeth is charged with.

It is expected that the entire audio recording from the FPÖ seminars will be played in court, permitting the prosecutor to explain in detail what cannot be permitted to be said, and why the religiousness of Islamic teachings makes it so.

The defence, on its part, can be expected to document the accuracy and truthfulness of what was said, thus focusing on the core problem: Is it illegal to speak the truth about Islam?

The live blogging will report core issues as they unfold during the day, which can become detailed and extensive. At the end of the day, an edited report of the highlights will be published.

The live-blogging will take place on this URL. Be sure to bookmark it, and reload it on a regular basis Tuesday.

In Defense of Free Speech:

Europe News:

Gates of Vienna:

Tundra Tabloids:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hundreds ride with boy to show support for his U.S.-flag-decorated bike after school banned it

From New Zeal Blog

Bet the Principal won't tell 13 year old Cody Alicea to take the American flag off his bike at school again.

Screw the Illegals, screw the Muslims, this is America and our flag will fly high in the face of all those who oppose what America and our flag stands for. Freedom doesn't come cheap.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hajj Pilgrims chant ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’

From Weasel Zippers Blog

(Arutz Sheva) — Tens of thousands of Muslims chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” at the annual Hajj pilgrimage, which the Ayatollah of Iran called “a symbol of spirituality.”

The Arab Ahlul Bayt News Agency reported, “The pilgrims chanted anti-US and anti-Zionist slogans during the ceremony, also attended by the Supreme Leader’s representative for Hajj affairs, Hojatoleslam Ali Qazi-Asgar.

“God is the Greatest”, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” were among slogans chanted by the masses in unison as they gathered in the Desert of Arafat near Mecca, where more than 2 million Muslims have gathered.

Qazi-Asgar read a message from the Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, who told Muslims to engage in “struggle and resistance against the aggressions of the United States and the Zionist regime.”

“Today the Zionist regime is no more the undefeatable monster of 30 years ago,” he said. ”The United States and the West are also no more the unquestionable decision-makers of the Middle East that they were two decades ago. Today the arrogant United States, the self-styled commandant of the Islamic region and the real sponsor of the Zionist regime, is bogged down in the quagmire of its own making in Afghanistan.”

He began his speech by saying that “the growing wave of Islamic awakening heralds a glorious future for the Muslim community…The enemy’s extensive propaganda campaigns to promote Islamophobia are hasty attempts at sowing discord among Islamic faiths and fueling factional prejudices.”

Khamenei continued, “No virtue is better than rescuing nations from the demonic clutches of hegemonic powers, and no vice is worse than depending on and serving hegemonic powers,” referring to the United States.

When you read this I hope you get the same feelings about Muslims I have. I'd love to be flying over the Hajj now with a couple Nuclear bombs ready to be let go on the Million of Muzzies that will do the same to America if and when they ever get the chance. Till then its a constants hatred against the West and Israel. And all this hate speech from the tolerant Muzzies. What Bullshit. They all hate America, they all hate the Jews. In fact they don't like much anything else. What a pack of sheep.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nuke Mecca A Prediction. Just a Story?

Lets Nuke Mecca, then ask to build a church on the site as a means to bring us all together.

Little Girl Tell Congressman on a Plane, " You Don't Know Shit"


A congressman was seated next to a little girl on an

airplane so he turned to her and said, "Do you want to talk?

Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger."

The little girl, who had just started to read her book,

replied to the total stranger, "What would you want to talk about?"

"Oh, I don't know," said the congressman. "How about

global warming, universal health care or stimulus packages?" as he smiled smugly.

"OK," she said. "Those could be interesting topics but

let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?"

The legislator, visibly surprised by the little girl's

intelligence, thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea."

To which the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming, universal health care or the
economy when you don't know shit?"

And then she went back to reading her book.

Hahahaha!  Hope that girls runs for office some day.

Greek town becomes flash point in effort to halt Muslim immigrants

Washington Post 12 November 2010

By Edward Cody

NEA VISSA, GREECE - This little farming town on the edge of Europe, where the crosses of Greek Orthodox churches face Turkey's minarets scarcely a mile away, has become the latest battleground in the continent's war against a flood of unwanted immigrants from the strife-torn Muslim world.

The European Union's joint border patrol force, Frontex, dispatched armed international guards last week to reinforce Greek patrols around Nea Vissa, seeking to seal an eight-mile stretch of frontier that has become the main corridor for illegal entry into Europe for thousands of fortune-seeking Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis and North Africans. The 200-member pan-European deployment marked the first such Frontex operation along the borders of one of the European Union's 27 member nations. Greek officials called it a belated recognition that the onrush of immigrants here is a problem that must be dealt with by all of Europe.

The French immigration minister, Eric Besson, said the posting of French and other foreign border guards should be seen as a sign of determination by Europe to stanch the flow. "France is totally mobilized to struggle with Greece against the networks that exploit immigrants in defiance of the most basic humanitarian laws," he said on a quick visit to the border.

The growing presence of immigrants, particularly Muslims who bring with them their own customs and religious practices, has become one of the main irritants in Western European societies. Immigration has become a prominent and sometimes sour part of the political debate even in countries with long liberal traditions, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

S&P: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae Bailout Could Near $800 Billion

Investors Business Daily

The taxpayer cost of bailing out mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, already at $148 billion, will likely rise to $280 billion and could balloon to $685 billion, according to Standard & Poor’s:

With a growing portfolio of unsold homes, a sluggish economy, stubbornly high unemployment, the prospect of rising foreclosures, and billions in legacy losses, it appears unlikely in our view that housing and mortgage markets will be able to operate normally without continuing and substantial government involvement.

The ratings agency says the cost could hit $685 billion if the U.S. government sets up and capitalizes a new entity to replace Freddie and Fannie. S&P notes that the U.S. housing market is more dependent than ever on the government-sponsored enterprises, now under receivership. Freddie, Fannie and the Federal Housing Administration now buy more than 90% of all home loans vs. less than half before the housing crash.

Freddie and Fannie’s regulator recently estimated that the Treasury might have to inject up to $363 billion into them, with a net cost of $259 billion.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apocalypse 2012

Investors Business Daily

Power Politics: The Aztec calendar forecasts doom in two years. Looming on the election calendar is the possibility of a second wave that will end the Democrats' world as they know it for a long time.

Analysis of last Tuesday's results shows just how big the GOP wave was. Republicans took control of at least 19 legislative bodies, giving them control of both chambers in at least 26 states. After the 2010 census, the party will play a dominant role in redrawing some 314 congressional districts.

Republicans won 16 of 30 races for state attorney general, taking five away from the Democrats. And in a stunning rebuke to George Soros and his Secretary of State Project to control our election machinery, Republicans won 17 of 26 secretary of state races — a gain of six. They hold the majority of governors, including pivotal states such as Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The GOP may even have the good fortune of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remaining the poster child for dysfunctional government. ABC News reported Friday Pelosi was calling every Democratic House member who won on Tuesday, as well as many who lost, to gauge her support for remaining minority leader.

While we share the disappointment at the re-election of such legislative Smurfs as Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray, the GOP's failure to take Senate control is a blessing in disguise.

Full control of Congress would have let Obama run against Republicans and blame them for obstructionism and failure of the economy to recover. As it is, we still have Harry Reid to kick around.

As The Hill reports, in 2012, for the first time in two decades, the Democrats will have more Senate seats to defend, 21 seats vs. only 10 for the GOP. Throw in independents Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. and they 23 to protect.

Many Democratic seats up next cycle are in purple or red states, including those of Sens. Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Jim Webb (Va.), Kent Conrad (N.D.), Ben Nelson (Neb.) and Bill Nelson (Fla.). Two senators who won special elections Tuesday, Manchin and Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), will face voters again in two years.

The GOP-controlled House can now vote to repeal or defund ObamaCare and permanently extend all the Bush tax cuts, leaving President Obama fighting for re-election on a platform of raising taxes and completing the socialist transformation of health care in an economy likely to have remained stagnant, and putting pressure on the Senate.

They could also move to return unspent stimulus funds to the U.S. Treasury and the American taxpayer.

As happens when Republicans win big, there are calls for compromise at some kind of "Slurpee summit." But making only the cuts for those making $250,000 or less permanent with a two-year extension for job creators would leave them vulnerable in 2012 to the charge of seeking tax cuts for the rich.

Speculation of Obama moving to the center a la President Bill Clinton after 1994 isn't serious. Clinton was a pragmatist consumed with personal ambition who chaired the Democratic Leadership Council. He could work with a Newt Gingrich for his and the country's benefit, co-opting rather than resisting GOP ideas.

President Obama is an ideologue bent on the fundamental transformation of America who would rather adopt a scorched America policy than admit to the resounding rebuke of his policies by the American people.

While the Democrats continue to double-down on failure, the GOP is in position to run the table.

If the Republicans don't fold on a winning hand, we have some good news and bad news for the Democrats. The bad news is that the 2010 election results may have been the good news

A Bill of First Amendment Protection and Redress

EuropeNews 4 November 2010

Speech to the Jewish Defence League in Toronto, October 1, 2010
By Lars Hedegaard, President of The International Free Press Society

Thank you, JDL for seeing us here in Toronto. If you have difficulties telling the two Larses apart, I'm the one from Denmark. Vilks is from Sweden. The difference between us is that I will deliver a serious sermon, and Vilks will tell all the jokes. That's the way the official playground has been organized here.

Let me start by talking about the new world order we're living under. Here's an item that I read today in the Danish newspaper Politiken. It talks about the recent Swedish elections that took place on September 19th this year.

A new party called The Sweden Democrats, which is critical of Islam and immigration, managed – for the first time – to get enough votes to enter parliament, despite the fact that all the other parties had labelled it 'racist', 'right-wing extremist' or downright 'Nazi', which of course it is not. Everything was done to prevent people from voting for the SD. The Conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt even refused to distance himself from threats of violence against the party.

Shortly after the election, the SD's electronic archives were broken into, and the names of thousands of members and supporters were stolen. Now, a criminal gang of Muslim immigrants known as “Original Gangsters” (that's what they call themselves) has subsequently started publishing names and addresses of elected SD politicians on its website. Several of these politicians have received anonymous threats, and many have felt compelled to step down and leave politics.

The “Original Gangster” leader, who is obviously either a left-wing supporter of Islam or a Swedish convert and whose name is also – sorry to say – Lars, Lars Bergquist, explains – and listen now – explains to the Swedish daily Aftonbladet that it is his dream that every elected SD representative will step down. Here it is (quote): “Personally I think it is a good thing if they feel scared, and we're used to having it our way," says Mr. Bergquist. That is the state of affairs in Sweden right now. And this is supposed to be a democracy.

I think by now a sufficient number of citizens in the West know what is at stake, and I think little can be gained by holding yet another conference on the nature of Islam or Islamic history or publishing yet another book on this ideology in addition to the many hundreds already in circulation. I have nothing against more conferences and more books, but I think we need something different.

We know that Islam is supremacist, imperialist, genocidal, and anti-semitic. We know it's bent on world domination, we know what Islam as an ideology thinks of Christians, and Jews, and Hindus, Buddhists, and anyone else – they even hate each other, and when they're through killing us, they will start killing each other, as we see in various countries like Iraq.

Let me quote to you from this wonderful book (Al-Yahud). It's a good one. It's written by Elias Al-Maqdisi, who was a high-ranking aide to the PLO before he converted to Christianity. Of course it's not his real name, it means “From Jerusalem”. The other author is my good friend Sam Solomon, who started his life as a Shariah lawyer, I believe in Sudan, and is now an ardent Christian.

This is what they found out. You know, Muslims pray, if they are good Muslims, they pray five times a day. And this is what they say in their prayers:

Guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you favoured with guidance, not [the path] of those against whom there is wrath. Nor those who are astray.

Now the point is that “those against whom there is wrath” are universally understood to be the Jews. And those "who are astray" are the Christians. So this is the state of tolerance and respect for other people that is ingrained and lies at the bottom of Islam. This is what they say five times a day if they're good Muslims.

I think we have to make a distinction here. Some people talk about so-called 'moderate' Islam, including a good friend of mine, who has the idea that there is such as thing. And I certainly hope that we shall one day meet 'moderate' Islam. It hasn't happened yet. They have had 1400 years to develop this 'moderate' Islam. It does not exist as I speak here.

What we can see around us are moderate Muslims, that's a different thing. Islam as such is radical, it is, as I explained, supremacist, imperialist, genocidal and anti-semitic. Luckily, there are some Muslims who are not very obedient, Muslims who would like to live in a civilized manner with the rest of us. They, however, do not call the shots. I think they are as much victims of this crazy, totalitarian ideology akin to Nazism and Stalinism – I won't even call it a religion – as the rest of us.

You cannot have peace with Islam. It is impossible to have peace with a religion or an ideology with a holy book called the Koran and whatever we know about the ways and expressions of the prophet. As Israel demonstrates, you can have a sort of peace with Egypt, you can have a sort of peace with Jordan, but these self-installed governments do not speak for Islam. You cannot have peace with the radicals in Egypt, nor can you have it with the radicals in Jordan. Until Islam is reformed, I'm afraid I'll have to say that it will be eternal war until one of us wins this war, or until we surrender.

Let me tell you about conditions in my home country, Denmark. Just yesterday, the national police sent out, I think, the most distinct warning I've seen. What they said was that we've lost control of parts of our cities where a parallel legal system is now reigning, i.e. of course the Shariah law. The Danish police caught a few guys in one of the Muslim ghettos who had, by wielding knife, stolen 40,000 Danish kroner ($7,000), which is a lot of money. They had forced this woman to hand over the money, and they were arrested and accused.

But then the elders of the community stepped in and said: "Well, we can sort this out." The robbers pay back the money, and you drop the charges against these guys. So there is a different legal system in control there. What happened was: The police had to release the perpetrators, and the state had to pay them compensation for illegal arrest, some 20,000 kroner. This was a win-win situation, but a lose-lose situation for Denmark.

The situation for Jews in Denmark, I'd say, is grave indeed. As I explained on the Michael Coren Show, there are schools in central Copenhagen where Jewish kids cannot attend. Not because it's illegal, but because their principal would advise: "Do not send them here because we cannot guarantee their safety." There is one Jewish school on the outskirts of Copenhagen. It is surrounded by a fence, three meters high, with security guards, electronic control systems etc. This is the state of affairs in our country.

Right next door in Malmö, Sweden, half of the Jewish population has left, because they are not secure. I mean, we're talking about the countries that became famous during the Second World War for having saved their Jews. Now we're giving them up. We cannot protect them.

The funny thing is that the ex-chief rabbi of Denmark, Bent Melchior, is in the cahoots with the so-called "victims of Danish racism". He keeps making excuses for those who attack people like me for being "right-wing", "extremist", and what not. I mean, with friends like those, who needs enemies?

Of course, you know the American Constitution's First Amendment that guarantees free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, etc. We need to extend these First Amendment protections to Western Europe and right here in Canada, and it is also important that we abolish all these blasphemy and 'hate speech' laws.

By the way, I'm being dragged into court in January for being a well-known racist and 'hate speecher'. It is important that we get rid of them for they are not being equally applied. Imams can say anything they want, but if we say anything strange, we will be dragged into court.

There's a famous Danish imam, Abdul Wahid Pedersen – Pedersen of course because he used to be called something else – but after a conviction for drug trafficking and a jail sentence, he went over to Muhammad.

He's considered to be a moderate Muslim, and his moderation is illustrated by the fact that he is out saying that of course we – he's sad to say– have to kill those who leave Islam. Apostates have to be killed. He's sorry about that, but it says so in the book. He is also sad to have to report that loose women have to be stoned to death. Nothing he can do about that, it's gods will. He is also said that when Muslims become numerous enough, of course they will introduce Shariah law and get rid of our Constitution and democracy. This is considered very moderate in my country. Nobody is pulling a hair out of his nose for such remarks.

But if I say I want to defend our democracy, I want to point out the defects of Islam, and why I don't like it, then I'm a radical.

It is not enough that we abolish blasphemy and hate speech laws or get some abstract First Amendment protection. In my view, we have to put new legal instruments in place that will strengthen the rights of the citizens and allow citizens to defend themselves.

I'm not a lawyer, but I tried this morning to write a few thoughts about what I think could be a fruitful approach

In most Western countries, the citizens do not have the right to bear arms. They have that right in the US, but you don't have it in Canada, and we certainly do not have it in Denmark. Why not? We used to have arms when we were Vikings. Not a gun but an axe or something similar. We gave it away in the 13th century because of an understanding between the citizens and the King. The citizens would refrain from taking the law into their own hands, but the State would uphold the law for all. That was the deal. There is a French expression for this deal, le contrat social, the social contract.

Now, if the State does not protect its citizens, according to that social contract, then the citizens should have the right to sue the state for not upholding its obligations to protect our freedoms, to protect our personal security, to protect our property. And politicians who do not uphold it, or the state that doesn't should of course pay through their noses. And they should be punished, and removed from office.

Secondly, anyone who issues threats in order to undermine First Amendment rights, or who seeks to prevent others from exercising these rights, should be held financially responsible for whatever security precautions these threats and attempts have necessitated. In other words, they should be financing the JDL, because the Canadian state will not allow us to speak freely without threats.

If the person issuing such threats, or trying to undermine First Amendment rights, enjoys the hospitality of a foreign state, that host state shall be held financially, legally and politically accountable for whatever harm its charge may have caused or inspired. And, if such threats are issued or condoned by the government of a foreign state, that state's assets should be frozen and confiscated, and sanctions should be imposed.

Attempts to undermine the First Amendment rights of any citizen shall be regarded as a crime against the State and tantamount to High Treason. If issued or condoned by a foreign state, it should be considered an act of war.

These are some of the things we could do, we could demand. I'll discuss some of these ideas with my colleagues, both in Denmark, in Canada and internationally. We may organize a conference on this thing. We may end up calling it "A Bill of First Amendment Protection and Redress". That sounds good and I think we'll fix it somehow.

But first and foremost my message would be: Get organized, which I'm glad you've already done. Do not surrender, because surrender is not an option. Thank you.

Russian Reporter Hospitalized In Coma After Attack

Opposition leader Vladimir Milov holding up a poster outside the headquarters of Moscow's police department on Saturday, Nov. 6. The poster reads, "Journalist Oleg Kashin has been beaten. I demand that the people who attacked him are found."

Moscow Times:

Two unknown men waited for journalist Oleg Kashin to come home and then bludgeoned him on his head, arms and legs. Yet his editor said it was Kashin's mangled hands ― with part of one pinky finger broken off ― that showed his attackers wanted to make sure he never wrote again.

Kashin, a 30-year-old reporter for Kommersant, was hospitalized in a drug-induced coma after the attack in the early hours Saturday outside his Moscow apartment.

He is the latest in a line of journalists and activists to be assaulted in Russia. In most cases, the perpetrators haven't been found, but the Kremlin appeared determined to show that things will be different this time.

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the prosecutor general and interior minister to oversee the investigation into the attack, and all of the national television networks, which are under direct or indirect Kremlin control, led their programs with the news.

"The criminals should be found and punished," Medvedev wrote on his Twitter account.

Neighbors witnessed the attack on Kashin, who was jumped as he returned home just after midnight. Investigators also have footage from a video surveillance camera outside the building, said Vladimir Markin, a spokesman for the investigators, who confirmed that the journalist's work was a likely motive for the attack.

Kashin's wife, Yevgenia Milova, said he had received no threats.

She wrote on her blog that doctors had performed an operation to put Kashin's broken jaw back together and were monitoring a skull injury. Only one of his legs was broken, she said, but the last joint on his left pinky was completely gone.

Milova and her husband's colleagues both reported that the doctors had induced a coma after operating.

Kashin's editor at Kommersant, Mikhail Mikhailin, said he had no doubt that the attack was in retaliation for Kashin's reporting.

"They broke his fingers," Mikhailin told Ekho Moskvy. "It is completely obvious that the people who did this did not like what he was saying and what he was writing. What specifically they didn't like, I don't know, but I firmly connect this with his professional activities," Mikhailin said.

Mikhailin said Kashin was investigating "informal organizations" but gave no specifics. The phrase could refer to anything from neo-Nazis to environmentalists.

Kashin has written on a wide range of social and political issues, some politically sensitive, others not. His reporting appeared to be straightforward and balanced.

Among his more contentious reporting topics has been the effort by environmentalists and opposition activists to protect part of the Khimki forest, just north of Moscow, from being cut down for a new highway. Medvedev in August ordered the construction suspended, but there has been no final decision on the fate of the highway.

The attack on Kashin came two days after an opposition activist, Konstantin Fetisov, had his skull fractured in an assault after being released from the Khimki police station, where he had been questioned about a protest.

"Two attacks in two days, it's a bit too much," said Andrei Mironov, a former Soviet dissident who rallied Saturday with about 20 others outside Moscow police headquarters to urge investigators to find Kashin's attackers.

In 2008, Mikhail Beketov, the editor of a Khimki newspaper who was among the first to raise public awareness about the forest, was severely beaten and left crippled and brain-damaged. His attackers haven't been found.

Since 2000, at least 18 killings of journalists have gone unsolved, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

Vladimir Milov, a prominent opposition leader also at Saturday's rally, said if Medvedev was serious about stopping assaults on journalists and activists, he needed to change the "atmosphere of hatred and aggression" that has encouraged the violence.

Milov described Kashin as an "exceptionally sincere and honest journalist."

NTV television on Saturday interviewed one of Kashin's neighbors, a woman identified only as Olga, who went outside as the ambulance arrived.

"He was covered in blood, his face was completely covered in blood, his legs," she said. "He showed his hand to the doctor so he could see it was all broken."

Yelena Pogrebizhskaya, a musician who lives next door to Kashin, wrote on her blog that a maintenance worker saw two men waiting for Kashin in the courtyard carrying a bouquet of flowers.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elisabeth's Voice: Fighting for Free Speech in Austria

According to sharia, Islamic law, non-Muslims have a diminished status as second-rate citizens in their own countries. This is precisely the position that native Europeans de facto have under Multiculturalism, which essentially means that Western authorities are already partly implementing sharia law. In Western Europe, the authorities both on the national level and on the European Union level are not only passively accepting Islamization but are actively promoting and enforcing this.

This is the main thesis of Bat Ye’or’s pioneering work Eurabia as well as my own book Defeating Eurabia. What we are witnessing in the ridiculous trial against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is the practical implementation of Eurabia.

That is what the case against Sabaditsch-Wolff is about. She has found herself at the frontline of the battle against the ongoing destruction of the West, and we are all next in line. For that reason, we should give her our full support, morally as well as financially, and we should put Austrian authorities to shame for their betrayal and blatant submission to Muslim bullying

All Americans who value your freedom of speech, must support those who fight for freedom of speech in other countries as well as here in America. Muslims want to silence those who speak out and even speak the truth about Islam and Sharia. Supprot Elisabeth Sabbaditsch Wolfe and her fight for free speech.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Islamic Extremist Targets Facebook Users

by Daniel Huff

October 29, 2010

Court documents filed last week reveal Islamic extremists have obtained personal contact information on members of the defiant Facebook group "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." Zachary Chesser, who provided the information, pled guilty to "communicating threats" and renounced jihad, but the damage was done. Prosecutors say he "seriously endangered the lives of innocent people who will remain at risk for many years to come."

This lasting effect makes it all the more frustrating that authorities did not charge him sooner. He had made very similar threats against the producers of South Park weeks before. The case highlights the urgent need for better legal tools to protect free speech from extremist intimidation.

On April 15, Chesser, acting through the website, "warned" the creators of South Park that they would "likely" be executed for producing an episode lampooning Muslim outrage over depictions of Mohammed. Chesser's post provided their photos and work address and included audio of radical cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki calling for the assassination of anyone who has "defamed" Mohammed. As was widely reported, Comedy Central, which carries the show, succumbed to the threat and heavily censored the episode. Nevertheless, Chesser was not charged. NYPD Commissioner Kelly called Chesser's posting a threat but said authorities did not believe legally it "rises to a crime right now."

Facing no legal consequences after his first success, Chesser turned the same intimidation tactics on a fresh target.

Facebook users, determined to defy the intimidation tactics that vanquished Comedy Central, had started the group "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." The theory was safety in numbers. If thousands of people all committed to draw Mohammed on a single day, there would be so many potential targets fanatics would be unable to focus their retribution efforts effectively on any single one.

It failed because even though thousands of people joined the group, Chesser was content to start small.

In May of 2010, he obtained personal contact information on 11 members of the group and posted it to a jihadi website saying the data was "just a place to start." As before, he provided the addresses of his targets against the backdrop of Al-Awlaki's recorded sermon and examples of artists targeted for insulting Mohammed. He even proffered his own reflections on the propriety of executing them in accordance with Islamic law. Yet again, he was not immediately prosecuted.

Instead, he was finally arrested July 11th on independent charges of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. He was intercepted at Kennedy airport, with his infant son in tow, on his way to Somalia to join al-Shabaab and "engage in violent jihad."

It was only in light of this subsequent arrest that federal prosecutors felt comfortable characterizing Chesser's earlier activities as meeting the threshold for true threats in violation of federal law. On October 18th, they amended the charges against him to include the threats relating to South Park and Facebook. He pled guilty on all counts.

It seems prosecutors did not act earlier, because without Chesser's subsequent behavior, they did not have sufficient evidence of intent to threaten to meet the heightened burden of proof required in criminal cases. In the meantime, Chesser did deep damage to free speech rights.

US Attorney Neil MacBride warns Chesser's "solicitation of extremists to murder U.S. citizens … caused people throughout the country to fear speaking out – even in jest – lest they also be labeled as enemies who deserved to be killed."

This might have been avoided if Federal law provided the same protection to free speech rights that it already gives to abortion rights.

In the 1990's, abortion providers faced the same sorts of extremist threats that cartoonists and authors face now. In response, Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) which not only prohibits threats against persons exercising abortion rights, but permits victims to sue for damages.

The provision for civil suits with preset damages is key. It empowers victims of intimidation to act as private attorneys general to defend their rights in a setting with a lower burden of proof.

Indeed, in a 2002 case with facts similar to the Chesser case, the Ninth Circuit found a fringe pro-life group had threatened abortion doctors by distributing their photos and contact information. The doctors had sued under the FACE Act and obtained a substantial jury award.

With only minor modifications, FACE can be expanded to cover threats against free speech. The original passed by solid bipartisan margins in both houses. All 10 federal circuit courts who have heard challenges to FACE have upheld it. To forestall any concerns regarding federalism or unintended consequences, Congress can include a sunset provision.

Had such a law been in place in April, Chesser's first victims could have immediately mired him in costly, time consuming civil litigation. The net effect would have been both to distract and deter him from making further threats and preparing for jihad. At least 11 Facebook users would "like" this.

Daniel Huff is Director of the Legal Project at the Middle East Forum and a former counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Muslim brotherhood declares war on America

By Professor Barry Rubin

Muslim Brotherhood declares war on America; Will America Notice?

This is one of those obscure Middle East events of the utmost significance that is ignored by the Western mass media, especially because they happen in Arabic, not English; by Western governments, because they don’t fit their policies; and by experts, because they don’t mesh with their preconceptions.

This explicit formulation of a revolutionary program makes it a game-changer. It should be read by every Western decision-maker and have a direct effect on policy because this development may affect people’s lives in every Western country.

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has endorsed (1) anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology book. Since the Brotherhood is the main opposition force in Egypt and Jordan as well as the most powerful group, both politically and religiously, in the Muslim communities of Europe and North America this is pretty serious stuff.

By the way, no one can argue that he merely represents old, tired policies of the distant past because the supreme guide who said these things was elected just a few months ago. His position reflects current thinking.

Does that mean the Egyptian, Jordanian, and all the camouflaged Muslim Brotherhood fronts in Europe and North America are going to launch terrorism as one of their affiliates, Hamas, has long done? No.

But it does mean that something awaited for decades has happened: the Muslim Brotherhood is ready to move from the era of propaganda and base-building to one of revolutionary action. At least, its hundreds of thousands of followers are being given that signal. Some of them will engage in terrorist violence as individuals or forming splinter groups; others will redouble their efforts to seize control of their countries and turn them into safe areas for terrorists and instruments for war on the West.

When the extreme and arguably marginal British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary says that Islam will conquer the West and raise its flag over the White House, that can be treated as wild rhetoric. His remark is getting lots of attention because he said it in English in an interview with CNN.

But when the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood says the same thing in Arabic, that’s a program for action, a call to arms for hundreds of thousands of people, and a national security threat to every Western country.

The Brotherhood is the group that often dominates Muslim communities in the West and runs mosques. Its cadre control front groups that are often recognized by Western democratic governments and media as authoritative. Government officials in many countries meet with these groups, ask them to be advisers for counter-terrorist strategies and national policies, and even fund them.

President Barack Obama speaks about a conflict limited solely to al-Qaida. And if one is talking about the current military battle in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen that point makes sense. Yet there is a far bigger and wider battle going on in which revolutionary Islamists seek to overthrow their own rulers and wage long-term, full-scale struggle against the West. If it doesn’t involve violence right now it will when they get strong enough or gain power.

More than three years ago, I warned about this development, in a detailed analysis explaining, “The banner of the Islamist revolution in the Middle East today has largely passed to groups sponsored by or derived from the Muslim Brotherhood.” I pointed out the differences—especially of tactical importance—between the Brotherhood groups and al-Qaida or Hizballah, but also discussed the similarities. This exposure so upset the Brotherhood that it put a detailed response on its official website to deny my analysis.

Yet now here is the Brotherhood’s new supreme guide, Muhammad Badi giving a sermon entitled, “How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny,” (translated by MEMRI). Incidentally, everything Badi says is in tune with the stances and holy books of normative Islam. It is not the only possible interpretation but it is a completely legitimate interpretation. Every Muslim knows, even if he disagrees with the Brotherhood’s position, that this isn’t heresy or hijacking or misunderstanding.

Finally, this is the group that many in the West, some in high positions, are urging to be engaged as a negotiating partner because it is supposedly moderate.

What does he say?

–Arab and Muslim regimes are betraying their people by failing to confront the Muslim’s real enemies, not only Israel but also the United States. Waging jihad against both of these infidels is a commandment of Allah that cannot be disregarded. Governments have no right to stop their people from fighting the United States. “They are disregarding Allah’s commandment to wage jihad for His sake with [their] money and [their] lives, so that Allah’s word will reign supreme” over all non-Muslims.

–All Muslims are required by their religion to fight: “They crucially need to understand that the improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as the enemies pursue life.” Notice that jihad here is not interpreted as so often happens by liars, apologists, and the merely ignorant in the West as spiritual striving. The clear meaning is one of armed struggle.

–The United States is immoral, doomed to collapse, and “experiencing the beginning of its end and is heading towards its demise.”

–Palestinians should back Hamas in overthrowing the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and unite in waging war on Israel.

Incidentally, what Melanie Philips has written on this issue fits perfectly here:

–Rational calculations of the kind applied by the West to its adversaries, mirror-imaging, assuming that Muslims won’t act in a revolutionary and even suicidal manner want a better future for their children, etc., do not apply to the Islamist movement. Supported by holy texts, it doesn’t matter how long the battle goes on, how many die, how much destruction is unleashed, how low your living standards fall, how unfavorable the odds appear to be, none of that is important or should deter you.

In the real world, of course, the Islamists are unlikely to win over the long run of, say, 50 or100 years. But those views do mean that these 50 or 100 years are going to be filled with instability and bloodshed.

Equally, Badi’s claims do not mean all Muslims must agree, much less actively take up arms. They can have a different interpretation, simply disregard the arguments, and be too intimidated or materialistic or opportunistic to agree or to act. Yet hundreds of thousands will do so and millions will cheer them on. And by the same token, neither the radical nor the passive will assist in moving toward more moderation or peace or compromise.

Well, will the problem go away if people in the West condemn “Islamophobia” or make concessions or apologize or produce a just peace? No.

His words provide some important points for people in the West to consider:

“Resistance is the only solution…. The United States cannot impose an agreement upon the Palestinians, despite all the means and power at its disposal. [Today] it is withdrawing from Iraq, defeated and wounded, and it is also on the verge of withdrawing from Afghanistan. [All] its warplanes, missiles and modern military technology were defeated by the will of the peoples, as long as [these peoples] insisted on resistance – and the wars of Lebanon and Gaza, which were not so long ago, [are proof of this].”

First, the more the likelihood that U.S. policy might obtains a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, the more anti-American violent activity will be sparked among the Islamists and their very large base of support, the more Iran and Syria will sponsor terrorism. Desirable as peace or even progress toward peace might be, the West should have no illusions about those things providing regional stability, and they will produce more instability.

Second, U.S. actions of apology, concessions, and withdrawals—whether or not any of the specific steps are useful or desirable—they are interpreted by the Islamists and by many in the Middle East as signs of weakness which should spark further aggression and violence. There are hundreds of examples of this reaction every month. Here’s a leading moderate Saudi journalist explaining how many Iraqis and other Arabs are viewing the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq means that it is turning the country over to Iran. Wrong but an accurate show of that very common Middle East way of thinking.

Indeed, this last factor explains the Brotherhood’s timing. Note that he says nothing about fighting Egypt’s government, which won’t hesitate to throw the Brotherhood leaders into prison and even to torture them. Still, the coming leadership transition in Egypt seems to offer opportunities.

The new harder line coincides with the Brotherhood’s announcement that it will run candidates in the November elections, another sign of its confidence and increased militancy. The Brotherhood is not a legal group but the government lets members run in other parties. Its candidates won about 20% of the vote in the last elections, especially impressive given the regime’s repressive measures. If the Brotherhood intends to defy Egyptian law now there will be confrontations, mass arrests, and perhaps violence.

Most important of all, however, Badi and many others sense weakness on the part of the West, especially the U.S. leaders, and victory for the Islamists.

Even former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is warning about such things. Blair comes from the British Labour Party. Many conservatives understand these issues. But the West can never respond successfully without a broader consensus about the nature of the threat and the need for a strong response. Where are Blair’s counterparts in the left-of-center forces in North America, the kind of people who played such a critical role in confronting and defeating the previous wave of anti-democratic extremism, Communism?

This new hardline signals:

1. Increased internal conflict in Egypt, the start of a decade-long struggle for power in the Arabic-speaking world’s most important country.

2. The likelihood that more Brotherhood supporters in the West will turn to violence and fund-raising for terrorism.

3. The true nature of the radical indoctrination–preparing people for future extremism and terrorism–in the mosques and groups they control.

4. A probable upturn in anti-American terrorist attacks in the Middle East and Europe.

In August 1996, al-Qaida declared war on America, the West, Christians and Jews. Nobody important paid much attention to this. Almost exactly five years later, September 11 forced them to notice. Let it be said that in September 2010 the Muslim Brotherhood, a group with one hundred times more activists than al-Qaida, issued its declaration of war. What remains is the history of the future.


Professor Barry Rubin is editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) Journal. The RubenReport (abridged)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Geert Wilders Gripping Speech at the Horowitz Freedom Center


Geert Wilder's speech:  

I would not qualify myself as a free man. 5 years ago I lost my personal freedom. Since then I am under 24-hour police protection. In addition some people tried to rob my freedom of speech: A Dutch Islamic organization tried to stop the appearance of my documentary 'Fitna'. Because of 'Fitna' the most radical Dutch imam claimed 55.000 Euros in compensation for his hurt feelings. The State of Jordan is possibly going to issue a request for my extradition, to stand trial in Amman. I have been charged in France.

In my own country, the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal overruled the decision of the Dutch public prosecutor not to prosecute me. So, now I have to stand trial in my own country, next January.

But, it is not about me. I am not the only European who fights for freedom of speech, there are so many more: The Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard made a Muhammad-cartoon and all of a sudden we were in the middle of the so called 'Danish cartoon crisis'. The Italian author Oriana Fallaci had to live in fear of extradition to Switzerland because of her book 'The Rage and the Pride'. An Austrian politician, Susanne Winter, was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence because she spoke bluntly about the prophet Muhammad. The Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot was arrested by 10 police men because of his drawings. And the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered in the streets of Amsterdam by a radical Muslim.

Last February, I was invited by 2 brave members of the British House of Lords - Lord Malcom Pearson and Baroness Caroline Cox - to show 'Fitna' in the British Parliament. But upon my arrival at Heathrow airport I was denied entry into the UK, on grounds that I would threaten community harmony and therefore public security.

Of course that was a ridiculous and politically motivated claim by the UK government. I was allowed to show 'Fitna' and deliver a speech in the US Senate, in New York, in Florida, in California, in Copenhagen, in Rome, in Jerusalem and next month in the Senate of the Czech Republic. But the British government refused my entrance into the UK, a fellow EU-country. Well, I think it was a splendid American idea, back in the 18th century, to kickthe British out.

Last week, my appeal against the refusal by the British government, took place in London; and I won. Freedom finally prevailed! A UK Court ruled that the decision of the British Home Secretary to ban me was unjust, illegal and a violation of freedom of speech. Fortunately the British judges are a lot wiser than the British government. So, last Friday I went to London and met with my friends Lord Pearson and Baroness Cox and we agreed to show 'Fitna' in the House of Lords, next March.

But let me tell you what also happened during our press conference. A Muslim mob demonstrated outside, shouting: "Shariah for the Netherlands", "Enemy of Islam Geert Wilders deserves capital punishment", "Freedom go to hell" and "Islam will dominate the world". Welcome to Europe today!

You can see all this for yourself on YouTube. This is exactly what we are fighting against. And it gets even worse. A few days ago British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that an Islamic group indeed launched a campaign to impose shariah law in Britain, they will meet later this month in London for a procession to demand the full implementation of shariah law.

Before I want to speak about Islam, I first would like to say this: I have nothing against Muslims. There are many moderate Muslims. The majority of Muslims in our Western countries are law abiding people, who want to live a peaceful life. I know that. Therefore, I make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology, between Muslims and Islam.

What is happening in Europe should not come as a surprise. The reality is that where Islam roots, free speech dies. There is not a single Islamic country in the world where people are really totally free to say what they think. Ever since the so called prophet Muhammad ordered his men to kill the poet Asmabint Marwan, the brave woman who warned her people against this murderous cult, radical Muslims think they have a license to kill anyone, who dares to criticize Muhammad's word or actions.Free speech is Islam's enemy. Islam is a threat to the Europe of Socrates, Voltaire and Galileo.

As I said, there are many moderate Muslims. But there is no such thing as a moderate Islam. Islam's heart lies in the Koran. The Koran is an evil book that calls for violence and murder - Sura 4, Verse 89 and Sura 47, Verse 4 -, terrorism - Sura 8, Verse 60 - and war - Sura 8, Verse 39. The Koran describes Jews as monkeys and pigs - Sura 2, Verse 65 / Sura 5, Verse 60 and Sura 7, Verse 166. It calls non-Muslims liars, miscreants, enemies, ignorant, unclean, wicked, evil, the worst of creatures and the vilest of animals.

The problem is that the provisions in the Koran are not restricted to time or place. Rather, they apply to all Muslims, from all times. Apart from the Koran, there is also the life of Muhammad, who fought in dozens of wars, who spread Islam with the sword, sold imprisoned women and children as slaves, who was in the habit of decapitating Jews and who married and consummated the young girl Aisha before she was ten years of age. The problem is that, to many 'Muslims, Muhammad is 'the perfect man', whose life is the model to follow. But the facts show that the so called Prophet was not a perfect man but a murderer and a pedophile. And inspired by him jihadists with the promise of a carnal paradise slaughtered innocent people in Washington, New York, Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Bali and Mumbai.

Ladies and gentlemen, some time ago an interview was held in France with the French Muslim student Mohamed Sabaoui, who said the following, and I quote: "Your laws do not coincide with the Koran, Muslims can only be ruled by shariah law", and "we will declare the town of Roubaix an independent Muslim enclave and impose shariah law upon all its citizens, and "we will be your Trojan Horse, we will rule, Allah Akbar". End ofquote.

Make no mistake: Islam has always attempted to conquer Europe. Spain fell in the 8th century. Constantinople fell in the 15th century. Vienna and Poland were threatened, and now, in the 21st century, Islam is trying again. This time not with military armies, but through migration and demography.

For the first time in world history there are dozens of millions of Muslims living outside the Dar al-Islam, the Islamic world. Europe now has more than 50 million Muslims. It is expected that one fifth of the population of the European Union will be Muslim within 40 years.

In 1974 no one took the Algerian President Boumédienne all too serious when he said to the UN general assembly: "One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women". End ofquote.

And Libyan dictator Gaddafi said: "There are tens of millions of Muslims in the European continent and the number is on the increase. This is the clear indication that the European continent will be converted to Islam. Europe will one day be a Muslim continent". End ofquote.

Indeed Gaddafi is telling the truth here, through the Islamic concept of migration - called Al Hijra - Europe is in the process of becoming Eurabia. In Europe churches are emptying out, whereas mosques are shooting up like mushrooms. Muhammad is the most popular name among boys in many European cities. Medieval phenomena as burkas, honor killings and female genital mutilation are becoming more and more prevalent. In the UK, by now 85 shariah law courts are active, the same country where Islamic organizations asked to stop the commemoration of the Holocaust, and a minister is pleading to change the Red Cross logo, because it might offend Muslims. In Austria, history teachers avoid teaching on the Austrian wars against the Islamic invaders. In France school teachers are advised to avoid authors deemed offensive to Muslims, including Voltaire. In Norway, children are made to sing Islamic songs as "Allah Akbar" and "Little Muslim, do you pray?" In Belgium, a man almost died after being beaten up by Muslims, because he was drinking during the Ramadan. Jews are fleeing France in record numbers, on the run for the worst wave of anti-Semitism since World War II. The rise of Islam also means the rise of shariah law in our judicial systems. In Europe we have it all: Shariah testaments, shariah mortgages, shariah schools, shariah banks, as I said in the UK there are even 85 shariah courts. Islam regards shariah law to be above all man-made laws, including our constitutions. As you know, shariah law covers all areas of life, from religion, hygiene and dietary laws, to dress codes, family and social life and from finance and politics to the unity of Islam with the state. Shariah law does not recognize free speech and freedom of religion.

According to shariah law, killing apostates is a 'virtue', but the consumption of alcohol is a crime. The introduction of shariah law elements in our societies creates a system of legal apartheid. Shariah law systematically discriminates groups of people. I never understood why the leftish and liberal politicians are ignoring all this. Historically they were the ones fighting for the rights of women, gays, non-believers and others. All groups that would be the first to pay a high price if and when Islamic values would become dominant. Their silence is frightening. Now, I am fighting their fight. I fight to protect those groups. I fight against the Islamization of our societies and therefore for the protection of the rights of women, homosexuals, Christians, Jews, apostates, non-believers and kafirs: the non-Muslims. I want to protect these victims for shariah law. And we all should. If we ignore the problem it will not go away, if we don't act now, shariah will be implemented more en more, slowly but gradually and that would mean the end of freedom of speech and democracy in Europe. This is what is at stake, nothing less than our freedom and democracy.

And please make no mistake: Islam is also coming for America. Last July, during a conference in Chicago, organised by Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, the international movement aiming to create an Islamic state under shariah law across the world, the American imam Jaleel Abdul Adil promised to fight "until Islam becomes victorious or we die in the attempt". When asked: "Would you get rid of the United States Constitution for shariah?" he answered: "Yes, The Constitution would be gone".

America is facing a 'stealth Jihad', the Islamic' attempt to introduce Shariah law bit by bit. Allow me to give you a few examples of Islamization in the United States: Muslim taxi drivers at Minneapolis airport refused over 5,000 passengers because they were carrying alcohol; Muslim students are demanding separate campus housing; Muslim women are demanding separate hours in gyms and swimming pools; schools are banning Halloween and Christmas celebrations - indeed, schools are taking pork off their cafeteria menus to avoid offending Muslim students. Ladies and gentlemen, be aware that this is only the beginning. If things continue like this, you will have the same problems as we are currently faced with in Europe.

It is my opinion that Islam is more an ideology than a religion. To be precise, Islam is a political, totalitarian ideology, with worldwide aspirations, just like communism and fascism, because like those ideologies Islam does not intend to assimilate in our societies but wants to dominate and submit us all. In Islam there is no room for anything but Islam. I think the great Winston Churchill was fully right when he, in his book The Second World War, called Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf the new Koran of faith and war.

But, ladies and gentlemen, Islam is not the only problem. There is a second problem, a problem that is called cultural relativism. Our entire Western elite, whether they are politicians, journalists or judges, has lost its way. Their sense of reality has vanished. Those cultural relativists believe that all cultures are equal. They think that the Islamic culture is equal to our culture which is based on Christianity, Judaism and Humanism. Our culture adheres to freedom, human rights and the equality between men and women and not to violence and hatred.

To the cultural relativists, I proudly say: Our Western culture is far better than the Islamic culture. And we should be proud of that and defend it. Unlike most countries where the Islamic culture is dominant, we have a rule of law, a democracy, a functioning parliament, freedom of speech and a constitution that protects us against the government.

It is clear that not everyone sees the danger. I quote a prominent American, who recently won a Nobel Prize: "Throughout history, Islam had demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance", and "Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism, it is an important part of promoting peace", and "We celebrate a great religion, and its commitment to justice and progress". End of quote. I strongly have to disagree with this assessment. Islam has nothing in common with tolerance or peace or justice!

President Obama also celebrated the fact that when the first Muslim-American was elected to Congress, he took the oath using the same Koran that one of the Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson - kept in his personal library. It is interesting to know that Thomas Jefferson in 1801 was about to wage war against the Islamic 'Barbary' states of Northern Africa to stop the pillaging of ships and enslavement of more than a million Christians.

The ambassador of these Muslim nations told Thomas Jefferson and John Adams that Muslims find the justification for their slaughter and enslavement of kafir in the Koran. Now I ask you, dear friends, could it be that Thomas Jefferson did not keep a copy of the Koran because he admired Islam but because he wanted to understand the ruthless nature of his enemies?

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in democracy, I believe in the American people and the choices it makes, and normally, as a politician from Holland, I would never judge your President. But these remarks of President Obama, do not only affect America, but Europe too. I am afraid that President Obama's remarks could be a turning point in history. I fear that serious geo political changes are looming, changes that will alter our foreign policies, our view on free speech, changes that will alter the West, our way of life, and for the worse and not for the better.

In a matter of fact, it is already happening right now. Recently the United States joined Egypt in sponsoring an anti-free speech resolution in the UN Human Rights Council. You know that council that itself is an insult to human rights since the worst human rights offenders of the world like Cuba, Saudi-Arabia and Pakistan are members. The Obama-administration and Europe supported a resolution to recognize exceptions to free speech to any negative religious stereotyping. This appeasement of the non-free Arab world is the beginning of the end. An erosion of free speech and your own First Amendment. This UN resolution is an absolute disgrace.

As Professor Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University yesterday so rightfully stated in the newspaper USA Today, and I quote: "Criticism of religion is the very measure of the guarantee of free speech - the literal sacred institution of society" - end of quote. That the weak leaders of my own continent Europe supported such a terrible resolution does not come as a surprise to me. But it's a sad thing that for the first time in history, the American administration has taken a leading role against our right to free speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is one Western country that has been forced to fight the forces of jihad for its values since the very first day of its existence: Israel, the canary in the coal mine. Let me say a few words about that wonderful country. I had the privilege of living in Israel. However, in Europe being pro-Israel makes you an endangered species. Israel is a beacon of light in an area - the Middle East - that is pitch black everywhere else. Israel is a Western democracy, while Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt are medieval dictatorships.

The so-called 'Middle East conflict' is not about land at all. It is a conflict about ideologies; a battle between Islam and freedom. It is not about some land in Gaza or in Judea and Samaria. It is about Jihad. To Islam the whole of Israel is occupied territory. They see Tel Aviv and Haifa as settlements too.

I am very much in favor of a two-state solution. I mean Churchill's 1921 two-state solution, when Palestine was partitioned in a Jewish and an Arab part. Arab Palestine is now called Jordan, and therefore, there is already a Palestinian state. With eighty percent of the population having roots on the other side of the Jordan, there is no doubt Jordan is truly the state of Palestine.

Islam forces Israel to fight, and Israel is not just fighting for itself. Israel is fighting for all of us, for the entire West. Just like those brave American soldiers who landed in Sicily in 1943 and stormed the Normandy beaches in 1944, young Israeli men and women are fighting for our freedom, our civilization.

Ladies and gentlemen, Europe ought to fully back Israel to the hilt in its relentless fight against those that threaten it, whether it is Hezbollah, Hamas or a nuclear Iran. Also, because of its history, Europe certainly has the moral obligation to prevent at all cost another Holocaust against the Jewish people. But most important of all: Israel is fighting the jihad that is meant for all of us. So we all should defend Israel. We all are Israel.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is good news also! Europe might slowly be awakening. More and more people are fed up with cultural relativism and politicians ignoring the negative effects of mass-immigration and the creeping Islamization of Europe. During the European elections last June the worst cultural relativists, the socialists, lost nearly everywhere: In the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Germany, in Austria, in France, in Spain, in Italy and, perhaps best of all, in the UK.

But, my party, the Dutch Freedom Party was the winner in the recent elections for the European Parliament. Right now, in the polls, we even are number 1. If there would be elections in the Netherlands tomorrow, whether you like it or not, I could very well become the next Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

Ladies and gentlemen, time is running out, we need to act. As I already said, we need less Islam, and more freedom. We have to protect our most important right, our right to free speech. We have to protect our liberties. That is why I propose the following measures, measures to preserve our freedom:

First. We have to end all forms of cultural relativism. For this purpose we need an amendment to our Western constitutions stating that our cultural foundation is the Judeo Christian Humanistic culture, and not Islam.

Second. We have to stop the mass immigration from Muslim countries. Because more Islam means less freedom.

Third. I have a clear message to all Muslims in our societies: If you subscribe to our laws, our values and our constitutions you are very welcome to stay and we will help you to assimilate.

But, if you cross the red line and commit violent crimes or the implementation of shariah law and start practicing jihad, you are not welcome anymore, then we will expel you if possible the same day.

Fourth. We have to strengthen our laws regarding freedom of speech. In Europe we urgently need some kind of American First Amendment. And we have to resist UN-resolutions that intend to weaken our right of free speech in another attempt to appease the Islamic world.

Fifth, last but not least. We have to elect brave leaders. Real leaders. We enjoy the privilege of living in a democracy. Let us use that privilege by replacing weak leaders with heroes. Let us have fewer Neville Chamberlains and more Winston Churchills! In short, ladies and gentlemen, my main message of today is that we have to start fighting back. No defence, but offence. We have to fight back and demonstrate that millions of people are sick and tired of losing, of giving in, of appeasing. We must make clear that millions of freedom loving people are saying: enough is enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with this: I will never give in nor give up. And we should never surrender nor compromise about freedom, the most important right we still have in our free western societies. We have to win, and I am confident: we will win! Thank you very much.