Sunday, October 24, 2010

Real Reason Juan Williams Was Fired

Juan Williams Opposes Ground Zero Mosque

The Weekly Standard:

During Fox News Sunday's online "Panel Plus" segment, Juan Williams made the case against building the 13-story Islamic center a couple blocks from Ground Zero. Although the imam who owns the land has a right to do what he wants with his own property, Williams said, as a matter of decency the imam shouldn't build the mosque.

Williams said that the proposed mosque and the imam's actions are "a thumb in the eye to so many people who lost their lives and went through the trauma there. It's not promoting dialogue or understanding. In fact, it's polarizing. So it's not achieving his stated goal. And for that reason, I just think he's wrong to do it."

Williams's comments on the Ground Zero Mosque come a couple days after the Anti-Defamation League declared that "building an Islamic Center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain – unnecessarily – and that is not right."

Its clear now why Williams was fired from NPR. Not so much for his comments about his feelings on a plane with Muslims, but for his earlier statement that he opposed the Ground Zero Mosque. CAIR had to bee in an uproar over Williams statements, and the plane comments was the last straw for CAIR.  They pressured NPR the liberal network funded heavily by Socialist George Soros. That combination got Williams canned from his NPR spot. Thank goodness that Fox Network isn't about to be bullied by the likes of CAIR and other Muslims organizations.