Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pastor Manning Visited by CIA, Expects to be Arrested Shortly

Watch the comments of Pastor Manning as he speaks about his recent visit by the CIA.

Pastor Manning,  One of the few who are strong willing to speak out against the evil Satan in the Black House.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the Forces of Evil in Washington be Vanquished

A follow up reply to the topic "Obama's Permanet Attacks on Sarah Palin"

Pelosi like Obama and Reid plus most of the liberals in congress are all Socialist. They could care less what Americans think about their Obamacare and Cap and Tax programs. When Americans united at tea parties and attended the townhall meetings, the liberal Socialists acted like those in attendance were being rude and belligerent because they dared voice their disapproval of Obamacare and Cap and Tax. Now they want to ban us all from having access to them. They cancel Townhall meetings, they deny us access to their hearings. Its no different in Cuba or Venezuela where the dictators control the peasants. To those in Washington, we are their servants. Then are the rulers. Lets show them who’s really ruling this country come next election. I say throw all those Socialist bastards out on their kisters. And Obama, your days are numbered. America is catching on to your charade and they dont like it one bit. God Damn Obama and his Socialist party. God Bless America.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wafa Sultan, One Gutsy Lady

Found this very intense video on the David Horowitz NewsReal blog. Definitely worth watching.

Thank you Wafa Sultan for putting one cleric in his place.

Alex Jones TV Comments, Buy Health Ins, or go to Jail

Organization for America,   an Obama talking clap trap of lies, claimed that Sarah Palin was on Rush Limbaugh and stated that if you don't buy Health Insurance, you can be fined and sent to Jail. Organization for America, said that Palin was lying.  Botox Pelosi said when asked by a reporter concerning the fine or jail for failure to comply with Obamacare. "I think its really fair"

On his Alex Jones TV show, he made the following statements and read the actual wording of the bill that says what Palin was saying.

So who's really Lying, Organization for America, or Sarah Palin?  Clearly its OFA.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buy Obamacare Plan or You go to Jail

Thanks to the David Horowitz blog  I found this video of Representative Peter Roskam, (R. Illinois) explaining how you might end up in Jail if you don't buy healthcare Insurance under the Socialist Obamacare plan. Millions of Americans need to see this video. They don't know what they are in for once Obamacare is passed.

One thing is clear that us conservatives already know, Illegal aliens will be covered by the plan and they won't be penalized with fines and imprisonment if they don't buy Insurance.  Joe Wilson was right.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obamuslim Really fits Obama

Recently I responded with my thoughts to a blog on the New Zeal website, titled Obamuslim.

First this Video was provided to back up the New Zeal's accusatiions that Obama is really a Muslim.

foxmuldar said...

Actions speak louder then words. Obama's actions since he's been in office are strong evidence of where his religious beliefs stand. Shortly after entering office, Obama ended the White House prayer that all presidents in the past have participated in.

Obama travels the globe and continues to apologize for all the good America stands for. Obama is a Socialist but he is also a Muslim lover. Obama did bow to the Saudi King even if his liberal talking heads tried to deny it.

Obama allows Eric Holder to bring the 9/11 terrorist to New Your for a show trial, that puts New Yorkers at risk. Obama tell congress to hold off on any investigations into the Major Hasan Fort Hood Terroism. Obama continues to refuse to admit that Hasan is a Radical Muslim Jihadist.

Obama continues to stall in making any decisions on Afghanistan, while his Personally appointed General McChrystal has asked for more troops. Obama said recently, He doesn't like the word Victory. Actions speak louder then words. Obama is proving his actions are backing up his words. Obama doesn't want a victory in Afghanistan. Obama wants to stall long enough till the support for the war drops further, and then Obams will do like the Liberals did during the Viet Nam War. Throw in the towel, and leave Afghanistan to be controlled by Al quida and the Taliban.

When Obama says we should allow muslims to practice their religion here in America as they see fit. Does he approve of Sharia laws that many muslims believe in? America is heading in the same direction that we see taking place in many parts of europe. Muslims are getting their way. Sharia law is being allowed or simply not spoken about as political correctness has taken hold in europe. After less then one year in office, Obama has taken drastic steps to change the face of America as we have know it for so long. Give him a little more time, and we will all be bowing to Allah and his murderous jihadist.


Friday, November 20, 2009

So the Fat Lady is Calling it Quits

My comments to the David Horowitz NewsReal site, concerning the announcement that Oprah was ending her show in 2011.

Only thing I ever remember about the Oprah show was when she dragged a bag of fat onto the stage to show how much weight she lost. Did Oprah fire her dietician? She gained all that fat back and some. Must have come from all the Obama parties she has attended since the Joker was elected to the Black house.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Showing His True Colors

My recent reply to David Horowitz posting: Obama's "Show" Trial Two-fer: KSM and GWB at the Same Time

Its interesting to note that Holder lets go Black Panthers who were intimidating voters at a polling booth in Philadelphia.

But he is willing to tear down our National Defense by going after the CIA and soon other innocent men and women who may have been involved with the capture and detention of the 9/11 conspirators. Watch how Obama will tap dance around ever calling Major Hasan a Jihadist, or someone who should be tried for hate crimes.

I agree with David, Obama and Holder may get their wish now, but in the end it will be the Socialist Democratic party that suffers. Obama is becoming a true joker just like his picture.

The world is laughing at the fool we now have in the White House. Not long ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy chastized Obama for his weak mindedness. Our enemies in Iran, Soviet Union, and other countries are seeing what a weak man Obama is. They will react to his weakness and America will be at greater risk.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin, Taking Aim at Obama

Nothing sexier then a lovely lady packing a weapon.  Even better is our favorite conservative female Sarah Palin, with a weapon. Could it be Sarah is zeroing in her piece to take out the next liberal thats trys to trash her new book? Or maybe Sarah has higher ambitions. Perhaps Obama is in her sights.

We have a Traitor in the White House

David Horowitz NewsReal website posted the following comment.  What The Heroes of Flight 93 Could Teach Obama If They Sat Together On a Plane.  I had to leave this following reply:

Obama is claiming the actions by Major Hasan, a worrior for Allah cannot be considered an act of terrorism since Major Hasan acted alone. That reasoning is so clueless. Does Obama then consider a Jihadist Suicide bomber that acts alone to also not be a terrorist act? Obama was all over the Middle east giving his apologies to millions of muslims. Will Obama soon apologize to the millions of Americans for his foolish conclusions? I doubt that he will. I know he won’t. Deep inside Obama feels no sorrow for those soldiers that died at Fort Hood. Obama hates the military just as Bill Clinton did. Its a shame we have a traitor as president of the United States. America has fallen to a new low.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mark Steyn The Hole at the Heart of Our Strategy

The Hole at the Heart of Our Strategy

We’re scrupulously non-judgmental about the ideology that drives terrorism.

By Mark Steyn

Thirteen dead and 31 wounded would be a bad day for the U.S. military in Afghanistan, and a great victory for the Taliban. When it happens in Texas, in the heart of the biggest military base in the nation, at a processing center for soldiers either returning from or deploying to combat overseas, it is not merely a “tragedy” (as too many people called it) but a glimpse of a potentially fatal flaw at the heart of what we have called, since 9/11, the “War on Terror.” Brave soldiers trained to hunt down and kill America’s enemy abroad were killed in the safety and security of home by, in essence, the same enemy — a man who believes in and supports everything the enemy does.

And he’s a U.S. Army major.

And his superior officers and other authorities knew about his beliefs but seemed to think it was just a bit of harmless multicultural diversity — as if believing that “the Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor” (i.e., his fellow American soldiers) and writing Internet paeans to the “noble” “heroism” of suicide bombers and, indeed, objectively supporting the other side in an active war is to be regarded as just some kind of alternative lifestyle that adds to the general vibrancy of the base.

Keep reading:


PC Crowd Will Sweep Ft. Hood Crime Under the Rug

Jihad Watch posted the following after which I replied:
The Politically correct crowd has brought us to the point where so many are in denial. Denial of the fact that there are many Muslims living here in America that hate what american stands for. They hate our life style, they hate all of us infidels. The cover up of the Fort Hood hate crime has already started. Already we see reports of a lonely man with not many friends. A man who was mistreated by his fellow officers. So much BS is being reported to label Major Hasan as a sick man who simply went beserk after he snapped from all the pressure. The real facts are being avoided. Major Hasan was a converted Muslim, he talked openly about his disapproval of americian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spoke openly in favor of suicide terrorist. Major Hasan not only was converted to the Muslim religion, but he was indoctrinated into following through with the acts that ended with the death of many American soldiers and many more wounded. Major Hasan is guilty of a Terrorist hate crime. Lets not brush another Muslim hate crime under the rug.


Obama is a Fool and a Liar

From the New Zeal blog Since Obama's minister was a Marxist, what does that make Obama? 

Obama is both a fool and a Liar. Every since he's been in office Obama has been lying to us. As far as being a fool, what other president of the United Stated would travel around the world apologizing for bailing out so many countries from opression. In europe alone, there are hundreds of thousands of americans who were laid to rest in foreign graves. Men and women who were there to fight against the socialist Nazi party of Hitler. Many more who died fighting the imperial armies of Japan. Obama sees America's good deeds as somehow evil. But then thats how a socialist sees America. Obama claimed he never heard the Reverand Wright say anything derogatory against americans. As Joe Wilson said not long ago, Obama you lie. As for the Rev. Wright, all I can say is God Bless America, and God Damn Obama and his socialist democratic party.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Robert Spencer Discusses Fort Hood Jihadist on the Savage Nation

Will Major Hasan be charged with a Hate Crime?

Obama said we can't act hastily in making any judgements on why Major Hasan murdered 13 American soldiers and wounded many more. I replied to the topic on the David Horowitz News Real site as follows.

Question? Will Major Hasan be charged with a hate crimes offense? I’m willing to bet he isn’t. Yet is very clear he acted out of hate for his fellow american soldiers. Major Hasan hated American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. When Major Hasan converted to the Muslim religion, he learned to hate all Infidels. This is truly a Terrorist hate crime, but Obama and his Drive by media will do their best to spin this into nothing more then a metally Ill victim, brought about by uncomfirmed remarks that have already been found to be false. Major Hasan was converted into a Muslim Jihadist hell bent on killing Americans. Plain and simple fact. A definite Hate Crime.

Full article and other replies can be found here: