Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Strange Silence From the Drive-by Media

Much of this year the Obama Drive-by News Media was trashing Tea Party goers, trashing, americans who dared to question their politicians during town hall meeting, and finally trashing 9/12 attendees. Patriotic Americans who disagree with Obama, are now being called Racist. It was White Americans that put Obama in office. Without the white vote, Obama wouldn't have won. Disappointed Republicans who felt betrayed by Bush and McCain voted for Obama while holding their nose.

Well now we get back to the Drive-bys. This week the G-20 nations met in Pittsburgh. Many of the idiots at the conference like Gadahi and Obama, were there to demonize everything thats good about America. Much of the talk during the conference, was Gloom & Doom for the world if we don't all bow down to the Global Warming fools. Even while Iran builds its Nuclear potential, the idiots at the conference failed to condemn Iran.

Meanwhile outside the conference, the real mob was throwing rocks at the police. Many in this real mob were wearing black hoods on their heads like the palistinians or hezbollahs. Geez if they were wearing white hoods, then perhaps the drive-bys might have complained a little more. But I guess black hoods are ok with the drive-bys? It a disgrace to say the least. Its one thing to demonstrate, like the decent patriotic americans did on 9/12, but the behavior of the real mob this week in Pittsburgh without any condemnation by the drive-bys show's how slanted to the left the main media has become.

Where's Pelosi and Harry the Hat Reid now when the real mob is destroying property? The Liberal's are suspiciously quiet. Most Americans know who the real mob is. Its no wonder most americans are leaving the Media networks and moving to Fox.  Its also why Obama continues to boycott the Fox network, and plasters his mug constantly on the Obama drive-by networks. The gig is up Obama, Americans are waking up to what loser they put in the Whitehouse. Hopefully they will not make the same mistake twice.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty, Bernanke Says the Recession is Over

Its a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, and I'm catching up on my blogs and website post. One of my favorite sites, The Market Oracle, has an interesting article commenting on the recent announcement by the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, " The Recession has ended".

When I first heard that announcement, I had to laugh, as then Bernanke said that although the recession is over, Unemployment will continue to remain high into 2010 and perhaps longer. Just today Obama, said in one of his 5 televised healthcare infomercials, that unemployment will continue to rise in the coming months. That doesn't sound like the recession is over, or the stimulus is working. Its certainly not good news for the millions of unemployed americans who's unemployment benefits are close to ending. Ask them if they feel the recession is over. I doubt they would be smiling at that question, unless they thought you were joking. Well According to the Market Oracle article, Bernanke must be Joking.

Best let you decide if Bernanke is joking. After I read the article,  I felt it was time to beam Ben Bernanke up to another planet, one where he can't fuck things up even more.

Article, The Recession has Technically Ended, Is Bernanke Joking?

Enjoy laughing!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Continues to Think He's the Messiah

A recent article on the Human Events site, led me to leave the following reply.

Its clear Obama continues to think he is the Messiah and we are his deciples. Maybe his Socialist/Democrats remain his deciples, but the rest of us see him as the Socialist Satin thats hell bent on the destruction of America so he can reshape it into his own banana republic, just like the one his buddy Hugo Chavez has created. Obama didn't take long to outdistance even the old evil Soviet Empire with his 30 plus czars. From his 3 apology tours to his dismantling of the CIA, Satin Obama has shown his true colors. I for one can only hope an archangel comes down and smites this evil satin before he succeeds in fullfilling his evil wishes.


Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN Going Down, Just the Beginning of the End of Acorn. .

Wow! For those freedom lovers like myself, the past few days have been exhilarating. Obama's Deck of card is falling down. ACORN, a big backer of Obama, and tied at the hip to the joker, has been hit hard in less then a week. Following Videos in three different Acorn housing offices, where acorn employees were flaunting the laws, by instructing two would be clients how they can acquire a house from which to use as a brothel. They also instructed these same two clients how to cheat on their taxes, AKA, Charley Chucky Rangel. 

Following the release of these videos on Fox network, the Census bureau dropped all ties to Acorn. Tonight as I write, the powers that be in Washington were voting on the Johann's Ammendment that would defund Acorn. At this time, the ammendment passed 83 to 7. Thus another chink in the wall of Acorn is knocked down.
Johann Ammendment to Defund Acorn:

I expect further updates in the coming days as the evil empire of Obama and Acorn come crumbling down.


Great Quote by Frederic Bastiat

Frederic Bastiat put it in the 19th century, "Government is the mythical entity whereby everyone tries to live off the efforts of everyone else."

Awesome words that I will keep in my blog.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Salute Joe Wilson A True American

The following are my comments or reply to an article, "Things Don't Add up" on the Independent Women's Forum website

Although I agree with most of the article, "Things Don't Add up"  I have a strong disagreement with a few of the replies to the article that were trashing Joe Wilson.  Here's what I had to say in my reply.


September 12, 2009, 9:34am

First off I salute Joe Wilson. Since when do we bow down to the President of any country. It was Obama that bowed down to the Saudi leader. Now that was out of order. Where were you complaining when the full floor or Democrats booed Bush when he gave a speech on the coming bankruptsy of Social Security. Then it wasn't just one that spoke out of line, it was the entire democratic party. Where were you when Harry Reid called President Bush a Liar? When the British Parliment holds a meeting, its common for opposing views to be called out no matter who is talking. Americans are turning into a bunch of Politically correct wimps. Joe Wilson was correct, Illegals will eventually be covered no matter what Obama says. Why did the Democrats vote down 2 verification amendments to the bill? That makes it clear what their true intentions are. Democrats wants Illegals here for their votes. Democrats and their sleazy partners like Acorn and SEIU, care less about real Americans. Democrats get most of their funding from the Tort Lawyers. Don't expect Democrats to suggest changing the Tort laws. America was founded on the principals of truth and freedom. Freedom to speak out when we hear false comments even when they are being made by our socialist president. I just wish there were more Joe Wilson's out there. Today thousand are marching in Washington. Obama and his cronies socialist democrats will call them the mob. They are Americans concerned that their freedoms are being taken away. Concerned that soon the government will control their lives from the cradal to the grave. Concerned that Obama and his crowd are building a deficit that your children will end up having to pay for. Don't trash Joe Wilson, stand up and cheer him. Thanks Joe!


My reply as posted on the Independent Womens Forum:

Friday, September 11, 2009

If We Don't Act Now?

I Don't know how many speeches Socialist Obama has given, but they all seem to be start out with the same old cliche."We have to act now or else the country is doomed to such devastation, that we will never be able to recover." First was the Stimulus bill where Obama and his liberal congress claimed that if we didn't act now, unemployment would skyrocket. Obama said "If we act quickly we can keep unemployment down to no higher then 8%." Acting out of fear, the bill was rushed and signed, with not a single member of congress ever reading the damn thing. Eight months later, unempoyment is pushing 10% and actual unemployed, if we count those with part time jobs and those not looking for work anymore, now reaching 16% and growing. Many folks are close to the end of their benefits, so they soon won't be counted on the rolls of the unemployed.

Next came Bank Bailouts, Once again we were told "We have to act now or the banks are doomed." Watch each Friday as more bank failure notices are released. Seems odd that the announcements always come late on a Friday evening. Hmmm? And Bernanke and company continue to say they saved us from total disaster. It was Bernanke and the Federal Reserve that helped cause the problem. Why didn't they see the Subprime mess coming?  A lot of so called smart folks dropped the ball.

Now again, Obama is preaching Gloom and Doom if we don't act quickly on his Socialist Healthcare program. Obama lies about Illegals receiving government funded healthcare. Obama lies about taxpayer dollars going to fund abortions. He lies about us keeping our health insurance if we like it. When government sets the rules for the insurance companies, they make it more difficult for them to survive and profit. Any Public Option Trigger that's being talked about lately, would certainly be set in motion shortly after being implemented. Democrats would set the standards which insurance companies can't meet and eventually the Trigger would be pulled. Obama and his Socialist Democrats want a single payer system.

Today we remember those who died on 9/11. I was at work that morning when a fellow employee told me what happened. I couldn't believe what he said. It seemed almost impossible to believe. Yet as the day went on, I realized how true it was. I felt sorrow for those that died that day. My fellow Americans who also were at work not realizing what horror they would be facing. We now have a president thats hell bent on forgetting the tragedy of 9/11. Sure he goes through the motions of attending the many ceremonial activities of the day, but his actions since he has been in office provide us of what his real thoughts are. Obama hates what America stands for. He apologizes to those who were responsible for 9/11. He apologizes for the great deeds that Americans have made in the past. He panders to our enemies. He weakens our security, which will God forbid lead to another 9/11.  God Bless America, God Bless those who died on 9/11.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yale Caves in to Muslim Extremism, Removes Silly Cartoons

Yale University this week, removed cartoons of  the Prophet Muhammad from a book that's about how those such cartoons that Yale removed have caused outrage in the muslim world. Last time I looked, I believe Yale is in the United States of America, and not some muslim country. Freedom of speech is supposed to apply to all Americans, and any threat to such freedoms should be taking seriously. By removing the cartoon caricatures, Yale has said it would rather give up its freedom of speech, rather then risk violence from a few extremist muslims in this country. Many Americans have died protecting our freedoms, the same freedoms that Yale University is now willing to shove under the rug. Hope its not a persian rug, that might also offend a few extremist. 

I wonder what Yales reaction would be had someone published a book with cartoons that might offend Christians. My guess not a damn thing.

Full Article:


Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Wants it All, And He Wants it Now!

What better song to play that exemplifies Obama and his Socialist Democratic party, then an old favorite of mine from the group Queen. "I Want it All"

Awesome tune befitting the current Obama Administration. No time to wait! No Time to Delay! We have to act now! Or else its too late. I wan't Healthcare now! I want Tax & Cap now! I want Bank Bailouts now! I want full control of all Americans lives. I want it all, and I want it Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


A False Idol, Britians NHS

Hello again,

I wasn’t expecting to be back posting on the NHS but a recent article on the Heritage Foundation site caught my attention. I thought you might like reading it.

A False Idol

Posted September 7th, 2009 at 9.00am in American Leadership, Health Care.

The National Health Service is like a deity in Britain. Or so we are told. Irish actor and director, Graham Linehan – a very funny man – has taken to defending the NHS by saying that American criticisms of it are “like if you criticize your parents. You can do it – but if anyone else criticized them you’d murder them.” That’s not going to keep life expectancies up. The Economist, for its part, offers up the plea “God save the NHS.” So much for the Queen, apparently.

There is something distinctly off-putting in this worshipful attitude. The NHS is not the English Bill of Rights, or the First Amendment. It is not a statement of eternal truths. It is a bureaucratic organization intended to serve a particular purpose. If it does not serve that purpose well, then it should be changed. The outraged responses to American – and British – criticisms of the NHS have a calculated political purpose: to reject the very thought that the government should not be responsible for running the entire health care system.

But the criticisms keep on coming. Yesterday saw the leaking of a report by McKinsey, the consulting firm. McKinsey had been asked to advise the NHS on how it could save 20 billion pounds – about 35 billion dollars – by 2013/14. That’s only three budget cycles away, so saving that kind of money is a tough target. McKinsey’s conclusion: “NHS hospitals in England are rife with waste and inefficiency,” with low staff productivity, too many admissions, wasteful procurement, and heavy debt burdens thanks to bad financing.

The problem with financing comes as no surprise: the British armed forces suffer from a similar problem. What is really surprising is where the cuts in the NHS will come. According to McKinsey, the NHS needs to lose 137,000 jobs, or 10% of its workforce. While 30,000 administrators will go, so will over 100,000 medical professionals. Medical school places would be reduced to avoid an “oversupply” of doctors, and older doctors and nurses will be encouraged to retire. Acute care will be the hardest hit: McKinsey projects it will lose 38% of its budget. There would be further savings if procedures with “limited clinical benefit” – such as tonsillectomies, varicose vein removal and some hysterectomies – were decommissioned.

The government, to put it politely, has not given McKinsey’s proposals a terribly enthusiastic reception. But dilemmas like this one are what you get when you let the government run the entire health care system: either you pay for everything, at the cost of untold inefficiencies and an eternal struggle to balance the books, or you decide that things would be much more affordable if you let some more doctors go and cut back on the tonsillectomies. Not an enviable choice. Britain may treat the NHS as a deity, but the McKinsey report reveals, yet again, why single-payer systems are a false idol.

Foxmudar comment: Well it seems that when the consulting firm McKinsey gives their thoughts on cutting spending, the British government brushes it aside. And of course if they were to implement the changes by cutting 100,000 medical personal, well we all know who suffers in the end. I would expect similiar moves by the Obama Administration if he gets his Public Option plan in operation. Right now Obama and his Socialist/Democratic party are once again trying a new tactic. They are calling it  a Trigger. Basically if insurance companies don’t meet up to the standards or rules the Democratic congress applies to the Trigger. Then the Trigger is pulled and the Public option is installed. Geez when you can make the rules that gurantee Insurances companies won’t reach those goals, its easy to see the final outcome. Government Run healthcare. Add 40 to 50 Million uninsured suddenly to the insured list. and the waiting line to see a doctor has got to become very long.

Its a holiday here in the states, Labor day. It was once a day to celebrate the working man. Now its just another day for Obama to suck up to his Union buddies. Oh did I mention that if Obamacare passes, the Unions get $10 Billion for their underfunded retirement healthcare programs. Geez isn’t it nice how bribes can go a long way.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Public Option Trigger Thats Certain to be Pulled

Now that Obama and the Democrats realize that most Americans are on to their Healthcare game, they are now trying another tactic they are calling a "Public Option Trigger". Don't be fooled into thinking this is anything other then a side door into the full Public Option, that Obama and his Socialist/Democrats want to put in place.

The Rules that would set off the Trigger or implementation of the Public Option are being put in place by the same folks that continued to lie to Americans about the Public Option. Yep, the Socialist Democrats, Harry Reid, Nancy Peloci and the rest of the Democratic Ilk in Washington. Here's part of Reids Plan or Rules for any Trigger to be pulled.

 "Reid said members of the Senate Finance Committee are looking at a bill that would make it so the public option is not immediately employed, but would go into play if the private insurance industry does not meet certain deadlines for making sure a certain percentage of the public has health insurance. Think about that for a minute. A certain percentage of Americans have health Insurance.  We already know that the Democrats consider Illegals as Americans, and they will likely be counted as part of the 50 million without Insurance. No way can Insurance companies cover Illegals unless they are not willing to give them free coverage. Its just not going to happen.

And what percentage will Reid and the Democrats want covered or else the Trigger is pulled? Bet that percentage is a high number. Reid also said this to reporters recently. "We're going to do everything we can to do a public option or something like a public option," Reid said.

Pro life advocates won't be happy no matter what plan is set up by the Democrats.

 Under the current House and Senate bills, a new government health insurance plan, the "public option," is created with $2 billion in start-up funds from the federal government. Several votes to make sure the money is not used to fund abortions have been defeated and the Obama administration would be left to determine if abortions are covered.

So expect Obama to bring up a Public Option Trigger in his speech to congress this week. Don't be fooled by anything Socialist Obama says. His goal remains a full Public option, and full control of our lives. Obama and the Democrats will set the rules for the Trigger, they will make damn sure that Insurance companies cant reach the percentage of Americans covered with Insurance. And in the end, Obama will pull that Trigger that leads Amerca to a Public Option and then eventual demise of the private Insurance sector.

We Conservatives and right thinking Americans have Obama and his Socialist party on the run. Lets not give them a chance to catch their breath. Keep them running like we just did with Obama's green czar Van Jones. No time to ease up. Keep the pressure on Obama and let him know, were not being fooled by any new name or spin he tries to put on his Health care plans. Just say no to anything Obama and his cronies in Washington want to offer. The Cats out of the bag, We know what Obama stands for, and we don't want any parts of his Socialist Agenda.


Bob Basso, "We The People Stimulus Package"

I watch this video weeks ago before I started my own blog. Had it on my facebook site, so I thought it would be a good idea to add it here on my blog. Its definitely a patriotic video well worth watching.
If your a strong conservative like I am, I know you will enjoy watching this Thomas Paine portrayal by Bob Basso.


Gitmo Rockers, Rocking away on the Gitmo Idol show.

Awesome funny video I found on the site. Video is called Gitmo Idol.  Hope everyone likes it. Definitely well done video.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Communist China Flag to Fly Over White House

Tell me it isn't so? If we need more proof that Barach Obama is a true Socialist, we have stronger proof now after learning Obama is planning on flying the Communist Chinese flag over the White House on September 20th, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).  What next, perhaps the flag of Communist Cuba to honor the dictator Castro?  It's a slap in the face of all americans and our forefathers who fought and died to preserve the liberties of our free country. Its no wonder Barack Hussein Obama,  has tripped all over the world apologizing too our enemies. Had any president taken a similiar apologetic trip, he would have been hanged by his neck till he was dead for betraying our country. Obama's goals are not to make America the symbol of freedom, his goals are to tear down our freedoms and turn America into another Venezuela, or maybe even Cuba. Socialist don't care about the people, socialist want full control over the people. Barack Obama, the Socialist, wants full control of all of us. Its time we all wake up and realize the snake that most of you voted for and put in the White House. 

Were living in dangerous times. Obama has created his own inner circle of czars that answer only to him. Czars that were never appointed by members of congress. Check out the backgrounds of many of these Czars. Socialist, Communist, America haters, Abortion advocates, folks that are truly hell bent on destroying our Republic.  Obama wants to take away your freedom and mine to voice our thoughts and words whenever we don't say what Obama and his facist thugs approve of. We still have time to defeat this snake in the White House. Say not to Cap & Tax, say no to Obamacare, say no to bank bailouts, say no to ballooning deficits, say no to the green freaks that want to send us back to the stone ages.  Just say no to Obama and his Socialist/Democrats. God bless America, God Damn Obama!


Washington Needs Healthcare Reform

All Summer long, Democrats have been trying to convince us all that American needs a change in our Health Care system. What Obama and his Socialist/Democrat party really want is full control of every Americans life, from the cradal to the grave. There are a lot of real sick fucks in Washington, and most of them work in the halls of Congress and the Senate. And the biggest sick fuck is the one thats currently residing in the White House. My idea of true health care for Washington is a long vacation for all the socialists that currently reside in Washington. Clearing Washington of the plague that resides in congress and the white house will not only rid us of a major plague, but also clear the air of the stench thats currently floating high above where these Socialist spew their filth and hatred of America. Say no to Obama and his Socialist/Facist Ilk. Say no To Obama and his push for Cap & Tax, and Obamacare. Say no to any false Health care Trigger thats now being considered by the same Socialist that tried pushing a public option and a co-op plan. There's now difference in any of these plans. In the end, the government has the final decisions on what plan is implemented. Believe me they will pull that Trigger after they set the rules that lead up to the gun being fired.

Best Health Care plan is one that sends all Socialist/Democrats and those Republicans that fall in line with the Obama plan packing.  Send them to some psychiatric ward where they can be given the same kind of treatment that they wanted to impose on most Americans. Give them the choice of what pill they want to take. Red or Blue?  Just keep them locked up till they make the right decisions.


Socialism Is Not a Joke

With the Ilk of Obama and his Socialist cronies running the White House, America is in deep trouble. Only the forces of free America, the tea party folks, the freedom lovers of America, can keep Obama from changing the U.S. into just another banana republic.  Believe me, this is no joke, Obama and the likes of Van Jones and company are hell bent on doing just that. America, stand up and be heard. Tell your Congressmen and Senators, that if they favor the Obama way of governement, then their time in office is ending. Take names of those who continue to vote for the Cap & Trade and Obamacare plans. Vote those Socialists out of office. Shut down the boarders to Illegal Aliens. Time to give America back to Americans.