Saturday, August 29, 2009

It Aint America No More.

I thought we lived in a free america where freedom of speech was still allowed. Since Obama was elected, it seems free speech only applies when its against those who are are opposed to the socialist, facist policies of this Obama administration. Watch the video provided from the Michelle Malkin blog. Very Chilling folks. Watch!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My comments on death of Senator Kennedy

Unlike the many praises and adulations for Senator Kennedy, I would rather remind everyone that Kennedy was first a murder. He drove his car off a bridge and left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in the cold river water. Being a Kennedy means getting off without any penalty. Kennedy was also an alcoholic and a liberal that fought to give Illegal Aliens citizenship. I will not honor Kennedy, I just wish the press would mention his faults and not only his liberal ideas that the main liberal media supports. Finally Mary Jo can rest in peace. Her killer if finally going to his cold grave.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Update and Reply to Nosemonkey

Wow, healthcare is driving me crazy. I hope todays reply to Nosemonkey is my last on the subject.

Romanian Love Life a Lot Better today

Wow, what a difference a day make. Today I talked with both of my favorite ladies from Romania. Tonight with my favorite and things are much better. Life in Romania isn't that great these days. Recession hit Romania hard, and my friends are having a rough time finding work. I like helping when I can, and hope things get better soon.


Monday, August 24, 2009

My Romanian Love Life Sucks

A more personal post mainly for myself. I have two favorite lady friends who live in Romania. One has been closer to me but I am fond of them both. Lately I seem to be drifting away from them. Or maybe they are drifting away from me. Geez sometimes love really does suck. Oh well tomorrow's another day.


2nd reply to Nosemonkey regarding the Healthcare bill

2nd reply on Monday Aug. 24 to Nosemonkey regarding Obamacare.

Monday morning reply to Nosemonkey

Wow, I didn't expect to get into such a heated debate with folks across the pond.

1st response of 2 today

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Barney Fag Franks Banking Queen Video

Heard this on Rush a number of times, and finally found it so all my visitors can enjoy viewing it. I get a laugh everytime I watch this crazy piece of video. Watch and laugh.

Obama Joker Poster Getting Attention of North Texas Authorities

From the Alex Jones Infowars site, Liberals are bent out of shape over the recent Obama the Joker posters. Yet when Bush was president, they had posters of Bush the Joker and Bush as hitler all over. I don't recall any wide spread meadia uproar over those posters. I guess you can say "Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander" Time for liberals to understand that us Conservatives are fed up with their tricks and are now fighting back.


Cash for Coffins a possible next C4C program

Can't believe I was hearing it right this weekend, but on Fox news, I heard talk of a Cash 4 Coffins program that the Democrats will be starting shortly. The recent Cash 4 Clunkers program was a waste of taxpayers money. I saw one advertisment for GM, where it said, I could get $4,500 off on a new Silverado, with a 72 month payment plan, and no money down. Geez doesn't that sound familiar? The Subprime mess that dragged us into the current recession, started out as a Democrat pushed program where the likes of Barney Fag, Frank told the banks they had to give mortgages to folks who really didn't have the means to make payments once the interest rates kicked in. Many of the loans were given without any downpayments. Its no wonder so many folks are simply moving out of their homes instead of trying to pay their mortgages. Frank recently wanted to use some of the Tarp money the banks started paying back, for more of the same bailout of mortgages. The Cash for Clunkers program ends on Monday. Only about 2% to 5% of the $3 billion for the program has been paid to the dealers. And Obama and his democratic cronies want us to believe they can run our health care program. "I don't think so." Give me a break. Just last week on Friday of course, the government OMB raised the deficit for the next 10 years by $2 Trillion dollars, From $8 Trillion to $10 Trillion. Hey folks its only money right? Add Obamacare to that deficit, and you can imagine how deep the shithole of a defecit Obama will leave the future generations to pay. Unlike Obama's Reverand Wright comment, I'd like to say God Bless America, and God Damn Obama and his Administration. JMOP


Recent Replies to Nosemonkey's Eutopia Blog

After Reading the article posted on the Nosemonkey Eutopia site, 'The NHS under attach' I had to reply with my thoughts. My first reply is as follows:

After getting a brief reply from Nosemonkey, I added another reply with hopefully a little more of my thoughts concerning the Obama Socialist agenda.