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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Blocked again by Facebook

I'm now into my third weeks of my block by Facebook. This time for something they found that I said back in 2008 and 2011. Can you see the picture here? Now that Facebook cant block me for posting something I find on another site or You Tube, they have their PC police spend a lot of time digging through my many years of posting on their site till they fine anything they might consider a violation of their rules. This is how the left works, and yes Facebook is part of the Democrat, leftest agenda. Facebook is part of the left that supports most everything Muslims demand.  If I post about Muslims dragging a dog behind a motorbike until the poor dog is dead. Facebook doesn't seem to be bothered by such animal cruelty, thus I have to believe they support it. Muslims are often seen throwing gays off building and again Facebook doesn't seem to be bothered by this so is this how Facebook feels about Gays? Why is such hatred of animals and gays ok and yet a Muslim can post hatred for Jews and never get banned.  Eventually I'll go back to post a few times and again I know the PC thugs will dig up something from my past and block me again for another thirty days. 

But as that old say goes, shit happens. My life goes on and I'll never quit doing my part to show the true evils of Islam.