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Saturday, January 12, 2019

How much do Illegal Aliens cost tax payers each year?

Unless you have been living your life with your head buried in the sand, you can't deny that Illegal's do cost tax payers a hell of a lot of money. I'm talking about Billions each year. Consider the facts that illegals get free education for their children, free healthcare as they can't be turned away at any hospitals emergency room as you or I might end up being told we can't be treated unless we can pay or have proof of health insurance. Illegals don't need health insurance, they often don't even need drivers licenses as we see so often reports of  illegals being involved in accidents often that take the lives of innocent Americans. We have Angel Mothers as proof that illegals do cause a portion of the driving deaths each year.

Illegals also receive many benefits that us tax payers wouldn't qualify for. We know that Illegals receive food stamps in many if not all states. In fact illegals are given instruction on where to go as soon as the arrive here illegally by organizations such as Open Borders group. The IRS has admitted that they have sent refund checks to thousand of Illegals and yet the IRS never does anything about it. Kind of like when the IRS was targeting Conservative groups. 

So when President Trump says Mexico will pay for the wall, think about the billions of dollars that we could save if more illegals were prevented from entering this country illegally.  Many of these illegals that are living in this country end up sending money back to their families living in Mexico or other South American countries so if we could limit the number of illegals coming here, that amount of money would eventually slow down rather then increasing every year. There's plenty of ways to fund Trumps wall, Drug money that is confiscated by the Border Patrol could be used to help fund the wall. Just today Senator Cassidy has put forth a proposal for just that. But we all know that the Democrats won't approve of it even if it's not taking money from our tax dollars. Pelosi and her corrupt party don't want to give in to any of Trumps wishes so this shutdown continues.

As for the cost per year that Illegals cost us, here's one example to consider. 

From the Watchdog group.

Finally we keep hearing that Eleven Million figure as the number of Illegals in this country. Yet with hundreds of thousands more each year entering illegally, its quite evident that number has risen to Fifteen to Twenty Million. At what point do we say something has to be done? It's time to build the wall. It's time for a real immigration plan that does attack the problem and works towards ending the flow of Illegals into this country. If you want proof that there's illegals in your neighborhood, just visit your local Wallmart sometime.  All you will hear is Spanish being spoken. I know that how it is in my local Wallmart.