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Monday, May 15, 2017

immigrants attack in Germany | imigranci atakują w niemczech

This is what Merkel and her leftest friends don't want you to see. Do these animals look like refugees or do they remind you of the planet of the apes movies. A 45 revolver would have come in handy for the poor souls that were assaulted by these savages.  The same is taking place in UK and France as well as many other european countries. Free speech has been taken away in most of Europe so you can't talk about these savages without being prosecuted. This is why our First Amendment is so critical to protect. First and Second are our most important amendments. Lose the 2nd and the First would be quick to follow. Remember when Loretta Lynch threathened to prosecute anyone who say anything negative about Islam. Even if what was said happened to be the truth. Well thankfully that ahole isn't around anymore.