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Those Who Deceive Must Be Revealed!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rioters in Paris set cars alight during election protests

Why do the french put up with these savages. Why don't the police start wasting them when they start burning cars? This is what happens when you allow these animals into your country. They turn on you like the snakes they are. I say vote for Le-Pen as your last hope. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Le Pen calls for border controls after French attack

Vote for Le Pen if you want the Islamization of France to end. France and the free world is under attack by Islam but the leftest fools fail to accept the truth. Instead they try to sweep the truth under a rug. They hide the facts everytime a Muslim uses a truck to run down innocent people.They hide the truth when a Muslim kills innocents at airports and when Muslims attack those who print the truth about Islam. Islam isn't in France and the free world to assimilate, Islam is there to eventually take over and create a world wide Caliphate. Islam is evil.Islam kills Christians and Jews and Other Muslims.What other religion calls for death if you leave Islam?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Cadbury removes word “Easter” from Halal certified “whatever” eggs

Time to boycott Cadbury. If they can't use the term Easter which is the holiday that Cadbury got the idea of Easter eggs.Now Cadbury has submitted to Islam and removed Easter from their eggs. Isn't  it time to remove Cadbury from your Easter Candy buy list.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

mansions of the lord

This brings tears to the eyes of true patriots. All brave souls belong in the mansions of the Lord.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Rally in Paris against police brutality turns violent

Ever see the movie Zulu.This certainly reminded me of that movie. Before attacking the Zulus would stand on the hill yelling out Zulu Zulu while beating their spears against their shields. It made for one hell of a loud wild sound. It was ment to put fear into the British forces that were defending the compound they were staying at. Well this recent march sounded much like the Zulus getting read to assault the compound. I would say its soon time for the French police to be prepared to start wasting these savages. Its going to get much worse as summer approaches. While Im at it, I'll have to go down to my nearest travel bureau and put in for a tourist vacation to France. Just kidding of course but would anyone in their right mind now ever consider visiting Paris again. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


This is another example of how Fuxxed up the climate change fools really are. Now they want the farmers to eliminate or basically kill off their cows simply because the cows shit a lot. Geez I know some folks in the climate change industry who should be eliminated simply because their full of shit.

NETHERLANDS: Moroccan Respect for Muslim Girls

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Horowitz: Where is Congress? Why are they not helping Trump on immigration?

Refugee Resettlement Watch, March 15,2017
Ann Corcoran

That’s been my question too!

Here at Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz asks why Congress is not backing the President’s right to control immigration to America and determine how many refugees we admit and from where they originate.
Instead Congress is entangled in one major mess over Obamacare.  And, frankly, although important, repeal of Obamacare did not motivate voters to support Trump in the way immigration restriction did.
Here is Horowitz (emphasis mine):

Where is Congress?

Look at the House GOP’s agenda since January. It has been devoid of any substance. What other majority party with control of the White House has failed to act on a single significant issue in its first 100 days? Why are they not passing bills defending Trump’s executive order, and why are they not stripping the courts of jurisdiction over immigration?

While you are at Conservative Review, be sure to check out their very useful ‘scorecard.’ I think you will be surprised at the low scores of many members of Congress and Senators you might have once thought were conservative.
Trump’s only major accomplishment thus far was the refugee moratorium and that is hanging by a thread thanks to the erroneous outsourcing of legislative and executive authority to the courts. It’s time for Trump to work with House conservatives to bolster his immigration agenda against the courts, instead of fighting conservatives to enshrine Obamacare into law.
Trump must demand that Congress back his immigration order in the April budget bill by defunding the refugee resettlement program and the issuance of any visas from the six countries on his list. House conservatives should also work with Trump to defund Obama’s executive amnesty.
Instead of threatening conservatives with primary challenges if they fail to betray Trump’s own election mandate, why not threaten to primary the RINOs for not backing his immigration agenda? Or is it easier to go after conservatives because they are politically expendable?
Read the whole column here and see how “rogue” judges are taking control of the immigration issue in America.
For more on Congress, see my tag ‘Where is Congress‘ especially on the appropriations issue!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Great Dance Routine: James Cagney and Bob Hope

They don't make talent like these two great ones anymore. Those were the days when entertainers actually had talent. They didn't need to talk dirty or trash the president. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hawaii needs refugees! Sues feds over refugee pause, travel restrictions from certain Muslim countries « Refugee Resettlement Watch

Hawaii needs refugees! Sues feds over refugee pause, travel restrictions from certain Muslim countries « Refugee Resettlement Watch

I’m going to propose (when the refugee pause and the travel restrictions are lifted) that the state of Hawaii be placed at the top of the refugee-receiving list and get its FAIR SHARE of refugees especially from Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. to make up for lost time in reaping the rewards of diversity!

Hawaii resettled a grand total of 123 refugees in 14 years, 5 months and ten days (up to today).

I fully agree with Ann, send more if not all of the future refugees to Hawaii. Hey didn't Hawaii start out with a famous refugee named Barack Hussein Obama. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Migrant youth brawl at Hallsberg All├ęskolan

Riot at Swedish school. Eleven arrested.Trump was correct, Muslim savages are destroying Sweden and Europe. Do we really want these animals here? 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday, February 27, 2017

High Ranking DOJ Official Refuses to Affirm 1st Amendment Rights

New DNC Chairman Tom Perez failed to answer a simple question. Would the justice department affirm that it would never make free speech against any religion a crime or considered a hate speech crime. Perez had shown his favoritism for Muslims and Islamic groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

So Now the new DNC chairman is as much of as Islamofacist-friendly as is Muslim Congressmen Keith Ellison. D. MN

More on this subject from the Clarion Project

CNNLeaks: Black hawk down - CNN staff laughing

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Refugees Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers Estimated $4.1B in FY 2017, Billions More After

From Creeping Sharia Blog

by Michael Patrick Leahy
American taxpayers will spend more than $4.1 billion in the 2017 budget to support the 519,018 refugees who have been resettled by the federal government in the United States since October 2009, according to a cost estimate by Breitbart News.
Even if the Trump administration were to entirely shut down the flow of refugees into the United States in FY 2018 and beyond, the refugees who have already arrived in the country will cost at least another $3.5 billion in 2018, and about $2 billion to $3 billion annually thereafter until FY 2022 and beyond.
The annual $4.1 billion cost of these refugees is about eight percent of “the total annual fiscal impact of first generation [immigrants to the United States] and their dependents, averaged across 2011-2013,” which the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, in September 2016, estimated “is a cost of $57.4 billion.”
That report offered this summary of the characteristics of all immigrants to the United States between 1995 and 2014:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Nine Iraqis who raped German women go on trial today.

Gatestone Europe

In Austria, this Tuesday a court case will start against 9 Iraqi men for drugging, kidnapping, and gang raping a female tourist from Germany nearly 14 months ago in the capital of Vienna. The attack, during New Year’s Eve of 2015, was aimed at Julia S., a 29-year-old teacher who had come to visit her friend Mechthild H., 28, who lived in the Austrian city. Together, they were going to celebrate the New Year.
The women headed into town for drinks and, after becoming slightly tipsy, decided to visit a restaurant because they “felt cold,” Julia tells Kronen Zeitung. She was soon joined at her table in the diner by a group of men that started serving her vodka. Via the drinks, the later victim was possibly drugged.
Mechthild then lost track of her friend in the restaurant, where Julia had been carried away by four of the men to an apartment inhabited by two of them plus some female relatives. There, 5 more men were waiting. After Julia had been stripped of her clothes the gang rape took place, lasting for over two hours. According to the charges, some of the Iraqi migrants violated Julia more than once.
‘Family affair’
Bizarrely, all the rapists are relatives, varying in age from 23 to 47 years old. The family’s female members, such as the wives and daughters who also lived in the apartment where the gang rape happened, had earlier in the evening been sent away in order for the men to enjoy some ‘privacy’ of their own. One of the attackers detailed the plan during police interrogations:
“The room should be dark, we had decided, so she did not realise how many of us were present at the time, but she caused trouble by crying so much and sometimes by trying to fight back against us.”
Following the gang rape, the men made selfies with Julia and then dumped her near a tram station. The disoriented and traumatised victim was then found by passers-by, who brought her to a police station. A navigation app on Julia’s mobile phone made it easy for the detectives to locate the crime scene.
A life destroyed
The actions of the Iraqis, who still state they did “nothing wrong“, caused a total mental and physical breakdown of Julia in June 2016. She quit her job and, soon thereafter, was hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic and diagnosed with severe post-traumatic disorder and depression. Julia on the episode leading up to her breakdown:
“I’ve tried to push it away for some time (…) and tried to function in my work, but I could not concentrate anymore, I was constantly exhausted, and there was nothing that could give me happiness.”
The migrants can get up to 15 years jail time for their crimes. After serving their sentences they cannot be deported.
Cologne attacks
At the time, Julia’s ordeal got little attention in the media, since at the night of the gang rape in Vienna, several hundreds of sex attacks were reported from the German city of Cologne. Gangs consisting of hundreds of Northern African and Arab Muslims sexually harassed and robbed (young) girls and women in the city during the NYE celebrations, a pattern that could be witnessed in several other German cities as well.
Report comes from Gatestone Europe Blog:
This is the kind of horror that President Trump talks about and our liberal media continues to hide and deny. Sweden has become the rape capital of the world. This is also denied by the media. Did you know that here in America we had the same kind of situation where Somali Muslims in Minnesota were found guilty of grooming young girls for sex. 
Get the picture yet what President Trump is talking about and why the liberal media wants to cover all this up. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Britain First anti-Halal campaign in supermarkets across the nation!

Want to know why Halal is cruel and inhumane. Check out this video and decide for yourself. Muslims love to watch animals suffer. What better way to watch then  to slit a cows throat and watch him trying to moo as he slowly bleeds to death. Same for all other animals that these savages kill. Boycot all stores that provide Halal as it is also a means for supporting terrorism. 

Muslim Halal slaughterhouse.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hong Kong: Arab Tourists Harass Citizens - They Fight Back

Even in Hong Kong, Muslims trying to do what Muslims do. But this time they bit off more then they could chew. Watch the locals kick some muslim ass. Isn't it good to see the tables turned on these savages. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Insane Refugees in Europe - Rioting, Vandalising, Cops Fighting (Total C...

Here's just a sample of whats taking place in Europe since Merkel and other liberal idiots invited these savages into their countries. Now as an American, do you want these animals rioting in your neighborhoods. All I can say is thank God for our second amendment. When these savages start acting like this in my neighborhood, I will do whatever it takes to protect myself and my property. That included wasting these savages. Unfortunately Europe doesn't have a second amendment. This is what they have to look forward to and more in the coming years. President Trump is trying to protect us from what Europe is up against. 

How Islam Is Destroying Europe

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Woman Tells Of Islamic Horror In Calais France

Here is the real story of the invasion of Europe the liberal media refuses to show. Imagine if this were your hometown and suddenly thousands of these Muslim savages were dropped in your neighborhood.This is what the left wants for you. They won't show the horrors that are taking place across Europe. This women lives in fear. Why is this allowed to happen? Theses are the same Muslims savages that Obama agreed to take from Australia. Is this what you want? I sure as hell dont. Thank god we still have our second amendment and our guns. These poor people don't have guns to protect themselves and their property. Tell President Trump, we don't want this for America. 

LIVE: Protests run on in Bucharest after govt. repeal corruption decree ...

National Front, Marine Le Pen announces her run for president

Euro news

French presidential candidate and far-right Natural Front, Marine Le Pen, has kicked off her campaign in Lyon with a promise to protect voters from globalisation at a time when France is living through a period of political turmoil.
“In reality, I defend the walls of our society. But, everyone is aware that all of this is called into question today. Our leaders have opted for deregulated globalisation. They wanted it to be a success, but it turned out to be awful,” she told the several-thousand-strong crowd.
Le Pen’s efforts to frame the National Front as anti-establishment come in the wake of international political shifts such as the election of Donald Trump in the US and Brexit.
A 144-point plan she unveiled includes a referendum on pulling France from the European Union and pushing firms to hire French workers as a “national priority.”
With Muslims pouring into Europe at break neck speed, the politicians like Germanys Merkel and others are under pressure by the partys that want to keep Europe from becoming an Islamic Caliphate. Terrorism is running rampant in much of Europe following the flood of Muslims savages from  many Muslim countries. Marine Le Pen is considered to be the Donald Trump of France. Lets hope the people tell the elitist that they don't want their borders open to those who want to kill them. To those who fail to assimilate and those who want to enforce Sharia law upon the masses. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 01/01/1975...Foster Brooks

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: 01/17/1974...Robyn Hilton

Us Old timers remember watching Johnny Carson at night. There hasn't been anyone to compete since he left TV. Carson was one of a kind. 

David woods story of sharia law in America!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meet Russia's 'Hobbit' who lives in an underground library in the forest

Why you might consider boycotting Starbucks

From Bare Naked Islam

A Southern Illinois coroner’s Facebook post about Muslim toilet etiquette has ignited a firestorm. with designated terrorist group CAIR whining the loudest. Marion County Coroner Troy Cannon this week shared a meme on Facebook that showed a bearded Muslim man sitting on a toilet, along with the Starbucks coffee logo

BND  The meme states: “This is a Muslim they don’t use toilet paper they use their hand. This is Starbucks they vow to hire 10,000 Muslims. Enjoy your coffee.” Attempts to reach Cannon for comment on Wednesday were not successful.

The meme itself is no longer visible on Cannon’s Facebook page, but the dozens of comments about it remained Wednesday morning.

Also note that Muslims are also known for washing their feet in sinks. So if you happen to be in a Starbucks restroom, don't be surprised if you see someone washing their feet in the sink. Remember were dealing with backward people who do not want to assimilate into our culture.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Our Militarys message to ISIS

ISIS best beware, there's a new sheriff in town. President Donald Trump.

Gerald Celente All Hell Is About To Break Loose In Saudi Arabia

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Saudi women afraid to go home

Hillary Clintons foundation took millions from these same Saudis while she was claiming to represent all women. Why didn't CNN show this during the election? Too many of the American public are unaware of how women are treated in Muslim countries. Yet they are quick to condemn President elect Trump when he says he wants to keep many of these same Muslim savages that treat women like animals out of this country. Where are the so called womens activist groups when Hillary was running for president? They remained silent. They don't really represent all women of the world.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

GRAPHIC Nice attack aftermath caught on cam

Ted Cruz crushes Al Franken and Democrats at Senate hearing

Democrats continued to remain silent when Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton days before Director Comey said Hillary was guilty of many violation, but since she didn't intentionally violate any rules, he wouldn't reccommend prosecution. The same Democratic Hacks are now trying to smear Senator Sessons. They don't want an attorney general who will do what he's appointed to do. That being to inforce the laws on the books.


RWW News: Jeff Sessions Defends 'Brilliant' David Horowitz In Senate Con...

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Muslim Migrant beats rapes US woman while chanting Allahu Akbar

Another Muslim savage raping for Allah. His sister claims her savage brother suffers from mental disorder. Hey numbnuts, all Muslims are suffering from a mental disorder called Islam. Have you noticed how often when a Muslim rapes or does something brutal to a non muslim, the media also uses the Mental problem as an excuse. The real people suffering from mental problems are those like Obama who keep bringing these savages into our country.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Donald Trump sends his message to Somali Americans in Minnesota

Trump understands the dangers of more Somali Muslims flooding into Minnesota. Thank God for President Trump. He will put an end to the flooding of Minnesota and America of these savages that have been terrorizing the state.

Remember the Somali Muslims that were grooming young girls in Minnesota?

And in the UK, its happening more often.

Just a short example of what takes place when Somali Muslims gain a foothold in your community.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Tattoo European women are getting to fend off Muslim rapists.

Not sure if it will work as its rather small but anything is worth trying to keep the savages from molesting and raping the women of Europe. 

Gerald Celente - Soros Wrong! Trends Journal Right!