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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke: This President Is Like a Pyromaniac

How true these comments by Sheriff Clarke are. Obama repeatedly sticks his two cents where they don't belong. He rushes to judgment always ending up blaming the cops. Before Obama the nation was coming together in a much better way. After almost eight years of this black hate cops president, the nation is once again raging with racial hate. Black lives matters calling for the killing of cops and Obama invites them to the white house. Hillary give them more attention by siding with them. According to reports, the guy that show and killed five Dallas police was a member of the New Black party who openly call for the killing of cops. Our black president, Black attorney general do nothing to stop these animals from perpetrating more hate and killing of cops. Black lives don't really matter to blacks when its blacks doing the killing. More blacks are dying today in cities like Chicago and not a word about it from Obama or Lynch. All they are interested in doing is what Sheriff Clarke said. Flame the fires of hatred.