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Saturday, June 11, 2016

'No mosques in Germany!' Mass rally against Muslim houses of worship in ...

Germans getting fed up with Muslim Invaders pouring into Germany. As Summer approaches, can we hopefully see more protests as its well know that Muslims don't assimilate into any culture that take them in. Muslims always demanding others change for them. The politically correct fools in Germany and much of Europe has been kissing Muslim ass. Lets hope the people stop protesting and start kicking Muslim ass, kicking them out of Germany, and out of Europe. That goes for America too. We here in the US don't want these savages coming here and leaching off us tax payers. It was reported this past week that every Muslim refugee taken in here is costing tax payers $20,000 per refugee. Thats only to bring them and settle them. Nobody has figured the cost over the life time of many of these savages as most if not all will be on welfare for a very long time. And we know Muslims don't assimilate so as their numbers grow, expect things to look more like Europe where the savages are rioting and sexually molesting women. Donald Trump may be our only hope as Hillary wants more of these savages here along with open borders.