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Saturday, June 18, 2016

BREXIT & The Future of Merkel's Europe

What we see happening to Europe will soon be coming to America thanks to our Muslim in Chief Obama. If the UK votes to stay in the EU, the people of the UK give up their freedom to remain a British nation. As long as the EU remains the final say in all matters, the UK will expect to see millions more of these muslim savages flooding into their country. The UK as well as much of Europe is quickly turning into a Muslim cesspool. Anywhere Muslims go, they bring with them their evil ideology called Islam and sharia law. Muslims don't assimilate, they expect the host country to change for them. If you speak out against this in the UK or much of Europe, you can expect to be arrested and fined and possible sent to prison. This is coming to America if we don't stop it now. Loretta Lynch, Obama's hatchet bitch has said she will prosecute anyone who speaks out against Islam. If you thought freedom of speech was your right,it soon won't be if Obama and his leftest regime get their way. This is why they are so eagor to take away your second amendment. Once your unarmed, you can't speak out against islam as if you do you get arrested and being unarmed the populous can't fight back. The second amendment was set up so the people could push back against an oppressive government. Lets hope the votes to leave the EU continue to grow. Muslims have already taken control of London, and their forcing their evil ideology into Germany,France,Spain, Italy and many others.Only the Eastern block has been pushing back against the savages. Poland, Hungary,Romania and other eastern block nations don't want these savages and their still willing to fight to keep them out. We here in America best fight to get Trump elected, or else its over for the once great country called America.