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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Non-Europeans surrounds Europeans and attack Europeans in London(2016-05...

Muslim savages yelling Alluhu Akbar at Britian First patriots and the police just watch and do nothing. Now that London has a Moozlem Mayor, these Muslim savages will be pushing their filty ideology even more down the Brits throats. Imagine if this were happening here in America.Do you think Americans would put up with these savages? I don't think so. Keep your guns handy. You might be needing them sooner then you think.Muslim Obama wants to flood America with these savages. Only Trump is willing to say no to this.Vote Trump and stand up for your right to free speech. Let the savages know this is America and just because we have a Moozlem president, doesn't mean the people will put up with their shit. God Bless America, God Damn Islam.