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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Muslim Migrants Attacking European Girls-Muzułmańscy emigranci atakujący...

Sunday 5/8/2016

Here is what you can expect as Obama continues to flood America with these Black savages. I can say just one thing thats certain, we need to keep and protect our second amendment because when these animals start attacking our women, we need to be able to let the animals know they won't be standing very long. Pack your weapons america. Women of America, take your concealed carry weapons with you as you never know when one of Obama's black Muslim savages is in the neighborhood. Europe is committing suicide by allowing Millions of these Muslim animals into their countries. How long till the people finally? It better be soon or it will be too late. Muslims don't work, they take what you have and want more and then they want you to give in to all their demands. Islamophobia is their excuse and the liberals excuse for condemning anyone who speaks out against these animals. America its time to make a stand.Vote for Trump if you want to end the flow of these animals into this country. If you want that wall build to end the flood of leaches coming accross our borders. Time to make a stand is now.