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Saturday, April 16, 2016

“Syrian Refugee Surge” for US

The New Observer

The US State Department is bringing an average of 1,500 “Syrian refugees” to America every month in order to meet President Barack Obama’s target of settling 10,000 in the country by September.
The program will see 600 “refugees” being interviewed every day—even though it is obvious that with those numbers, any sort of reasonable check will be impossible.
So as promised Obama has his Muslim ass kissers flooding America with future Jihadists. What gets me upset and should every american, is that these Muslims being brought here won't assimilate into our society. They demand we change for them. And out idiotic liberal politicians are so willing to give in to all their demands. Muslims want special prayer time in our schools and work places. They want their women to be allowed to wear those bags on their head when nobody else is allowed. Example is when they go for a drivers license. Everyone else is expected to remove their hats. But not these savages. They demand and get special priviliges as if they really deserve anything considering that most of them are getting welfare compliments of you and I working stiffs. Isn't it wonderful being a Muslim savage knowing that the politicians will do whatever it takes to make these leaches happy. Happy Democrat voters that is.