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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Invader Ghettoes in Germany

The New Observer
April 17, 2016
Nonwhite immigration to Germany has already created at least ten major ghettoes where crime, drugs, unemployment, smashed buildings, and social welfare dependency are the norm.
The existence of these ghettoes—the likes of which are most usually associated with the Third World—has been revealed in a study by the Bild newspaper.

A street scene in Duisburg-Marxloh.
The Bild study said that the common characteristics to all these nonwhite ghettoes were:
– A large number of “immigrant households or families with a migration background.”
– A poor state of the buildings.
– A considerable portion of those with low education.
– A high rate of unemployment.
– A high rate of welfare dependency.
With regard to the welfare payments (in Germany known as Hartz IV) it must be borne in mind that an individual claimant usually claims for an entire family. This means that, on average, each Hartz IV claimant represents three or more people (wife, children, etc.).
In this way, if a region has, say, a 20 percent Hartz IV claim rate, then this means that 60 percent or more of the population in that region are on welfare.
The Bild lists the ten ghettoes it had identified as follows:
1.  Berlin-Neuk├Âlln. This ghetto has a population estimated at 328,000—of which 24 percent are receiving Hartz IV.
Many of the new arrivals are from Africa, and this group has, the Bild says, boosted the drug trade. Tourists are attacked there on a daily basis.
One of the focal points for this ghetto are the “White Buildings” (a series of apartment blocks) at the end of Sonnenallee, where about 4,100 nonwhites live in 1,678 small apartments.
“In some corridors, junkies lounge, and it smells of urine,” the Bild report continues.
The report then goes on to quote one of the elderly German inhabitants now trapped there, unable to move due to financial reasons:
In one of the apartments (75 sqm) live pensioners Gerhard Lutz (71) with his severely disabled wife. “This was once a really nice facility, now it is all just rubbish and dirt” [Lutz says].
2. Hamburg-Eidelstedt. This 32,000-strong ghetto has an 11 percent Hartz IV rate, and is, according to the Bild, “considered socially disadvantaged, because many single parents, unemployed, Hartz IV recipients and people with a migration background” live there.
Full report:

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