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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Immigration, Deaths & Rapes: KT Hopkins vs Mo Ansar

Katie Hopkins is one of the few brave women in UK who speak out against the Muslim Invasion. Notice how the Muslim ahole who debates her denies anything about Muslims raping and killing women in UK and Europe. Sounds like CAIR here in America saying Muslims are a peaceful group only coming here for a better life. Yeah total BS, Muslims come here, don't assimilate, build their mega mosques paid for by the Saudis who by the way have just called for the killing of all Homosexuals. I'ms sure the liberal media all over that story. I haven't heard a peep on it. Have you? Muslims in muslim countries follow sharia law. Muslims in Europe and America expect and demand Sharia law be the law of the land. Our constitution doesn't go before Sharia law. Freedom of Speech is not allowed under Sharia law. Speak anything negative about Islam and you end up dead in any Moozlem country. Those same savages keep flooding into Europe and more coming here to America. I say like Katie says, sink the boats or turn them back. Don't allow people who don't want to assimilate into our country. They come for a better life. Yeah more BS unless you mean a better life knowing they will be granted free housing, healthcare, education where they force their evil ideology into our school and the work place. I say end all immigration of Muslims to any free society. Let them stay where they can practice their ideology and stone women to death for having an affair or even being accused of it. Men control Islam.Women are considered half that of a man. Stand up for women like Katie Hopkins and Pamela Geller.