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Saturday, April 2, 2016

France - multicultural enrichment - FUCK ISLAM!!!

This is why Europe is finished. Instead of coming out and wasting the savages, the fools finally come out carrying shields. WTF do they thing that is doing to the savages? It shows the animals they can do whatever they want and all they can expect nothing to happen to them. A strong approach would have been to go outside with your weapons and start killing as many of these Muslim animals as possible and then go into their neighborhoods and continue to kill more. Hey Europe whats wrong? didn't you give enough to these imbreeds that they come throwing rocks at your doors. This is what you get for allowing them to enter your country. Now your stuck with them. Cut off their welfare and let the fuxxers starve. When they come back to protest, kill as many as you can. You won't ever win by showing such weakness.