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Monday, July 20, 2015

To GOP candidates on their comments about Trump, Shut the Fuck Up.

So Donald Trump in response to John McCains comments calling Trump supporters as crazies, Trump fires back perhaps not in the right words but thats Donald Trump. At least Trump is a man who speaks his mind. Where is the GOP losers when it came to McCains comments about Trumps followers being crazies? What we have here are a bunch of politicians getting their ass kicked by a business man and they don't like it. So now their all pouncing on Trump. I tell these fools that are criticing Trump, shut the fuck up. The voters will decide who they want to represent the party. At least Trump is willing to speak out on the hard facts that most of the others try to avoid. Illegal aliens are perhaps the biggest problem this country faces. Only Trump has been specific as to what he would to to end the flood of these illegals. 

Other candidates are wishy washy when it comes to illegals. Trump is the American peoples candidate. Most of the others act like their fighting for the Illegal vote. When did it become popular to stand up for Illegals instead of American citizens? Time for the GOP good ole boys club to let the voters decide. Stop bashing Trump. If the GOP ends up with a Bush again, were dead in the water.