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Monday, June 1, 2015

Thank You Rand Paul for Sticking it to Obama and the Unpatriotic Act.

Isn't it time we Americans wake up? The Patriot Act isn't spying on Muslims in their dens of hatred called Mosques. The Patriot Act is spying on you and me and Tea Party folks, Conservatives and anyone who opposes the Obama regime. 

Obama opposed the Patriot Act when he was a Senator. But the Liberal media fails to point this out. Now that Obama wants the government to control all aspects of your life, the Patriot Act is part of how he monitors your every phone call. Don't believe those who claim the shutting down of this act makes us less safer. Ask yourself where was the Patriot Act when the Muslim scum set off their bombs in Boston. Where was the Patriot Act when two Muslim savages tried to kill those who were attending a draw Muhammad contest. The Patriot Act hasn't stopped one potential terrorist act because Obama's regime doesn't monitor those who should be watched. Muslims!