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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Google Blogger trying to silence anyone who opposes Illegals, Muslims or Obama

Might be my last post as Google continues to bagger me about the content of my blog. Seems my posting about Illegals and Muslims from Somalia being dumped in Minnesota while the Lutherans who are bringing them here are being paid hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars. As you might notice I already put a warning about my site before you can enter so if you don't want to see my photo of Muhammad you can turn away. If you don't want to read about how Obama is destroying our country by bringing thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens and Muslims here in order to eventually create his own European America. If you watch whats taking place in many european countries, freedom of speech is being taken away. By limiting what I can post even if its the truth, my freedom is being attacked by Google. I'm told the content of my blog doesn't meet adsense rules. I don't even have any advertisements and haven't for a couple of years now since Google took them off my blog. So what exactly is adsense worried about if Im not advertising anything?  Ok I guess I'll end up dumping Google and moving my blog to a less restricted area. I really think Google has submitted to Obama's wishes and his Muslim & Illegal alien friends.