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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Refusing the Islamization of France

Gates of Vienna
January 1, 2015

The two most prominent French Counterjihad groups are planning to use the model of PEGIDA in Germany to organize a series of rallies against the Islamization of France. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this press release from Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine:
The situation worsens from day to day in France and in the world, where Islamists multiply their attacks and barbaric acts. In a video, the jihadists of IS asked the Muslims of France to strike the infidels, specifically to run them over with cars, or to slit their throats with knives. The dramatic events in Joué-les-Tours, Dijon and Nantes demonstrated that these calls could be heard. Denying this evidence, the government tries systematically to pass off the terrorists as “unbalanced” or “lone wolves”. The people of France cannot wait passively and put up with these acts of violence.
So we propose to initiate what should become a succession of rallies and patriotic demonstrations, a popular movement in the image of PEGIDA in Germany, a movement which rallies all individuals, associations, political parties… marking the refusal of the Islamisation of our country with all its consequences. We give you a rendezvous on Sunday 18 January, Place de la Bourse, at 2:30pm for a first meeting during which different speakers, French and European, will address us, speakers who are aware of the deadly danger awaiting our compatriots and will demand that all Islamists be driven out of France.
Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laique 
Christine Tasin, President of Resistance Republicaine