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Sunday, December 21, 2014

INFO LE FIGARO - A pedestrian mowed down by a motorist in Dijon shouting "Allah Akbar

Le Figaro Fr
December 21, 2014
According to a police source, three men in a car overturned a dozen pedestrians at the end of the day in Dijon screaming "Allah Akbar". The attack took place a few hundred meters from Place Wilson. There would be eleven wounded, including two serious. Police said the men were for members of the security forces, the police being close.

Overturned means ran over them. Was those Fukking Muslims again. 
When will the French wake up to the fact that they are under assault by Muslims. This is what you get for allowing the savages to migrate to your country. They don't appreciate the welfare they receive and the free housing. Instead they demand more and in the end turn on your and now wanting to kill you.