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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Take the Oath, I Will Never Hire an Illegal Alien

After our Liar in Chief once again opens the door for Millions more Illegals to come here and leach off our welfare system, I'm asking everyone who cares about what this country stands for, and doesn't like the way our Liar in Chief is turning America into a Socialist state to take an oath to never hire an Illegal. Legal immigration is one thing, but allowing Millions upon Millions of illegals to continue to violate our laws, allowing them to take our jobs, allowing them to be elegible for welfare and foodstamps and free education and healthcare. Isn't it time we say enough is enough? Im asking all of you to take an oath to yourself and your children. Never hire an Illegal. Even if they have a green card. Hire Americans even if you have to pay more. Your childrens future is at risk. More Illegals mean lower wages for the lower class American. Blacks especially should be upset with Obama's open borders policy. Blacks have the highest unemployment rate and they continue to support the man who's putting more of them in poverty. Say no to Illegals, Say no to hiring Illegals.