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Sunday, September 28, 2014

US agrees to take MORE of Malta’s illegal aliens!

Refugee Resettlement Watch
Sept 28, 2014

Why is this in our national interest?

This is insane!  Illegal aliens (mostly Somalis) arrive on the island nation of Malta and we transform them into legitimate refugees and fly them to America! 
We have been following this perversion of the refugee program for years (longer than the 5 years mentioned in this short article—the Bush Administration started this!).  These illegal migrants are the European Union’s problem, not ours!
Will Europe reciprocate and take some of our illegal Mexicans—NO!
And, by doing this we actually encourage more illegals to try to get to Malta.
The United States will continue resettling irregular immigrants who arrive in Malta within their nation. The news follows a meeting between Opposition leader Simon Busuttil and American Department of State officials.
“Every year, the US accepts around 70,000 refugees from around the world and for the past five years it has also started taking in 500 refugees a year from Malta.”
“With its gesture, the United States is acting as an example to other countries,” Busuttil said. “As Opposition, we hope that it’s a gesture that will encourage European countries to help lift the weight of immigration off Malta through a system that observes the dignity and rights of all the concerned people and countries.”
We have written more than 50 posts (extending back to 2007) on the US State Department’s outrageous departure from the norm of international refugee resettlement.  Can we now expect the US to take some of the illegal Muslim migrants from the UK, Italy, France etc?
Click here for our extensive Malta archive.  Want to write a book—your research is done!

Its Obama's way of flooding America with Illegals from Muslim countries just as he is doing with Illegals from South American countries. Obama's plan is to turn America into another banana republic. And ask yourself why are only Muslims being brought here? Why not Christians that are being murdered by these Muslim savages that Obama wants to bring here? Look at how many of these Somali savages that Obama brought here, that have left to fight for ISIS. Obama is even ok to allow them to return. Imagine that. These savages go to fight us and are allowed to return to hit us here at home. It won't be long before we will be seeing suicide bombers here in America. Mark my words it will happen and soon as long as Muslim Obama continues to deny Islam as being the problem.