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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Saudi Arabia deploys 30,000 troops at border after alleged Iraqi withdrawal

Blacklisted News
July 3, 2014

Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops to its 800km border with Iraq following an alleged withdrawal of Iraqi border guards amid the ongoing battles against Sunni Islamist militants. Baghdad denied pulling off the guards.
Saudi state-owned news channel Al Arabiya released a video apparently showing Iraqi soldiers saying the government ordered them to retreat from their positions along borders with Syria in the west and Saudi Arabia in the south despite no evident danger.
“We didn’t know why,” an officer says in the video, which was obtained by Al Arabiya’s sister channel Al Hadath. The report didn’t clarify whether the alleged withdrawal includes Iraq’s borders with Jordan and Kuwait, both in the southern part of the country, or Turkey in the north.
The authenticity of the video could not be immediately verified, but the withdrawal report was denied by an Iraqi government spokesman.
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Why can't the US deploy 30,000 troops to our borders. Were being invaded and Obama wants more to come here. Obama claims to be concerned but its his doing. He openly violates our immigration laws and the Constitution. He spread word that if they come they can stay. Now their coming in droves and Obama blames the GOP. By now Most Americans know who's responsible for this invasion.