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Monday, July 7, 2014

Obama to Vets, Screw you, we need our doctors treating Illegals 24/7

Foxmuldars Blog

While Our Vets await for appointments to see a doctor, the Obama regime has 20 doctors on duty 24/7 treating illegals. Doesn't this prove where Obama's priorities stand? Obama brought these illegals here by failing to enforce our immigration laws. 

Obama is flooding our cities with these sick infested illegals Meanwhile our Veterans continue to wait for medical treatment. Something isn't right here. 

From Clash Daily: IGNORE VETS, AID ILLEGALS: 20 Doctors On 24/7 for Illegal Alien Kids at Naval Base

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How's that for Hope and Change? Is this why you voted for the Marxist in the White House? Don't bitch if you voted for Obama. He's doing what he said he would. Transforming America to represent the way He and his Marxist Democratic party wanted from the start.