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Saturday, July 12, 2014

It costs $1.30 to cross a river from Guatemala to Mexico, in full view of police

Meanwhile the Federal government wants to spent $60,000 per illegal to house and care for them while their waiting deportation. But we all know that 99% of these lawbreaking Illegals won't ever be deported. So that $60 grand per person will eventually swell to hundreds of thousands of dollars as these Illegals will eventually be receiving numerous government tax payer paid for benefits.

And just who is going to be taking these illegals? You guessed it, other Illegals will be happy to take them in to share the big pot of gold we tax payers will be paying out for these illegals that should all have been deported. The life of an Illegal isn't that bad when you can be paid for remaining here and basically doing nothing.  Not many landscaping jobs available in the winter so what jobs do you think most Illegals are taking in the winter?