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Monday, July 7, 2014

Gun Control in Chicago Equals 9 Dead 60 Shot. How's this for Strict Gun Control

With Summertime here, the killing increase in one of Americas strictest gun control states.

From ABC news

Violence Mars Chicago Holiday Weekend with 50 Reportedly Injured in Shootings,7 Killed - ABC News

Chicago has one of the most strick gun control laws in the country. So why so many shooting? Liberals like this ABC report try to blame it on those who support the Second Amendment. But who really should get the blame?

Who are these members of gangs? How many of them are here Illegally? How many were caught and left free by this Obama regime who continues to flaunt the laws and our constitution. 

How many of these gang members were part of the 36,000 that was released from prisons by our Socialist Muslim President. If anyones to blame, it should be Obama and Holder for failing to enforce the law.

 Failing to crack down on gang violence. Failing to deport any gang members here illegally. Now were witnessing another influx of Illegals. How many of them will eventually be gang members. 

American citizens need to protect themselves from the hell Obama is helping creat. Drug cartels run rampantly now in America. Thanks to the open borders policy of Obama.