Tea Party) – As adolescent aliens flood into the United States, the Obama organization has moved quickly to freely furnish them with a full scope of medicinal, housing and other amenities. By contrast, Obama has failed miserably in keeping the promises (albeit empty ones) he made to American veterans in 2007.
Candidate Obama promised, “No veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to get care, or wait months, even years, to get an appointment at the VA.” Sadly, the malfeasance at the VA clinics under the hand of Obama has resulted in the early deaths of many veterans and at the very least, neglect.
While veterans wait for help, many are dying senseless, avoidable, unnecessary and often painful deaths. And yet, the Obama organization quickly called upon Arizona to instantly transport government crisis therapeutic supplies to the illegal aliens in Nogales.
These illegals are provided mobile medical facilities and a full contingent of doctors. Meanwhile, one dying veteran’s family calling for hospice services repeatedly got voicemail.          
As a result of diseases and infections like scabies, chickenpox, MRSA staph infections and tuberculosis spreading throughout the illegal alien populations, Coast Guard surgeons have been brought in, via Homeland Security, to treat the afflicted.
Suffering veterans? No military doctors have been called upon. No special teams or crisis units either. Instead, our veterans have gone untreated—left helpless, in pain and to die horrible deaths. One veteran suffered a heart attack in a VA facility. An ambulance was called to take him from the cafeteria to the emergency center, which is a four-minute walk. That veteran waited 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive. There was no mobile medical unit for him. The wait proved fatal.
When Obama let loose the rally cry that illegal aliens need housing, the Obama contingent moved to house them on army installations at an expense of $252 per day, per individual. Keep in mind that while running for reelection in 2007 Obama claimed,  ”We’ll have a basic arrangement regarding the matter of homeless veterans: zero tolerance.” Yet in all this time as president, Obama has never opened up army installations to homeless veterans or even allowed veterans access to medical facilities or clinics on bases.
According to Obama, the illegal aliens have immediate needs that must be addressed so without delay he promptly asked Congress for a crisis apportionment of $1.4 billion, which rapidly exploded overnight to a whopping $3.7 billion. That’s nearly $4 billion the U.S. could use to help our veterans but instead, it is going to people who came here illegally. They’re being treated like royalty and our veterans are being treated like criminals.
In a 2007 speech to veterans Obama stated, “I will immediately reverse a policy that led the VA to turn away nearly one million middle and low-income veterans since 2003. The VA will also be at the cutting edge of my plan for universal health care, with better preventive care, more research and specialty treatment, and more Vet Centers, particularly in rural areas.” Yet, he has not asked for crisis funding for them and he continues to exclude a large number of veterans from guaranteed administrations through means-testing.
Obama and his minions declared that illegals need to have legal representation so he plans to  issue $2 million worth of grants to enlist about 100 legal advisors and paralegals to assist the illegal aliens. That is a start contrast to our veterans who are systematically denied medical attention and benefits. We do not see the Obama administration rushing in to hire attorneys for them. In fact, they do nothing at all for our military veterans.
Imagine if our military veterans were treated like the illegal aliens. In that case they would receive: free and better healthcare, free housing, free food and free legal counsel. Since the veterans are citizens who served in the United States military, protecting our freedoms, fighting for America’s honor and sacrificing their lives, they get instead: Obamacare, death, delayed medical services, homelessness, starvation and denial of benefits.
There is, indeed, a stark difference in the care and treatment being afforded to the illegal alien invaders versus what is being provided to the men and women who were willing to put their lives on the line for this country. The illegals are deemed an emergency humanitarian situation demanding immediate money, while the veterans have a committee that first met last month and is in ‘negotiations.’ Said committee hopes to reach an agreement by August because if they don’t, committee members who are up for re-election will be out of D.C. campaigning during recess.
Which would you rather be? An illegal alien violating the sovereignty of the United States receiving the royal treatment…or a veteran of the US military receiving utter disregard and disrespect?
This is indeed, one of the biggest travesties in United States history.