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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The actions done by those motivated by Koran and other islamic scripture. Links #4 for June 8 2014

Vlad Tepes
1. Video on woman in Pakistan stoned to death by bricks for some triviality.
2. Attack at Karachi Airport. Much gunfire, shooting and killing. No idea why but I suspect its good news.
KARACHI: Karachi Airport’s old terminal has been attacked by heavily armed assailants on Sunday night, Dawn News reported. Pakistan Army troops have been called in to deal with the situation and troops from Malir Cantonment have been dispatched. According to DawnNews, five Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel have been killed in the attack. A hand grenade attack was carried out on the Isphani Hanger.
3. At least in France they can have a debate about Islamic values on TV and actually show more than one side! Thanks Rita