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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hard Left Liberal Bob Beckel Slams Islam and the Quran

Islamophobia Watch: Fox News Hosts Call Quran a 'Bad Book,' Islam 'Most Intolerant Religion'

So what is wrong with what Beckel said? Not a damn thing. Unfortunately he's the only liberal I know of that is willing to call Islam what it really is. Islam is an evil Ideology that brainwashes their children from birth to hate Jews, Christians and all other religions and non believers. 

Muslims are the only culture here in American and Europe that continues trying to shove their evil ideology down our throats. Instead of trying to assimilate into our culture, Muslims want us to change for them. 

What other religion calls for the death of non believers or the death of those who leave their religion. Islam calls for the stoning to death of women who are raped or who's husband claims the wife was unfaithful to him. Honor Killing are rampant under Islam. 
Even families have killed daughters when they find out the daughter was doing something that is not allowed under their sick ideology called Islam. 

So yes Beckel was 100% correct saying what he said. My hat goes off to him as someone I often disagree with but this time fully agree.