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Sunday, February 23, 2014

No Gov’t Employee Should Make $400,000 a Year

Wizbang blog
Feb 22, 2014
A new transparency project has been launched in California that helps citizens learn just how much salary their government employees earn and the results are shocking. Hundreds of government workers make upwards to and more than $400,000 a year even as California drowns in taxes to pay for it all.
Over at Forbes, Mark Bucher reports of the new group Transparent California which has launched a newweb portal where citizens can search out what public employees are earn in salary as well as what their pensions will be.
Some of these outrageous salaries will tend to choke you with rage.
“Consider Redwood City [population only 80,000],” Bucher writes, “where three fire captains and one firefighter made between $434,274 and $452,733 in total compensation in 2012. One police officer made $463,690 in total compensation. In all, nine employees made over $400,000 in total compensation with a total of 33, mostly police and fire department employees, making over $300,000 in total compensation in 2012.”
Using the portal, Bucher also found that “Thousands of firefighters made over $200,000 in salary and benefits in 2012, with hundreds taking home over $300,000.”
Listen, firefighting is an important, noble profession, but does anyone think a fireman should be allowed to bleed the citizens dry to the tune of $300,000 a year???
No one with any sense should, anyway.
Bucher has example after example of this outrageous highway robbery in is piece. Much of this is due to union meddling, naturally.
A similar effort was launched in Illinois last year by the group For The Good Of Illinois. Their effort is calledOpen The Books, a smart phone ap that will tell you the salaries of public officials in the Land Of Lincoln and many other states. The ap also gives info on federal spending.
Folks, this is the sort of outrage that is causing our states to raise taxes higher and higher even as they still go bankrupt due to unnecessary spending. We as voters must begin to put an end to the government gravy train.
The citizens of these states and local communities need to speak out. Its no wonder many states are going broke. Its not just firefighters and police that are soaking up our tax dollars, its also teachers who's pensions continue to climb for so little work they actually do. You try finding a job that gives you months and months of vacations and ten sick paid days off for when you are actually supposed to be working. This plus having your healthcare paid for by us tax payers.