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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Barbaric Halal Animal Sacrifice (Qurbani) is going on right under our noses in the good ol’ USA

Bare Naked Islam Blog
November 9, 2013
Warning! Grusome torture and killing of innocent animals just to satisfy blood thirsty Muslims. This same barbaric killing of animals in Atlanta is being spread to many parts of our country.

Chris from Logan’s Warning sends us this story about an Atlanta Mosque calling for mass sacrifice of animals to satisfy Allah’s blood lust. This is not just a spiritual call. I have posted several videos below of this torturous and barbaric form of animal sacrifice being practiced by Muslims right here in America.


Logan’s Warning  Although this Islamic “sacrifice” errr….bloodfest of Qurbani took place last month, this video which comes from the Al-Farooq Mosque in Atlanta Georgia has to be exposed! In it Imam Mohammad Khalid, calls for Muslims to make a blood sacrifice to Allah in the name of Qurbani. But before we head to the video, here is a little background on this sick sacrifice to Allah.

Here is a Qurbani video from Alanta. Fast Forward to 2:30

INTRODUCTION From Inter-Islam Qurbani

‘Udhiya’ is an Arabic word meaning “blood sacrifice”, and ‘Qurbani’ is an Urdu and Persian word derived from the Arabic word “Qurban” which literally means an act performed to seek Allah’s pleasure. It is technically used for the sacrifice of an animal slaughtered for the sake of Allah.

The sacrifice of an animal has always been a recognised form of worship in many religions, but in the ‘Shariah’ (Islamic sacred law) of our beloved Prophet peace and blessings be upon him the sacrifice of an animal has been recognised as a form of worship only during the three days of the month Zulhijjah, namely the 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Some “highlights” of the video below are the following:

*Slaughtering an animal for the pleasure of Allah.

*This is a the “most desirable” act during those dates.

*Muslims have to follow the commands of Allah in every way possible.

*There is no act which a Muslim can do more desirable than shedding blood for Allah, slaughtering an animal for his sake.

Yes friends, this is happening in America and two years ago I exposed a restaurant in Jamaica Queens, that had used its basement to slaughter animals in the name of Allah!


‘Qurbani’ is ‘wajib’ (compulsory) according to Imam Abu Hanifah (and sunnat-e-muakkadah according to other Imams) upon every ‘mukeem’ (domiciled) and who possesses 613.35 grams of silver or its equivalent in money, personal ornaments, stock in trade or any other form of wealth which is surplus to his/her basic needs. Each adult member of a family who possesses that much wealth must perform his/her own ‘Qurbani’ separately.

That is just like the Imam stated. Husbands and wives must perform this sacrifice! Is this even legal in America? Is it legal to bring home a live animal, cut its throat and watch it die? Because this is happening in America, as Muslims are proudly selling livestock for just this reason!

New York City

What if it is not done “properly”, what if the poor animal suffers for minutes, or even hours?

Searching online, I found the following information on a Florida Court case on animal sacrifice and religion.

Animal cruelty laws provide a viable solution for preventing animal sacrifice.  Every state has enacted animal cruelty legislation that provides for criminal penalties.[170]  Thus, even though a state cannot flatly prohibit animal sacrifices, the state can mandate that the practice occur in a humane manner.  Practitioners of animal sacrifice who do not adhere to the state requirements can be criminally prosecuted.  Such prosecutions should have a deterrent effect on the practice.

Unfortunately this practice is found in the Koran.

Koran verse 22:36:

And [as for] the sacrificial camels (al-budn, plural of badana, which are ‘camels’) — We have appointed them for you as one of God’s sacraments, the [ritual] ceremonies of His religion. There is good for you in them, benefit for you in this world, as already mentioned, and a reward in the Hereafter. So mention God’s Name over them, at the point of immolating them, when they are lined up, standing on three legs, with the left foreleg hobbled. Then, when their flanks have collapsed, fallen to the ground after immolation — which is the time when one may eat of them — eat of them, if you wish, and feed the [self-contained] beggar (al-qāni‘, [a beggar] who is content with what he is given, neither asking nor approaching [people]) and the suppliant (al-mu‘tarr, [a beggar] who asks [for charity] or approaches [people for that purpose]). So, that is, similar to such a disposal, We have disposed them for you, that it may be immolated or ridden — for otherwise it would not have been possible — that perhaps you might be thankful, for My graces to you.

If you have the stomach, watch and see what these savages did to this beautiful camel. Note: This video was not made by the Atlanta Mosque, but once again, this is what they are calling for.

If there is one thing I despise, it is animal abuse, and I will be reporting this Mosque to numerous authority figures. I need you to please help out North American Infidels, and do the same.

The Atlanta Humane Society can be reached by clicking HERE.

Atlanta/Georgia ASPAs can be reached by clicking HERE.

The local Police Department can be reached at 404- 658 – 7054.

Senior Assistant District Attorney, Sharla Jackson, can be reached by clicking HERE.

The Mosque can be reached through the following avenues. (NO threats!)

Thank you,


Finally, the cow wins!

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